Best Robotics Engineering Schools In The US

Robotics engineering is one of the most popular technical disciplines in the world. As experts predict robots are soon going to replace many technical gadgets. The US is one of those countries that has developed its technology at a faster pace than other countries. Here we will see about Best Robotics Engineering Schools In The US

Best Robotics Engineering Schools In The US

Many institutes in the US offer different types of degrees in Robotics engineering. These are undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. degrees. The top public and private universities are New York University, Northwestern University, Carnegie-Mellon University, and the University of Michigan. These universities offer technical facilitation along with some amazing experts from industries to mentor the students. Apart from that with an increasing demand for robotics as a career in the US, many students are encouraged to get themselves admitted into these universities. All the universities have different criteria and admission processes.

Why the US schools are good option to study robotics engineering?

The following are the reasons why students chose to study this field in the US.

  • Highly facilitated environment: Being one of the most developed countries, the institutes in the US are highly equipped with robotics laboratories and research institutes. This gives students broad exposure and understands things practically and theoretically.
  • Advanced Career: Students graduating from US robotics schools are often placed into big companies like Google and Microsoft. And after graduating, getting into a good firm is a dream of many.
  • Top Universities: US has some of the most highly-ranked universities in the world. The instructors and professors are highly educated with very vast experience.
  • Growing field: The scope of robotics is constantly increasing in the US and is expected to further fly in the upcoming year. Those graduating from universities within the state would have better opportunities.

Public Schools:

New York University:

Location: New York

This university was established in 1831. They offer both undergraduate and Masters. For undergraduates, they have minors in robotics, and in masters, they have robotics and Mechatronics. It is one of the most popular degrees in the US. The acceptance rate is 21% and the graduation rate is 85%.

Northwestern University:

Location: Evanston

This university was founded in 1851. This is a research university and offers only a Master’s degree in robotics. The students here get enough information about their professional lives in industries. The courses include embedded systems, mechanics, and some projects. The acceptance rate is 9% and the graduation rate is 95%.

University of Michigan:

Location: Ann Arbor

The university was founded in 1817. The courses offered include a Masters’s and Ph.D. degree. The Master’s degree is of two years and the Ph.D. in four years. The Ph.D. is specifically in robotics engineering. The university has more than one campus. The acceptance rate is 26% and the graduation rate is 92%.

Private Schools:

Carnegie-Mellon University:

Location: Pittsburgh

This institute came into being in 1979. It is also a research university that offers Masters’s in Robotics. For undergraduate degrees in this related field, they offer Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. As for Masters, they offer two types of degrees i.e. basic and advanced. The acceptance rate is 17% and the graduation rate is 89%.

John Hopkins University:

Location: Baltimore

John Hopkins University was built in 1876. This university offers a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree in robotics. There are two options within this degree, thesis-based and non-thesis. Other courses include bio-robots and systems. The acceptance rate is 11% and the graduation rate is 93%.

University of Pennsylvania:

Location: Philadelphia

This university was founded in the late 19th century. The students in the robotics department resided in General Robotics, Automation, Sensing, and Perception (GRASP) Laboratory. The students have to deal with subjects like Artificial Intelligence, robot design, and control and it is further concluded with electives and a thesis. The acceptance rate is 9% and the graduation rate is 95%.

Georgia Institute of Technology:

Location: Atlanta

The university was established in 1885. The robotics program offered at this school is a mixture of Aerospace, biomedical, electrical, and mechanical departments. They also offer a Ph.D. in robotics. The university has facilitated the students with a forum called RoboGrads. The acceptance rate is 21% and the graduation rate is 87%.

Fee criteria and eligibility for robotics engineering in the US:

The average cost of a bachelor’s degree in robotics is between $58K-59K annually. For Masters, it is estimated to be $60K and lastly, for Ph.D., it is $7054. For admission in the above-mentioned institutes specifically in robotics following procedures are considered:

  • Previous high school grades.
  • English language tests (depending on your language proficiency)
  • ILETS: 6-7 bands
  • TOEFL: 84-100 score
  • Admission test score
  • SAT/ACT Test

The admission procedure will start with an online submission.

Careers in Robotics:

The careers associated with robotics are design engineer, software engineer, machine learning engineer, and Algorithm engineer. This tells us that robotics can be used in the medical, aerospace, and technology world.


The United States of America is one of the leading countries in technology and its development which is why it is one of the most encouraging places to pursue an undergraduate, master’s, or Ph.D. degree. There are many public and private research institutes in the USA where students can not only receive education but also exposure to working in industries as a result of research work and thesis. The top schools offering degrees in robotics engineering and related disciplines have been highlighted briefly along with the degrees they offer and the acceptance rates. The admission procedures are not so unique but quite similar to what other institutes ask for. All in all, the US is one of the best choices to study robotics engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Why the US is considered the best option to study robotics engineering?

The technology in the US is quite advanced and developed and the institutes impart education following this, which is why the US is considered right to grab this opportunity.

  1. Do the robotics engineers from the US institute are highly paid?

Graduates from US universities are offered handsome pay from an entry-level position. Even big companies prefer these graduates.

  1. Is Robotics engineering a growing field?

Robotics engineering is an engineering field that has attracted many technical minds because of its increasing scope and demand.