Michigan State University or University of Michigan

Michigan state university and the University of Michigan are the public universities in the southern part of Michigan state. The  comparison here, might not be an easy one, considering the good records both institution has acquired over the years, however, two identical twins are not necessarily identical, so we’ll find a way to it. 

University of Michigan Ann Arbor is said to be better than Michigan state university Lansing. 

This is attributed to so many factors. Nonetheless, an individual choice of university is based on the reason for academic pursuit which can favor both sides. 

Michigan State University or University of Michigan


The University of Michigan has overridden Michigan state in the different university ranks. This is specifically the reason why the University of Michigan is said to be better. This ranking is done based on certain criteria. 

According to the U. S. News & world report, the University of Michigan is ranked #24 on the list of national universities and the first among public universities in the United States while Michigan state ịs at position #80. On the angle of top public schools, the UoM is ranked in position #3 while Michigan state is ranked #32, and finally, Washington Monthly, which ranks based on social mobility, research, and service places the UoM in position #29, while Michigan state is placed at position #45. 

Also, according to the Michigan university ranking of 2021, the University of Michigan is ranked #1 while Michigan state takes up position #2

Academic Requirements for Admission

The University of Michigan with an acceptance rate of 23% is quite selective when it comes to admission compared to Michigan state university with a 71.7% acceptance rate. This also means that an aspirant has a higher chance of getting admission to Michigan state than the UoM.

Michigan state does not necessarily have a minimum requirement for admission. A good academic record, test results, diverse experience, strong recommendations, or application essay could get anyone in.

Both schools, however, pride more on the general personality of their candidates which makes for outstanding performance in every area of their lives

Sports Program 

Both universities are term “Rivals” and this is where it originated from. 

Michigan state Athletics team, commonly referred to as “Spartans” are quite popular in the Athletics. They participate in the big ten conference on 11 varsity teams ranging from football, basketball, ice hockey, cross country, gymnastics, and wrestling. 

Over the years, they have won

  • Six national championships NCAA 
  • Two men’s national championships, 
  • Three men’s ice hockey national championship, 
  • Four rose bowl games. 

The University of Michigan Wolverines (as they are often called) on the another hand, have also stretched their wings in the Athletics. As co-member of the big ten conference, they have 29 varsity teams which include swimming, rugby, track and field, tennis, and gymnastics. They have acquired the following: 

  • 11 football national championships since 1901
  • Three Heisman trophies winners, naming Tom Harmon, Desmond Howard, and Charles Woodson
  • 155 Olympic medals
  • Nine ice hockey national championship. 
  • One men’s basketball national championship, while topping Michigan state with a 102-86 record. 

This outstanding Athletics performance has enlisted the University of Michigan among the most entertaining schools in the nation. The wolverine logo, customized on people’s hats and shirts all over the world is strong evidence of this claim. 

Scrutinizing Based on Preference

General rankings are done based on certain standard criteria. Nevertheless, universities have their area of specialization in the different courses that are being offered. 

Michigan University has been known throughout history for its engagement in agricultural activities. It was first named “Agricultural college of the state of Michigan” and the first agricultural college in the United States. 

Their other area of focus is industrial supply chains and education. 

The University of Michigan, on the other hand, has a wider range of areas of specializations, although, they are mostly recognized in medicine, business, and humanities fields. 

From the explanation above, although the UoM is more highly ranked than Michigan state university, but it is not a perfect choice for a student who wishes to pursue a career in agriculture-related fields or even education.

In the same vein, a student with the desire to pursue a career in Athletics can do well in both institutions. 

Relationship between the University of Michigan and Michigan state university 

The University of Michigan and Michigan State have certain similarities and differences that can help an aspirant in choosing the right institution for their academic pursuit.


  • Both are public universities in the southern part of Michigan state of the United States.
  • Both universities are members of the big ten conference 
  • Both have good athletic records 


University of MichiganMichigan state
Is located in Ann Arbor Is located in eastern Lansing
Is highly ranked among other national university Is ranked below the university of Michigan in the national university Ranking. 
Specializes in medicine, law, business, and humanitiesSpecializes in Agriculture, education, and industrial supply chain
Is very expensive Is moderately expensive
Has an  acceptance rate of 23%Has an acceptance rate of 71%
Admission is quite selectiveAdmission is not selective


The University of Michigan is ranked higher than Michigan State in the different university ranks. However, preference is largely dependent on the candidate’s field of study as both universities are good in different areas. 


Which of the universities is a good choice for education courses 

The University of Michigan is more highly ranked than Michigan state. That means it has a good standing in the general academic record. However, when it comes to education, Michigan State is recorded to perform better in this regard. This is attributed to its #1 ranking in elementary teacher education and secondary teacher education for a long period. 

What is the difference in quality between Michigan state and the University of Michigan 

The national University ranking is believed to consider quality as its determining factor. That means, on a general note, the University of Michigan is a higher quality.

However, based on academic preference, the University of Michigan is your best option with higher quality for:

  • Engineering courses as their engineering school is among the best in the world.
  • World-class law school 
  • Largest and most advanced Medical school 

Michigan State, on the other hand, has the best learning environment for

  • Agriculture and agriculture-related courses 
  • Veterinary medicine, and is attributed to the agricultural setting that provides a better environment for animal research
  • Education and education-related courses