Is New Mexico State University a good university?

State universities in America are public-owned and governed universities whose main focus is on providing quality education with fewer fees as compared to private universities. Today, education has become very costly. School fees are $20,000 a year, and even more than that in some schools with modern facilities. If parents want to send their child to a good school, then they should be strong with their pockets as admission charges in some schools are more than some schools’ whole year fees. In these times, government or public-owned schools and colleges are a great relief for parents who want to give their child a good career because the fee structure of these institutions is low and they provide a good education. In this article we shall see Is New Mexico State University a good university?

Is New Mexico State University a good university?

New Mexico State University

One such institution in Mexico City is “New Mexico State University”, founded in 1888, with a history of 130+ years in the education field. Later, first established with the name Las Cruces College, later in the 1960s, its present name was established as its official name. This university is the oldest public institution in Mexico for higher education. Currently, it has a student count of 23,000 who has been admitted to the different courses offered. This university offers 58 master’s degree programs, 28 doctoral degree programs, and also 96 baccalaureate degree options.


Hiram Hadley, known as the father of education in the state, was born in 1833 and completed his formal education at Earlham College in the USA. From the beginning of his career, he always wanted to do something in the field of education, and apart from this university, he also started a school in Mexico City. The university’s name is New Mexico State University, and this name was given to the institution in 1960.

The college started from a two-room place, and today the main campus of this university is situated on 900 acres, which includes a hill on one side and a lot of plants and some animals. This university is near a national highway.


This university started from scratch, which means when it started as a college it was started on a piece of land with two rooms and now the main campus of this university is 900 acres of land. Apart from the structure, many more things changed with time. Today, the courses offered on this campus are around 200.

The campus of New Mexico University includes 2 libraries and 1 museum. There are 3 seminar halls with 6 hostel facilities for students and a president’s home inside the campus. Both the libraries of this university have around 1 million-plus book, and the museum has 150,000 research findings and 15,000 different collections of things.

The campus also includes seminar halls, a stadium for sports, and a lot more world-class facilities. The university also has a police station inside its campus for students’ and faculty members’ safety. The university also has 12 research centers along with five campuses that are situated in:

  1. Alamogordo
  2. Carlsbad
  3. Grants
  4. Dona Ana County.
  5. Las Cruces

The university has five campuses on which different study programs, along with some major programs, are offered to students.


The athletics team of the New Mexico state university is nicknamed the Aggies the athletics team since 2005 has performed in Western Athletics Conference and they have won many awards, the athletics facilities for men and women include a courtroom and a ground that was built years after the college was founded because in beginning it didn’t have many students and the need was not there to have a big ground.

The men’s athletic team has 6 games that are played and the women’s athletics team has 8 games also the facilities include gyms and complexes for practice.


The university is home to many awards and rankings around the world. Some of them are-

  1. Ranked 1 in the most affordable online MPH program (2020).
  2. Rank 1 in the most affordable online MPH program that doesn’t require GRE 2022.
  3. Rank second out of 63 universities in terms of college affordability.
  4. ranked 15th among top universities in the United States offering MS without GRE
  5. Rank first among the top ten most popular college cheerleading squads.
  6. Rank ninth among college basketball’s tallest teams.
  7. Forbes has recognized New Mexico State University as one of the USA’s leading universities around the country.

The university is known for many things, including awards in sports as well as in different programs and different sectors.


The university has been home to more than 20,000 students since 2015 and currently has 25,000 students in different fields of study. It offers major studies in commerce, business, environmental science, and many more subjects.

Along with the courses, the university has always been active in listening to student grievances and has always helped students. 

It has halls, student study rooms, along with facilities for 2 libraries, which have more than 1 million books, computer centers for students, and research centers for students having a research interest.

The research field is one of the major parts of this institute because it has many patents in the field of research and it has around $150 million specifically allotted for the field of research at this university.

New Mexico State University is the only university to reach the platinum level, which is the highest level of service to NASA in their research work.

Along with that, it is also active in research for agriculture and natural resource management and is currently working on a project that is focused on making the quality of life much better.


In this high-priced world, public universities are a place that offers world-class education at low prices. One such university is situated in Mexico and was opened in 1888 by a famous person with a motto to provide better education to the people of Mexico and now today it has 5 campuses along with the other states. It is one of the best American institutes which offers a quality education at a low fee structure.

New Mexico State University, which is situated on 900 acres in Mexico. It offers 58 master’s degree programs and 28 doctoral degree programs. It is one of the famous institutes when we talk about higher studies.