Is Portland State University a party school?


Portland State University is a research university in Portland, Oregon, founded in 1946 with a total undergraduate enrollment of 18,959 as of 2020. Its campus is located in an urban setting and has a campus size of 50 acres. The university offers a variety of courses to its students and also has a variety of housing options. It is a public university. Here we will see about Is Portland State University a party school?

Is Portland State University a party school?

Is Portland State University a party school?

No, according to all the student accolades the University can not be considered a party school, the school is more of a commuter school fulfilling all the requirements of being a “traditional” college, the majority of students there are working and studying so they don’t have much time for partying. The campus does not have much space for parties, the university is located in downtown Portland, the college is more focused on academics and the school is very particular about scores and attendance. Though there are a few parties that take place, Portland State University can not be dubbed a party school.

Which is the biggest party school in Oregon?

While United State universities are known for their partying ways, there is a state-wise list as well ranking them in order.

  1. University of Oregon: Eugene(4 years)
  2. Oregon State University: Corvallis(4 years)
  3. University of Portland: Portland(4 years)
  4. Lewis & Clark College: Portland(4 years)
  5. Reed College: Portland(4 years)
  6. Portland State University: Portland(4 years)
  7. Eastern Oregon University: La Grande(4 years)
  8. Willamette University: Salem(4 years)
  9. Linfield University: Mcminnville(4 years)
  10. Southern Oregon University: Ashland(4 years)
  11. Western Oregon University: Monmouth(4 years)
  12. Pacific University Oregon: Forest Grove(4 years)
  13. Oregon University of Technology: Klamath Falls(4 years)
  14. George Fox University: Newberg(4 years)
  15. Corban University: Salem(4 years)
  16. Sumner College: Portland(4 years)

Is Portland State University a good school?

PSU is home to more than 24,000 students and is known to be the largest university in Oregon, it has a diverse background of 35% with a graduation rate of 58%. Portland State University is ranked #28 among national universities, it is known as a sustainable, distinctive, and transformative school in the nation. It is considered the best business school in the state and considered to be an affordable research college, during their study at Portland State University students will learn more than just theory 100% of the students complete a community-based project or internship also known as the region’s most innovative university offering students more than 200 study options to choose from. PSU students have one to work for internationally renowned companies like Nike, Intel, Google, etc.

How to apply to Portland State University?

The admission process for PSU is not that difficult with an acceptance rate of 54% and an early acceptance rate of 67.9%.

Graduation from high school is of utmost importance and there are certain requirement 

  • 2.5 or higher- automatic admission if college prep work requirement is met
  • 2.49 or below or of the coursework does not meet the requirements  – further admission review

Completion of at least a number of college prep course work with grade C- or better in the following subjects:

  • English:  with a minimum of 4 units
  • Math: includes at least the completion of Algebra II
  • Science: 3 units(one year of lab science is expected) 
  • Social science: 3 units
  • Second language: 2 units of the same language 
  1. SAT or ACT: This is optional as of 2020 because colleges do not require SAT unless the student has not scored a good GPA.
  2. Summer Bridge Scholars: First-year applicants with a 2.99 high school GPA or lower are required to participate in this scholarship program 

Steps for applying

  1. Submission of application with a payment of $60.
  2.  Submission of high school transcripts.
  3. Optional: Submission of standardized test scores.
  4. The application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  5. Check application status

What is Portland State University known for?

 The student-faculty ratio at Portland State University is 18:1, the most popular programs in the university in Business Management, Marketing, related support services, social sciences, psychology, health profession and related programs, multi/interdisciplinary studies, visual and performing arts, engineering; biological and biomedical sciences, liberal arts and sciences, general studies and humanities and computer and information sciences and support services. The student satisfaction rate at Portland State University is 73%.

How is student life at Portland State University?

When it comes to campus life, the university has 8 different on-campus living halls with each one being unique, the school has a gender distribution of 44%male student students and 56% female, and they have a varsity sports team which is a huge part of student life. They also have student health and counseling centers which are open 24/7 to help students in terms of their career options and case of an emergency. The housing is close to the college so the travel isn’t too much of a hassle for students, PSU also has a writing center, learning center, and a library that can help students with their research and homework. 


Every college’s main aspect is its academic record but the campus life is very different. Students have parties to take an edge off and take a break from their busy academic life, so if the school has a reputation of being a party school that does not mean that it is not a good college in terms of their academics. However, universities like Portland State University is more of a traditional university where the majority of students are more focused on their academics and the campus is smaller in size so a large-scale party can not be organized and they do not have any sorority or fraternity.

Frequently asked question

Which is the most famous party school?

Tulane University in New Orleans is considered to be at the top when it comes to the best party school in the United State of America.

Does Portland State University require recommendation letters for admission?

The university requires a minimum of three recommendation letters, as well as ratings as required.

What is the tuition fee of PSU?

Portland State University has a fee of $8,649 for in-state students and for out-of-state residents, the fee is $23,769.