New York University or Fordham University

After completing high school, the majority of students look for good universities to attend for further studies. Finding the perfect university and course for yourself has become very important for students nowadays. With the end number of universities and courses available, sometimes it does become difficult to choose which university will be best for you. In this article we shall see which is better New York University or Fordham University.

Most students look to take admission in well-known universities, which have a balance of academics and co-circular acclivities, two such top universities that have a name for themselves are New York University and Fordham University. Both in the United States of America, these universities hold a lot of prestige and honor, and students are lucky to study in such universities. 

New York University or Fordham University

New York University

“Being Ethical, Efficient Learning, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion”, the mission and vision with which New York University (NYU) was started in the year 1831. Located in New York, United States, this university has been around for decades. In 1832, the university held its first-ever Arts and Science classes near City Hall in Lower Manhattan, after which they shifted their base to Washington Square and thus the journey of New York University began. 

Ranked 28th in the list of National Universities, NYU is a private university that offers majors and programs in many fields like Arts and Media, Business, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and Education and Health-Related Fields. 

NYU believes in having classes with a smaller number of students in them so that the professors can give each student proper attention. The topmost graduate programs of the university as of 2020 have been Visual and Performing Arts, Social Sciences, Business and Management, Liberal Arts, Health Professions, Journalism, Psychology, Biological, Biomedical Sciences, and Engineering. 

The university is number one when it comes to academics, but it is also number one when it comes to co-circular activities. The university life of NYU is a league apart, the university itself has a lot of events and traditions that they hold for its students. Art, Culture, and Entertainment are three things that they believe in a lot and also give access to their students to theaters, galleries, public art, and many more facilities. 

Courses offered at New York University

Under the Undergraduate Admissions, the university offers 5 fields:

  • Arts and Media: Under this field programs like Art, Business of the Art, Dance, Design, Architecture, Digital Arts, Drama, Film, Music, and Writing are included. 
  • Business: Under this field programs like Accounting, Actuarial Science, Business and Political Economy, Business Economics, Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology, Business Studies, and many more such programs are included. 
  • Humanities and Social Science: This field offers programs like African Studies, Anthropology and Classical Civilization, Art and Art History, Cinema Studies, International Relations, Global Liberal Studies, and many more. 
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math: This field offers programs like Biochemistry, Biology, Game Design, Computer Engineering, Construction Management, Advances Mathematical Methods, Individualized Study in the History of Sciences, and many more. 
  • Education and Health-Related Fields: This field offers programs like Education and Human Development and Health-Related Fields. 

Under the Graduate Admissions, the courses available are:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Journalism and Media Studies
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Government, Nonprofit, and Public Administration/Policy
  • Health Professions
  • Humanities, Law
  • Urban Studies

Fordham University

A “Daring and Dangerous Undertaking”, was the principle on which Fordham University was founded on 24th June 1841. Founded by John Hughes, a coadjutor bishop, John Hughes started the university on the said principle as he initially did not even have funds to purchase the land where he wanted to build this university that is now a brand in itself. 

Ranked 68th in the National Universities list, with an ethos of “Heavily Drawn from its Jesuit Origins”, this university is a private university that offers four undergraduates like Fordham College at Lincoln Center, Gabelli School of Business, Professional and Continuing Studies, and Fordham College at Rose Hill, six graduate like Arts and Science, Education, Gabelli School of Business and many more and honor programs to its students. With a plethora of courses and programs available, this university is a Jesuit University of New York. 

Fordham University like NYU believes in having small class sizes to ensure that all its students receive the proper attention they need. Their topmost majors as of 2020 are Business Administration and Management, Finance, Psychology, Economics, Political Science, Biology, International Business, Computer and Information Sciences, International Relations, and Affairs. 

Along with being good at academics, the university also has to offer its students several activities to do and the student life here is very inclusive and innovative. The students get to attend a lot of events, be a part of multiple activities and also have the opportunity of starting their own extracurricular organizations. 

Courses offered at Fordham University

The 4 Undergraduate Programs available are: 

  • Fordham College at Lincoln Center: This center offers studies in Art, Theatre, and Dance.
  • Fordham College at Rose Hill: This center offers studies in Accounting, Art History, African Studies, etc.
  • Gabelli School of Business: The name says it all this center offers advanced study in the business field.
  • School of Professional and Continuing Studies: This center helps you in getting professional education in certain fields and helps you in continuing your education in noncredit classes in social media, human resources, etc. 

The 6 Graduate Programs the university offers are:

  • Art and Sciences 
  • Education
  • Gabelli School of Business
  • Professional and Continuing Studies
  • Regional and Religious Education
  • School of Law
  • Social Service


Finding the right college to take admission into and doing the right course according to yourself is very important. Both these universities, New York University and Fordham University are a league of their own, and millions of students from all over the world wait to take admission to them. 

Both the universities are unique in their way and with changing times try to offer their incoming students whatever new they can, with their best foot forward.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is the acceptance rate of both these universities?

As of 2020, the fall acceptance rate of NYU has been 21%, and the 4-year graduation course acceptance rate has been 79%. As of 2020, the fall acceptance rate of Fordham University has been 53%, and the 4-year graduation course acceptance rate has been 79%.

  1. Does any of these two universities have early decision acceptance rates?

Yes, Fordham University does have an early decision acceptance rate and that has been 58%, whereas NYU does not have one.

  1. Do both these universities offer Tuition and Financial Aid?

Yes, both NYU and Fordham University provide their students with Tuition and Financial Aid.