How Do I View Student By Section In Canvas?

Canva is a prominent course management system that facilitates online learning and teaching. It enables teachers to post grades, information, and tasks online. This is the reason it is used by universities and colleges worldwide. The Student View option is very helpful in Canvas as it allows instructors to see course content, assignment, quizzes, and other activities from the perspective point of a student. But everything appears the same to teachers and students in Canvas. Let us know How Do I View Student By Section In Canvas?

How Do I View Student By Section In Canvas?

The student view icon is placed at the top of the page where you can attain the home page, announcements, tasks, discussions, modules, people pages, files, syllabus, results, and quizzes.

Viewing Student By Section In Canvas

You can view the Student by section in Canvas as it enables you to see every detail in just a few easy steps. Here are the steps to view students by section in Canvas as follows:

  • Firstly, go to the ‘settings’ tab which you will find in your course navigation.
  • Then click the ‘Students view’ button which you will find on the right side of the screen.

Previously, it was not the same. Canva has shifted the appearance and location of the student view button to create it understandable for faculty and teachers so that they can easily use it.

How Does The Student View Interface Appear On Opening?

Once you have unbuttoned the student view button, you can utilize your course as a fully active test student. Here is how it appears when you open it:

  • You will see the pink border around your screen and it will indicate that you are in the student view.
  • There you will find a reset student button that will delete your progress as a test student and allow you to reset and reset assessments that you want to try.
  • If you want to cancel that student view page you can move back to your teacher view by clicking the leave student view button.

About Section Enrollments In Canvas

As an instructor, you can also see section enrollments in your course settings in Canvas. It also comprises the test student which is built when you open the student view. Here are the steps to see enrollments in a course section:

  • Firstly, on the course navigation page, tap on the Settings link.
  • Then click on the section tap and open the course section.
  • Then click the name of the section and view section enrollments easily. 

Sorting Students by Section in Canvas

You can also sort students by section in Canvas. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Click on the section tab at the top of the page.
  • On clicking any section, you will see the students in that section, and you will find them placed in alphabetical order. It means either last first or by email or depending on how they got enrolled in the course.


So, as a teacher, you can access the student view from the maximum of the areas of the course section. Canvas allows professors to view statistics about their students like their interaction with the class page and the last time they logged into Canvas, and know whether their students are watching videos and reading or not. You can uncover the student view option on the left sidebar. So we wish that this article was helpful, and now you know how to see students by section in Canvas effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to edit or change a section in Canvas? 

Ans. Firstly click the pencil element which you will look at the right of the section name that you wish to change. On clicking the pencil icon, a text box will appear that will show the current name of the section. Then edit the text and it will start reflecting the new name that you would enter and that’s how the section will get the name that you would like to have. 

2. How to add a section in Canvas?

Ans. You can add a section to your course by altering your course in Canvas. Sections help you subdivide students in a course and also offer specific options for sections like different due dates for assignments, discussions, and quizzes. Here are a few steps to add a section in Canvas easily:

  • Firstly click the settings link from the course navigation section.
  • Then click the section tab and there you will find an option to add a section.
  • Type the headline of the new section and tap on the add section button.
  • Then you can see the new section in your course. 

3. Can a student be added to more than one section in Canvas?

Ans. Students can be added to a second or even third section in the same course by adding a new section to the course.