Is Penn State University the one for you?

Penn State University, one of the renowned public research universities, was founded in 1855. According to the National Forensic Rankings, 2022, its research enterprise has been ranked fourth in the country. Outlined to foster teaching, research, and public service in several academic disciplines, the university is credited with awarding more than half a million degrees. 

The university is one of the premium public research universities in the United States of America. It offers over 170 four-year courses for students to select from. 

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Ranked 96 among 1300 universities, according to QS world university rankings, Penn state university is one of the most highly regarded institutions. It offers a diverse range of courses, including but not limited to engineering, business and management, international politics, and economics. 

Penn State University provides its students with academic variety by offering over 160 majors, 200 minors and 100 undergraduate certificates across all its campuses. The college is attended by over 80,00 students along with over 11,000 international students, scholars, and faculty. The university also offers various online accredited undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, certificates, and minors taught by the same faculty as on the campus. 

The faculty at the university is highly qualified and well experienced in the field of teaching. They comprise of well-known academicians and experts. The university is incorporated with high-tech laboratories, libraries, computer centres, and art studios to facilitate the best-in-class learning. A high level of flexibility is provided to the students by offering a 2+2 study plan. This plan lets students carry out their first two years of education on the University Park campus and then transfer to another campus for the remaining time. 

Is Penn State University the one for you?

Some of the courses furnished by the college are:  


Administration of justice 

Aerospace engineering 

Arts and architecture 

Business economics 


Health and human development 

Liberal arts 

Agriculture science 

Information sciences and technology 





A variety of programmes, including undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and certificates are offered at Penn State University. 

The admission criteria and expenses are not standard. They differ from program to program however some general requirements can be outlined. Specific requirements can be found on the university website on the designated course page. 

  • Postsecondary education (Certificates, GED, and Degrees): A school diploma or the equivalent is an essential requirement for entrance to postsecondary programs.
  • Bachelor’s degree: A minimum of 120 credits are required. The requirements for minimum credits may differ according to programs. 
  • Postgraduate: the standard requirements for postgraduate programmes consist of a college diploma, university degree, or an equivalent. However, there may be additional requirements. 


Like the admission requirements, the cost of schooling also differs according to courses. A difference in the expenses also arises with a difference in campuses. However, a general figure which is applicable to most courses in the University Park campus is mentioned below. 

PA residents- $ 18,898

Non-PA residents- $ 36,476

International students- $ 37,946 

The university also provides scholarships to support students financially. These scholarships do not need to be repaid. All the students who receive the offer for admission and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are considered for the scholarships funded by the Office of student aid. The Office of student aid is just one of the many sources that funds scholarships to Penn State University. In addition to the Office of student aid scholarships, Penn State also provides awards to first-year and transfer students. The Discover Penn State award and the Provost’s award are used to facilitate the students with the funding for most of these scholarships. 

What is the average time taken to be admitted into Penn State University?

Once the complete application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by Penn State University. Some students may receive the decision within a few weeks, but the usual timeframe is 6-8 weeks after submission of the application. The university will review all the materials once the applicant has submitted them. 

As a result, getting into Penn State University is always a moment of delight. The campus is always exuberant, and there is never a dull moment on any of the campuses of Penn State University. The university provides its students with a plethora of opportunities to get involved in campus life. There are several organizations and clubs in the university which allow students to pursue their various interests. 

With its high quality of education and provisions for various activities, the university is the perfect place for turning any student’s dream into a living reality.

Benefits of studying at Penn State University

  • Along with academics the university focuses on the holistic development of its students. It encourages its students to pursue their passion alongside their education by providing sports arenas, cafeterias, fitness centres and creating a vibrant atmosphere. 
  • The students are offered a healthy amount of exposure as they get to interact with students from across the globe; furthermore, distinguished professors and well-known scientists from foreign universities often visit the campus to deliver guest lectures. 
  • The university is a gateway to one of the largest alumni associations worldwide. Access to such successful alumni proves to be beneficial not only through the course of the college but for a lifetime. 
  • Several collaborations with international universities for integrated research and knowledge sharing problems facilitate the expansion of students’ knowledge domain and help them go beyond the academic curriculum. 
  • It awards scholarships to international students based on their food performance and other factors. It does not believe in restricting education to only those who can financially afford it. 

The university provides its students with a flexible lifestyle and ensures their comfort at all points. The various services offered on the campus helps ensure that all of the students’ needs are taken care of. 


Penn State is definitely one of the most well-known institutions and has a reasonable fee structure. Though it is a little challenging to get in, it should definitely be a part of every college aspirant’s list. With its vast expanse of knowledge and incorporation of students’ well-being in its curriculum, it is guaranteed to provide one of the best college experiences. 


What is the application process for a transfer student? 

Transfer students have the exact requirements for admission as regular students. The submission of Penn State’s Graduate School application, payment of the application fee, and the submission of official copies of academic transcripts are required. 

Is my GPA a criteria for admission into the college?

GPA or test scores do not ruin the applicant’s chance to get into the college. No minimum requirement for these exists for admission to the university. 

Will I be contacted by the Graduate school or graduate plan of study if there are any questions pertaining to my application? 

Since admission is jointly granted by the graduate school and the academic plan of study, the applicant may be contacted by either of the two offices. Each plan of study has its own process for evaluating applications. The admissions to the graduate school are recommended by the plans of study, which in turn monitors procedures and minimum requirements leading to a final decision on the submission.