Is Louisiana State University Good?


If you want to pursue a bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in Louisiana, you might be skeptical about whether pursuing your dream degree in this college is good or bad. LSU attained a massive reputation for pursuing research studies and sports. It has been ranked the best university in recent times. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, thus giving enough opportunities for students to research in the best laboratories and get the guidance of faculty who are considered to be the best in the field of education. Let us know Is Louisiana state university good and how much fee students must pay to pursue an undergraduate degree in this article.

Is Louisiana State University Good?

Is Louisiana state university good?

If you are planning to pursue a graduate or Master’s degree in various fields and have Louisiana university as one of the universities on your list, then learn about its academics, global ranking and student life in the university. People who want to pursue their doctorate can also enrol in the university. They get a chance to work on their thesis under the guidance of expert professors in this area of studies. After learning about all you will get a crystal-clear idea about the culture, education and faculty. 

Academia at this university 

Over 300 plus programs this university offers to students in different subjects. Few include- agricultural studies, business, management, journalism, engineering, arts, science, and so on. The best thing is that the campus allows students to pursue the course online or offline. Students aspiring to make a career, but have taken up the job can also attend online classes and get a degree. A degree from this university has a lot of value. It gives a good exposure and enough knowledge to students to hit the job floor after completing their studies. 

Degrees and courses covered

The degrees covered are from bachelor’s to master. The university has spread its wings to give rise to eight other schools specialized in law, medical, agricultural, dental and veterinary programs. It also offers a prestigious MBA program that helps students learn in-depth about management from industry experts and the best faculty. 

The university was founded in 1853 and spread over acres. However, the classrooms are small and personal, thus giving an excellent experience for students to get more interaction with the professors. The university also gets good funding. Certain studies state that around 91% of students being interviewed would prefer to pursue their studies at this university. 

They love the one-on-one attention that is given by professors in teaching and clarifying their doubts. They also believe that professors are genuinely investing time in helping students gain more knowledge. 

Ranking of Louisiana university 

The grey fact is that Louisiana University has lost its reputation, and the ranking of the university has also dropped drastically due to the sexual assault allegations made by the students on staff. It eventually resulted in the axe of the position of the former President. Indeed, the pandemic has also taken a toll on the university badly. With massive losses, academic fees have gone high. More importantly, the enrollment of students in the university has gone down. 

Despite all these allegations and the pandemic’s impact, the university still managed to maintain its fame in Louisiana state. 


As per the ranking of universities given by Times Higher Education, this university has been ranked as the best university globally by clinching the 279-position. Within the US, the university stood in 172-position. Indeed, it is listed as the third-best college for students who want to pursue athletes in the United States. It clearly states that the college is the best for sports students. 

The college puts a lot of effort into bringing awareness about environmental changes and cropped up with eco-friendly solutions to save the earth. Agriculture and wildlife teams would try to improve the agricultural industry and make the area sustainable. The university is also perfect for research students. It gained a good reputation for researching cancer, energy crises, nutrition and coastal preservation. 

International students

Around 6% of international students from every nook and cranny of the world come to this place to pursue their education and get into their dream careers. The total number of students who enrol at this university, especially global students, is around 28,700. The majority of students come to this place to do their research programs and enjoy student life. There are around 49 countries students who are doing different courses at Louisiana university. However, the drawback is that this university is not offering financial aid or scholarship for international students. 

How much fee students must pay to pursue an undergraduate degree?

Students can choose to reside in the campus accommodation. The fees that students pay for the undergraduate program would be around USD 24,768 to USD 41,445 if they opt for housing and meal plans. 

The best thing is that the university offers financial aid for merit students as scholarships. 

  • Ranked to be the top 100 Engineering schools
  • Best in the landscape program
  • Management programs will imbibe good managerial skills and give a pool of opportunities for students to expand their family business or start a business and succeed in it.

Why Louisiana State university?

Louisiana State University will help students to dive in-depth into the courses they are pursuing. They get good knowledge on the subject through practical teaching. It also promotes critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills in students. More importantly, it helps students to improve their communication skills and build entrepreneurship. Some of the key reasons to be a student at LSU:

  • One of the 30 universities in the United States that are spacious and have a sea-grant. 
  • Graduates from this university are placed in the top technological companies in other fields. The students also get paid the best in the market. 
  • Baton Rouge ranking of this university is 176 of all best colleges
  • Spread in 2000 acres
  • LSU is an elite research university to carry out research in any field of science. 
  • University is ranked as the best law school in the ranking released by the National Jurist magazine. 

Best features of LSU that make it unique

Post-graduation permit

OPT (Optional Practical Training) program would offer temporary employment for students on their F-1 visa. It is given to students who have come to the country to pursue majors in any field of science or engineering. Eligible students will receive 12 months of authorized employment before completing their studies or after their studies. If you have a degree in a STEM field (such as science, technology, engineering or math), you can extend this OPT up to 24 months. 

Work while studying

You are allowed to work only for limited hours on the college campus, thus helping you bear the monthly financial expenses. It is a wonderful opportunity that this program gives to national and global students. 

Conditional offer letter

If you do not meet the criteria set for the English language in IELTS or TOEFL, you are still allowed to pursue a program at this university. However, you have to complete the English program before you start the actual course program. On this condition, you are allowed to enrol for a course at this university.  


Students who would like to reside off-campus must look for accommodation before joining the university. There are a lot of homestay options available for students, thus reducing the stress on them on where to stay after landing in the state. There are partner schools which assist students to find the best accommodation meeting their interests and preferences. The homestay accommodations that are shown by the university will be listed after doing a thorough criminal check to ensure the safety of students.

Extra support

Students do not have to worry when they land in this state and do not know anybody. The university has a team which you can approach to help you with the free airport pickup. There is also an orientation program that prepares students to be successful in the university program. There are student service advisors and language and academic help to offer you the assistance required. 


Louisiana State University is certainly ranked as the best university in the US giving tough competition to other universities in the country. The experienced staff, well-equipped laboratories and an enviable track record of success can help students achieve their academic goals. The research and internship programs offered by this university are many. Since its inception, the university has been able to offer the best education for students. 

Frequently asked questions

1.Does this university offer career assistance?

 The university has everything that is required for you to succeed in academics and help you stay prepared to have a rewarding professional career. They regularly conduct professional development workshops and internship programs. 

2.Is LSU good for international students?

LSU is well-equipped with all the resources that are required for students to succeed, be it national or international. Support you get from this university after enrolling are – a comprehensive orientation program, scheduled assistance, focused tutoring. 

3.Is the state good?

Louisiana is a safe state in the US rich in food, culture, education and hospitality. There are around 400 student organizations on campus giving ample opportunity for students to explore the state, city as well as region.