Is Lehigh University a Party School?

Lehigh University is a common yet good research university in Pennsylvania. It is the only university in Pennsylvania which operates in full demand. The university is co-educational and believes in providing a superior quality of education to its students. There is a special bond and understanding between the students and the teachers or professors which keeps the children intact with learning and growing. Here we will see about Is Lehigh University a Party School?

The people in the University are very social and hence we can call the university a party school. Weekends are reserved for party purposes only. The parties in this part school consist of 30% women and 70% men. They party hard along with working hard. The main motive behind allowing parties on the campus is to make the minds of the students free from stress.

Is Lehigh University a Party School?


In Pennsylvania, Asa Packer who was a businessman established a university in 1865. This university became a private research university gradually. The date of establishment of the university is 27th July, around 156 years ago. In 1971 the authorities started introducing several good undergraduate programs. The university has got 5 colleges under it. Around 5 colleges are affiliated with this university. All degrees of those colleges are also affiliated with this university as the university is liable to recognise those colleges and their universities. The university follows one single motto which says, “ Homo minister et interpres natural ”. This means in English, “ Man, the servant and interpreter of nature “. This private research university is affiliated with the National Association of Independent Colleges and Schools. The academic staff which works here is full-time and dedicated. The campus is set in an urban and suburban location and is spread over 2,350 acres of land. Students and professors have provided the college with a nickname which is ‘Mountain Hawks’.


The university is famous because of its academic performance. The university trains its students to become the leaders of the future. The university aims to create an entrepreneurial mindset in the minds of its students by creating collaborative opportunities for them. For this reason that the university has many successful alumni. 5 colleges are working under the university which are:

  • P.C Rossin College of Engineering and Applied science.
  • College of Business.
  • College of Arts and Sciences.
  • College of Education
  • College of Health

All these colleges are affiliated with the university. The university recognises these colleges and confers degrees to them. 35% of the students in the university are included in the programs of Arts and Sciences making the College of Arts and Sciences the biggest college of all. Various programs which the university offers include:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Arts 
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of engineering
  • Master of Business Administration

Learned and experienced professors who are included in 540 full-time faculty. 95% of the professors hold a doctorate and attend a minimum of four office hours every week. Each class in the university has 28 students making the ratio of student-faculty 9:1. The operation of the university is based on the semester system. 

How many students enrol every year in the university?

In total, around 12,389 students have enrolled on undergraduate programs at the university. Around 6,000 students enrol every year in the university for major or minor undergraduate programs. The enrolment number depends on the acceptance rate of the university which is lower than any other university in the vicinity. It is 49.5%. The low acceptance rate makes the admissions selective in the university.

How much endowment does the university receive?

The university receives $1.37 billion as an endowment for various purposes like campus maintenance, scholarship programs, financial aid programs, the introduction of new programs, sessions and seminars for teachers, etc. The university uses the endowment amount for providing the best facilities to its students and making the campus a comfortable place for the learning and growth of the students. The university attracts its endowment from the state and federal governments. The government expects the university to give an account of all the expenses made on behalf of the endowment amount with the university.

What extra-curricular activities are conducted in the university?

The university has various clubs and organisations for the students to conduct their overall development. The organisation have various sizes, purposes and interests. There are academic societies, theatre groups, sports clubs, emergency crisis response teams, and cultural organisations. The main motive behind the organisations and clubs is to foster good development in the students. 


Though Lehigh University is a party school, still it does not affect the academic performance of the students of the college. The main campus has numerous kinds of undergraduate programs for the students which allow for their overall development. The campus creates a serene environment for learning.

Frequently asked questions

  • How many days does the class begin after admissions?

Classes usually begin after 6-8 weeks of the admission process.

  • How much are the fees for education at the university?

The education costs around $72,065 at the university. This amount lowers down to $29,301 after the student applies for financial aid.

  • What is the acceptance rate of the university?

The acceptance rate of Lehigh University is 50%.

  • What is the graduation rate of the university?

The graduation rate of  Lehigh University is 86%.