Oakland University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Oakland University is a renowned public research institution in Michigan’s Rochester Hills and Auburn Hills. And over the years, Oakland has helped transfer students take their academics to the next level. Transfer students always find a new home at the university in their smooth experiences, rigorous academics, and social and sporting activities. LEt us know ‘Oakland University Transfer Acceptance Rate’.

Oakland University Transfer Acceptance Rate

However, there are many assumptions about Oakland university transfer acceptance rate. Many students think it may be hard to apply for a transfer or if their institutions have a transfer agreement with the university. This article provides information on the university’s transfer acceptance rate and the requirements for a smooth admission process.

Oakland University Transfer Acceptance Rate

It may be challenging to transfer to Oakland university compared to other schools. Statistics report that Oakland received 2751 transfer applications in 2019, although only 2390 students were admitted. As a result, Oakland’s transfer acceptance percentage stands at 86.88%. However, Oakland University accepts an increasing number of over 1,000 transfer students from different institutions, including students from community colleges and four-year institutions, international students, military veterans, and high school graduates who have earned credits through International Baccalaureate programs, Advanced Placement courses, or the College-Level Examination Program.

Requirement For Transfer To Oakland University

Below are all the necessary requirement you must meet for a successful transfer to Oakland university.

  • You must send an official high school transcript if you have less than 24 college credits. You must also submit official transcripts from each college or university you have attended.
  • Transfer students must have earned seven non-remedial college credits after graduating from an approved college or university.
  • You need to have a current GPA of at least 2.5 – 4.30 with a good trend of results. Additionally, you may need to attach standardized test results(SAT/ACT).
  • The average SAT score at Oakland University is around 1119 – 1125. Your SAT score should at least average, and in the ACT, you should target a score of up to 50. This will make you a strong applicant to Oakland University.
  • You can send electronic transcripts to the university’s official email; current OU students should send their transcripts to the email for the Office of the Registrar. Furthermore, If you attended more than one college, you must send transcripts from each, and the institutions must seal the transcripts.
  • Within a few weeks of being admitted, you will get a provisional assessment of your courses explaining how your acquired credits fit OU degree requirements by mail. Reading the Transfer Course Review section is advisable if you require a personal course evaluation. Once you’ve been admitted to OU, the school will add transfer credit to your academic record based on your transcripts.
  • After that, you’ll meet with your academic advisor to get your final credit evaluation on how transfer credits relate to your degree requirements.

Why Transfer To Oakland?

Oakland considers the need and allows for a one-on-one relationship with admissions and academic counsellors who listen carefully and communicate, relieving stress. The university takes the goals of all their transfer students heartily, meaning you stand the privilege of achieving them. Furthermore, you are immediately contacted when you sign up for a transfer student event or arrange a private appointment with an adviser.

Another thing to note is Convenience: The school works to make the best of your transfer credits so you may graduate smoothly, even on a budget. Oakland University participates in statewide transfer agreements, including MTA and MACRAO and has Transfer Articulation Agreements with approximately 40 colleges to ease the admissions process for transfer students.

Assistance: Transition to Oakland University is usually smooth with the help of the provided team, which has faculty members, counsellors, and administrators. They will assist in adapting or selecting courses, organizing your schedule, and excelling in your studies.

Financial support: Millions of dollars in grants and scholarships are available to transfer students applying to Oakland university. This has helped students save thousands of dollars on tuition. However, it relies on various factors, including your general grade point, your transfer credit total, and more.

Tips To Boost Your Transfer Admission

Here are tips for facilitating your transfer to Oakland University and saving you future problems:

  • Sign up for a transfer event and seek consultation. Oakland University organizes activities for transfer students, such as Transfer Open Houses, which happen four times a year. You can meet with admissions counsellors at all events. These events will help you clear possible doubts and uncertainties.
  • Utilize all self-service resources. Aspiring students can use available self-service tools for an unofficial assessment of transfer credits and get more info on transfer credit guides and other devices. These online resources will help locate your present university and convert your credits into their Oakland University values. The information provided by the self-service tools may be informal and is not meant to replace a one-on-one consultation with an academic adviser. However, they can help approximate which criteria you’ve already passed and which requirements you still need to complete.
  • Consult transfer recommendations for specific colleges and credit transfer policies. Consult relevant transfer guides if enrolled at a college with a transfer agreement with Oakland University. This will help ascertain which credits will transfer to meet the degree you’re interested in using simple checklists.


Is Admission To Oakland University Difficult?

The institution is only mildly selective, as seen by the acceptance rate of 84 out of every 100 applications. The institution does have expectations for GPA and SAT/ACT scores and if you satisfy their requirements, you have a good chance of getting admitted.

Do Universities Prefer Transfer Students?

Colleges evaluate transfer students on the same basis as other applicants. Transfer students should be a good fit academic and social match for the university and be interested in the programs being provided.

To Transfer To Oakland University, What GPA Is Required?


For consideration for admission to Oakland University, a GPA of at least 2.5 is required. OU will also assess the upward trends in the most recent grades. 

What If I Have Lesser College Grades?

For 24 or fewer college credits, you must send your high school and college transcripts because admission will be processed on both of these documents.