How Much Can You Improve Your Sat Score In A Month?

SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test, and earlier, it was named Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is a college admission test created and administrated by the college board. The exam is given to the students who want to be admitted into undergraduate colleges abroad. SAT is a college entrance exam that many colleges in the United States use as a part of the college admission process. SAT is amongst the most popular exams that help students take admission to undergraduate colleges. Let us know How Much Can You Improve Your Sat Score In A Month?

How Much Can You Improve Your Sat Score In A Month?

The students have to dedicate their full time to enhancing their reading, writing, and mathematics skills. Therefore, time management plays an essential role during preparation. They must get aware of the exams and understand the exam pattern.

Understand SAT

SAT majorly consists of two exams: SAT 1 and SAT 2, in which SAT 1 (SAT General) consists of the basics knowledge like reading, writing, and mathematical skills. In contrast, SAT 2 (SAT Subjective Test) is to assist the candidate in command of a particular subject. Therefore, preparing for any exam requires lots of self-motivation, practice, patience, a calm mind, etc. And preparing everything before only will make you more confident, and you can easily manage your time. 

If the whole syllabus is complete, one month is more than enough for a candidate to revise and do well in the exam. Still, if the preparation is zero, it can be challenging to clear the merit list of the top universities in the United States or anywhere else.

Understand The Exam Pattern

  • The duration of the exam is 3 hours.
  • The total questions asked are 154.
  • The score scale of SAT is 400-1600.
  • Total marks are 1600.
  • The language of the question paper is English.
  • No negative marking.
  • SAT is held 5 times a year in many countries.
  • Sections of this paper are : reading, writing, mathematics, and essay section (optional).
  1. 65 minutes for the reading section which consists of 52 questions.
  2. 35 minutes for the writing section which consists of 44 questions.
  3. 80 minutes for the mathematics section which consists of 58 questions.
  4. 50 minutes long essay is included in the new SAT exam although it is optional, one should attempt it because it shows your argument skills and in some universities, Essay scores are also required.

SAT Subjects

There are 20 SAT subjects available which are further divided into 5 subjects last, these subjects are further classified into smaller topics. SAT exam is available in various subjects across English, Mathematics, History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and World language.

Improving The SAT Score In A Month


  1. Create your study timetable: Make a timetable according to the surroundings or time the candidate should give on the particular subject according to the preparation. It will help in time management and the syllabus will be completed within time.
  2. Have good health: Eat well, and sleep well as physical and mental health plays a vital role in studies.
  3. Recollect what you have studied: Before going to bed recollect what you have studied in the whole day as it will build your memory.
  4. Making Short notes: create various new methods to study like flowcharts, short notes, etc.


  1. Avoid confusion: avoid any confusion during preparation and make your concepts clear.
  2. Don’t be nervous: nervousness will break the confidence and can result in small mistakes that will affect a lot of the results.
  3. Social media distractions: avoid using social media as it will bring distraction and waste a lot of time.
  4. Avoid last-minute preparation: try to avoid preparing the hard topics of the syllabus a night before exams as it will make you nervous and will mess up everything that you have studied and will create lots of confusion. 

In most cases, last-minute revision plays an important role but last-minute study hardly helps you in SAT exam. It would be good for students to prepare for SAT exam beforehand so it will be easy for them and they will be less burdened by the syllabus and time management problems.  SAT score can be improved up to 100 points in a month only if proper preparation is done with full dedication and concentration.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: How much time a candidate should devote to getting a good score on SAT exam?

ANS: It depends on student to student but 80 hours in a month is sufficient to improve your SAT score from 100-200 points.

Q2: Is SAT difficult?

ANS: Yes, SAT is a difficult exam to crack. But proper studies will make it much easier to attempt.

Q3: What are the age criteria for SAT exam?

ANS There are no such age criteria for SAT exams, candidates usually give this exam after their high school studies and have to enter the undergraduate courses.