New York University Transfer Requirements

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There are times that one may need a change on his/her behalf especially when it comes to education in a highly competitive world. If you have uncertainty about where to begin as a student, you’ll find a pathway for a better future to join one of the high-ranked universities in the U.S, New York University. 

Apparently, universities have certain requirements expected from their applicants. We simply divided the transfer requirements of New york university into two main sections: domestic and international. In this article, we are going to provide you with details of the terms expected from transfer students.

New York University Transfer Requirements

Transfer requirements of new york university

As mentioned, there are two distinct application statuses for transfer students defined by NYU to be eligible. We clutched them into two sections as domestic and international and listed them down below in four subheaders.

  • If you are applying inside the U.S. You are expected to have twelve years of secondary school diploma acquired from accredited U.S schools.
  • If you have enrolled in a non-degree-seeking program you are expected to complete 24-semester credits before you apply.
  • You have to be enrolled in a degree-seeking college or University in the U.S.
  • International applicants to be enrolled in a degree-seeking program will need recognition from the U.S national accredited council.

If you don’t comply with one of the above you might not be convenient for a transfer student. The transfer student process is often confused with first-year applicants. If you are enrolled in a non-degree seeking or degree-seeking program which is not accredited by the U.S council or you completed secondary school education and have below 24 credits you need to go for a first-year applicant form.

To become a participant in a Vibrant Environment

NYU is highly rigorous when it comes to evaluating. It is quite a competitive environment for transfer students. Admission officers evaluate every single student including their high school, college grades, and transcripts to their surrounding environment. According to statistics for 2019, NYU had accepted 2004 transfer students which corresponds to %24,63 of the total.  

NYU expects at least 32 semesters completed for the outset. This means 64 credits for a transfer student to start their desired program. But, notably, some departments determine their internal requirements themselves, for instance, arts and music departments may request portfolios, auditions, or letters of recommendation. Also, the international students who’ll attend from non-English instructed countries have to submit some English(IELTS, TOEFL) and standard (SAT) exams to become a participant. The purpose of the student, letter of intention, and their own recommendation letters are considerably essential aspects of this process. New York University doesn’t have a standardized pattern when choosing students, nevertheless, the variety seems the major demanded component of the selection process. 

When and How to apply?

To become a student at NYU for the spring term, applications will be due starting November 1st. For summer and fall season transfers, you should apply 1st of April and the 1st of March.

The decisions will be announced two months after the application. If your application needs artistic review, it is recommended to apply a month earlier than an announcement. Submit your original, registered documents in English format. Another important notice is that NYU campuses located in Abu Dhabi, and Shangai won’t be available for transfer students during 2022.

Is there any Financial Support Available at NYU?

Transfer students may be eligible for financial support. Aids are listed under three subgroups, U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Eligible Non-Citizens, the aids are available as Federal and NY state aid. If you have submitted your application to NYU you will learn how much you’ll receive, there are different aid packages available for different applicants and It is crucial to apply on time. So when you begin to have your financial support the amount you’ll receive will be the same till the end of your graduation. There are also some other special education loan opportunities available.

Is there an Accommodation Assistance?

NYU has a huge community with 22 residence halls sheltering approximately twelve thousand undergraduate and graduate students during the academic year and summer session. But, housing for transfer students, especially in New York is challenging. NYU does not guarantee this service to transfer students, yet there are many other options available on the campus. You can easily find accommodation and dining services from the NYU campus. NYU offers free accommodation opportunities for long-distance traveling students for up to three days. But the most advised path for finding the right accommodation begins with finding a roommate. It may sound challenging in the beginning, but it is commonly claimed that the life experience and growth from adversity gained this way. One last thing before you dive into your search, make sure you check the NYU site students section.


All victories inevitably come at a cost. Today’s world is highly competitive and education is one of the keys to a better future. Even so, to have a chance to participate in a high-ranked university in a world of 7.9 billion population brings a new responsibility to the students of NYU. Now chasing behind your dreams has a meaning for all, not just for a single individual.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does study and work pay in New York?

Work-study salaries vary between 20.000$ to 130.000$ dollars annually.

What NYU is famous for?

New York University is famous as a leading university in global education, It has campuses in Shangai and Abu-Dhabi. Also recognized as highly selective NYU admits 12 out of 100 students.

What jobs do NYU graduates commonly do?

It is indicated that %14 of the student works in the media industry, %13 serves in financial services, %9 in health care, and %7 in computer science and technology business. And it is indicated that 87%6 of the graduates meet their career goals.

What GPA is required for NYU?

The average GPA requirement for admission to NYU is 3.7