Louisiana State University Transfer Requirements

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Transferring to a new college might seem like a hassle, especially when one considers readjusting to a new environment, new classmates, and the stress of meeting the new college’s requirements. These factors might deter an individual from considering this course of action from taking it.

The Louisiana State University and Agricultural Mechanical College is a top higher institution known for its animal science, engineering, political science, English, and plant biology programs. Any students who wish to apply here would probably do so because of the quality education offered in these programs. Therefore, what are the transfer requirements of the Louisiana State University and Agricultural Mechanical College?

Louisiana State University Transfer Requirements

Transfer requirements of Louisiana state university( LSU )include a minimum GPA score of 2.5, official transcripts from each higher institution attended, an ACT or SAT score report, an application fee, and a letter of recommendation. To further assist in the transfer process, here is a thorough look into the institution and the transfer requirements below.

Transfer Requirements of Louisiana state university

Naturally, to successfully transfer to LSU, candidates must meet certain requirements. These include:

1. Application Fee:

This is what kicks off the application process. Applicants would be required to complete an online application form for admission and pay the non-refundable fee of 50 dollars.

2. GPA Requirements:

Like every institution, LSU requires that applicants maintain a certain GPA score to be able to move on with the application. Fortunately, the minimum GPA requirement is relatively accommodating, standing at 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

3. SAT and ACT Scores:

Academic scores are important in almost every college application; therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise that it is a requirement to transfer. LSU requires transfer applicants who were unable to acquire at least 30 college-level transferable hours by the start of the semester he/she has applied for would need to provide an official ACT or SAT score report.

4. Official Transcripts:

Students who wish to transfer to LSU would have to provide official transcripts from each higher institution attended. Not only that, but if the applicant is enrolled at the institution, he would need to provide an in-progress transcript. Students who have not acquired at least 30 transferable hours must provide a high school transcript.

5. Letter of Recommendation:

LSU would generally require official statements of good standing from previous institutions. 

More Information on The Louisiana State University and Agricultural Mechanical College

The Louisiana State University and Agricultural Mechanical College is a 4-year public research institution located in the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge. It was founded in 1853, under the name Louisiana State Seminary of Learning & Military Academy, and was known by 3 other names before becoming LSU in 1926. The university is one of the 8 universities in the US that provides programs in law, medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, and master of business. Not only that, its Veterinary Medicine school is the only one in Louisiana and one of the few 30 in the United States.

With an acceptance rate of 73%, the university boasted an enrollment of 15,000 undergraduates in 2017. There are diverse bachelor’s and graduate degrees for students to choose from. Some of which include, horticulture, comparative literature, coastal sciences, kinesiology, music, petroleum engineering, etc. Local and domestic tuition at the institution costs about 11,000 and 28,000 dollars respectively.

General Admission Requirements

1. Students who wish to enroll in a master’s program at LSU must have acquired a bachelor’s degree from an accredited higher institution.

2. Master’s students who have acquired a degree outside the program they wish to enroll in would need to satisfy prerequisite requirements in the program area. 

3. A minimum GPA score of 2.75

4. International students who are not native English speakers would have to provide English proficiency reports.

5. High school transcript.

Financial Aid at Louisiana State University and Agricultural Mechanical College

Like many Universities, LSU offers financial aid to students who exhibit academic prowess and financial needs. This means that scholarships and grants are merit and need-based at LSU, these aids are funded by the federal government and the institution. Some financial aid programs at LSU are:

1. GO Grant:

This is a limited program sponsored by the state of Louisiana, awarded based on financial need. Eligibility conditions are

a. Resident of Louisiana

b. Must submit FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

c. Must be enrolled at an eligible Louisiana institution

d. Must still require financial assistance after Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) has been deducted

e. Must receive a federal Pell Grant.

2. Federal Pell Grant:

The Federal Pell Grant is awarded to only undergraduates who have not previously acquired a degree or any equivalent. Eligibility depends on the results of EFC and FAFSA, and citizenship (must be citizens of the United States).

3. Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant:

The TEACH Grant is a program funded by the federal government for a specific category of people. These people would meet the following requirements:

a. Must be registered in a relevant program

b. Must maintain a GPA score of 3.25

c. Must be devoted to teaching in a critical area

d. Must be a teacher at a low-income elementary school for at least 4 years

e. Must be a current or retired teacher.

4. Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant:

This is designed for undergraduates with exceptional financial needs, that is, recipients of Pell Grants with the lowest EFC would be high on the list. 

In conclusion, transferring to the Louisiana State University and Agricultural Mechanical College is not a difficult process, provided you deliver the required materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are online students eligible for financial aid at LSU?

Online graduate students can apply for financial aid at LSU.

2. I’m taking an online program at LSU; do I ever need to appear at the campus?

No, online programs require no physical appearance on campus.

3. Can I get a Student ID number as an online student? 

Yes, it would be on your decision letter.

4. What is an official transcript?

An official transcript is one marked by the seal of the applicant’s high school or college or any other institution.