Is Walden university for-profit or nonprofit?

Walden University works for building a perfect character in its students and is considered among the top universities in the United States. It is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Adtalem Global education purchased it in August 2021 and since then it owns the University. With a wide range of good courses, the University brings out the best in every student. The large faculty dedicates itself to the students. Here we will see about Is Walden university for-profit or nonprofit?

Walden University is a for-profit University. It works online and is a private university. Overall, it is a private online for-profit university. Paula R.Singer is its president and the authorities established it in 1970. The university holds around 49,680 students. It is said that two teachers namely Bernie and Rita Turner established the university intending to create programs for working adults. 

Is Walden university for-profit or nonprofit?

Programs and courses at the University

The university works for the all-round development of the university and hence it has varied types of courses for its students. The programs at this university are selective but not very professional. The students can easily learn the basics of any course of their choice while being at this university. The various programs which the university offers are:

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Education specialist
  • Master of Public Health
  • Doctor of education
  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy


The college has the best academic instruments to create a difference in the education system. The educational system of the university makes it one of the most serene methods for learning. The professors teach the students how to set goals for their life and work on them and them. The way the teacher/professors work with the students and the way both of them coordinate with each other makes the academic part of the university greater than any other educational institute of learning and that too when the institute is primarily online. The set of professors or the faculty is learned and experienced. The academic practices which the university uses are unique on their own and commendable as well. The faculty attends various training sessions to improve their teaching skills which enhances the quality of education and eventually it boosts the academic performance of the students.

How many colleges are under Walden University?

There are primarily 5 colleges which work under Walden University which are:

  • College of Nursing
  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Management and Technology
  • College of Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • College of Education and Leadership

These 5 colleges work under Walden University and are affiliated with it. Walden University recognises these colleges and their degrees. In turn, Walden University is recognised by Higher Learning Commission. All its programs are recognised by definite associations or organisations. However, there are a few professional courses that the University offers and these programs are however not recognised by any organisation or association. These programs include:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Doctor in Psychology
  • Masters in Psychology  

How many endowments does the University receive?

The university receives around $750 million as an endowment amount. The university receives most of the funds from the United States government. Walden University receives the largest endowment of any of the colleges in the United States. The university uses the funds and grants to help the students by providing financial aid, scholarships, etc. other than this the university uses the endowment amount to initiate new programs, train the professors and pay them.

How can one get into Walden University?

There are certain admission requirements that any student must fulfil. He may need a few documents to get into the college like:

  • Proof of good test scores
  • Document showing employment history
  • List of transfer credits
  • Official transcripts
  • Online application (completed)

In your online application you will have to take care of:

  •  Your program of interest.
  • Academic history involves your high school diploma, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree if you have completed your graduation and now you are applying for graduate programs.
  • Transcripts
  • Resume
  • Employment history

You can fill out the online application form from the university by visiting their website.

What is the acceptance rate at Walden University?

The university has a high acceptance rate that is 100% acceptance rate and with this acceptance rate, any student with a good high school diploma can get into the University easily. However, graduation rates are low here. The University does not believe in standardised tests and only focuses to bring out the best in each student. Anyone can get into the University.


Walden University works for only the betterment of the students. With its co-operating and supportive staff, it helps build character among the students. It is one of the most successful online universities in the United States. The University receives the highest endowment than any other college in the United States. It has a 100% acceptance rate and provides good financial aid. You can get every possible learning experience here with their wide range of courses.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much are the fees?

$12,180 is the cost of education at Walden University.

  • What is the technology fee per hour at Walden University?

The technology fee is $135 per hour.

  • In which year was this university bought?

It was bought in 2021 by Adtalem Global education.