Is NYU worth it?

New York University is a private university based in New York City. New York University, or NYU, was founded in 1831 by Albert Gallatin, then United States Secretary of Treasury. The first classes in 1832 began near the City Hall, but later on, in 1833, they moved the campus to Greenwich Village surrounding Washington parks. Since then, NYU has added numerous graduate and undergrad schools throughout Manhattan. NYU has become one of the most prominent private universities in the United States in terms of enrolled students. As of Fall 2021, 53,576 students are enrolled in NYU; 29,700 in Undergrad and 18,300 Graduate. NYU consists of ten undergraduate schools, including the Schools of Business, Arts, Engineering, Science, etc. Graduate schools consist of Medicine, Law, Public Service, etc. Here we will see Is NYU worth it?

Is NYU worth it?

Is NYU worth it?

With only 21.1% acceptance and hefty tuition fees, many applicants ask the question of whether NYU is even worth this much hassle. If you want a top-notch education in a big city like New York, NYU is perfect. Though it is not an Ivy League, NYU is still pretty tough to get into and ranks high among the college rankings in the United States. NYU appears under the New Ivies, which means they are not Ivy League, but their education and athletic standard are at par with the Ivies. NYU placed number 32 in 2021 Best national universities in the United  States meanwhile ranked 42 in the world qs ranking. Though college rankings are based on available public data, still being 32 among 1452 universities in the United States is a big deal. So if you want to get the best education and wish to have an outstanding undergraduate experience and have no financial constraints to pay your tuition fees, NYU is undoubtedly worth the experience and standard. 

NYU or Ivy League?

First, we must acknowledge that the Ivy League is an athletic conference. Ivy League doesn’t mean they are the collection of the best schools in the United States.  Ivies might have some of the best schools on the list, but not all of the best schools are on the list, such as MIT.  Sure, being able to refer to your school as one of “the Ivies” is nice, but it has minimal impact on the academic nature of the institution. If a new member is admitted to the Ivy League, they must be athletically capable of competing with NCAA Division 1 peers. NYU is an NCAA Division 3 school with no football team, which means it isn’t an Ivy League. If NYU were ever to become an Ivy League, it wouldn’t be because of its academics but because they can play football at the level of other Ivies. 

How hard is it to get into NYU?

Despite NYU not being an Ivy League, they are still highly selective when choosing their students. Since NYU is one of the most prestigious institutes, it is challenging to get into it. It currently has an acceptance rate of 21.1% or less because there are too many applicants. Even though they have absurdly high tuition fees, many applicants are willing to pay it to study at NYU. Having this acceptance rate, applicants still get in. If you have good grades with a potent subject combination, good SAT/ACT scores, and extracurriculars like Sports, Community service, it isn’t that hard to get in, except if you write or say something wrong in your essays and interview. 

Is NYU need-blind?

NYU has recently started meeting all the demonstrated financial needs of the students, but it still hasn’t announced being a need-blind college. Need blind college means an applicant’s inability to pay the tuition fees is not considered during the admission process. It also reported that in 2016 NYU denied many of the applicant’s requests to waive their fees because they could not afford it. Now that NYU has started meeting all the needs, it is likely that the number of applicants at NYU will increase, which might make them more selective. 

Party life at NYU

According to the student experiences, NYU is not much of a party school; however, some student-led clubs and various organizations regularly hold parties and fests. But since you live in one of the most famous party cities, New York, you have many avenues outside the campus to party and enjoy the nightlife. Most students say they head out to bars, clubs, and pubs on weekends.

Undergrad from NYU?

Perhaps if you are the kind of student who thrives on independence and has an inner motivation to reap the benefits of all the internship/networking prospects the city has to offer. For some people, this price might be way greater for a non-Ivy at a time when you’re often only discovering yourself. Finally, it is determined by the type of student you are. If you’re enterprising and self-motivated about your education, you should just save your finances, attend a public school, and start making an effort to discover decent students and teachers.  If you need more guidance or are uncertain of your path, NYU is fantastic; you can’t help but soak up a lot of new people and ideas. Furthermore, if you’re going to study something very unorthodox, NYU will be able to support you better.

Pros of attending NYU

There are numerous benefits and pros of attending the prestigious NYU since it is one of the most accredited universities in the United States. But here are some important and most prominent benefits of studying at NYU:

  • New York City is the world’s most complex, lovely, horrific, artistic, mystical, dirty, cold-hearted, fantastic, and numerous other adjectives.  There is no other place like it on the planet. It is a difficult place to live.  But, as the saying goes, if you can do it there, you can do it anywhere. Regardless of when you exit, you will feel better and wiser, albeit a little battered.
  • It is now impossible to obtain expertise in the field without prior experience. So, how do you get around that? Connections. They are available at NYU. Plenty of other locations do not. This is particularly necessary for creative fields like filmmaking, music, etc.
  • Faculty and prestige go alongside one another. University prestige draws funding, and financial support attracts better faculty. Faculty talent Talent is passed on to students, students succeed, and the university gains prestige. This explains why elite colleges are so picky. They are defending their intellectual capital.

Getting into NYU

NYU is famous for sending the most pupils abroad compared to any other university in the United States, indicating that the university wants its students to get exposed to different cultures that exist in the world. Though the university believes in diversity, it is clear that NYU looks out for strong academic performance and hard work. While acceptance rates were at an all-time low this year, average exam results of accepted students were at an all-time high, indicating that new students are also unusually well-qualified. The average SAT total score for the Class of 2025 was 1540, the highest ever. Thus, you must score at 1500 or near to compete with the other candidates. Even though NYU has no minimum ACT criterion, if you are applying with a score of 29 or lower, it might be difficult for you to get in unless your application is really impressive.  Since there are so many entrants with scores of 33 and higher, a 29 will seem academically mild. 

What makes NYU different

First of all, their unique classes and professors are on the list. NYU continues to attract a skilled collection of visiting professors, guest lecturers, and faculty because of its prestige, convenient location, and brilliant students, with some of the most interesting classes that you probably never thought were provided. They recently even received awards such as the Pulitzer Prize. Other than this significant advantage, NYU’s many mascots, the NYU card, Free Rides, and Housing experience make NYU stand out from all the universities in the United States. Another unique thing about NYU that you might find in other universities is its campus. Their campus comprises buildings scattered throughout the city rather than buildings clustered around a quad so that students at NYU can have a unique college experience.


Since NYU only has 21.1% approval and fairly substantial student fees, many aspirants wonder if NYU is even worth the effort. If you want a solid education in a big city such as New York, NYU is indeed the place to be. Despite not being an Ivy League school, NYU can compete and ranks high in the university rankings in the United States. NYU’s campus makes it different from the other universities in the United States. Rather than having a single campus in one place, NYU is scattered in various locations all over Manhattan. If you are studying music, filmmaking, or any other degree requiring hands-on experiences and strong connections, you can build them at NYU. NYU is an institution where you can connect with industry professionals and leaders and expand your network.