Is Flagler College a Dry Campus?

The ‘Dry campus’ approach means banning alcohol & drugs at colleges, schools and universities, regardless of the proprietor’s age or intention or the aim to consume it somewhere else. The policy has obtained media interest inside the United States. Making a “wet campus” into a dry one is adopted & followed by many universities. 01 out of 03 campuses ban alcohol and make their campus dry more often in the Southern & Midwest area of the United States. Flagler College, Florida is indeed a dry campus. This means no alcohol & drugs or any substance associated with the campus is allowed/permitted. If any student has consumed it somewhere else then he/she is not allowed on the campus intoxicated. Let’s check-> Is Flagler College a dry campus?

Is Flagler College a Dry Campus?

About Flagler College, Florida

Flagler College, Florida is a private college that was established in 1968 i.e., almost 54 years ago. Its chancellor is Mr. William L. Proctor & President is Mr. John A. Delaney. The total number of students is 2574 currently.

 It is considered a liberal arts institution of higher education. It has been ranked via way of means of US News and World Report as well as one of the best regional colleges in the southern United States. 

Today more than 2,000 college students are engaged in educational courses; in fine arts or accounting or business faculties as well.

History Of Flagler College, Florida

Flagler college is one of the best colleges in Florida, however, the records of the university aren’t always properly known. The college was charged under the false information publication provision in 2004 to various organizations, including the U.S. Department of Education;

  • It was founded in the year 1968 
  • It comprises 19 acres of land but was built as a luxury hotel in starting
  • Lewis was the Chairman of the college for more than 20 years
  • Lewis was somehow related to Henry Flagler 
  • In 2014, Flagler College was ranked among the 8th regional colleges

College Life at Flagler College, Florida

College life or campus life is far more interesting than it seems. Being a dry campus, the infrastructure & other facilities are beyond expectations. It includes; the library, dorm rooms, sports stadiums, etc.

1. Library Stats –

The college has a library with approximately 353,724 books i.e., physical, digital, and electronic books. The number of books is for academic syllabus & other interest as well. 

2. Dorm Rooms-

  • If you’re living on campus or outside campus, you’re still connected with the college residential life. It is a dry campus, which means no alcohol & no drugs are permitted. 
  • It also does not allow boys in ladies’ dorm rooms & vice versa.
  • The tablets of any kind are also not allowed as expulsion is strictly enforced.

3. Sports Stadium –

The college is a member of the NAA or National Athletic Association & NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). It also added Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse as a new sport for the session 2021-2022.

4. ESA’s –

ESAs are permitted while staying in the residence halls only if they are approved.

Student Life at Flagler College

Flagler College has a campus size of around 49 acres in St. Augustine, Florida. It also has an undergraduate enrollment of around 2,671 (fall 2020) total students, with 32% of male students and 68% of female students. 

  • Almost, 41% of the students of Flagler college live in college-owned, -operated, or affiliated housing i.e., in Dorms/hostels or college-owned Residential areas.
  •  The rest 59% of students live off-campus but still is connected with the college. 
  • In sports, Flagler College is part of the NCAA II & NAA.

Total enrollment details are as follows-

Sr No.Particular for 2019-2020Number of students
Total enrollment2,687
Total undergraduate enrollment2,671(fall 2020)
Total graduate enrollment16
Awarded Pell Grants 30%

College Amenities at Flagler College, Florida

Students of Flagler college are blessed with the following amenities for all residence halls include:

  • Security controlled card access – for A+ security
  • Free laundry facilities 
  • Common areas with TVs 
  • Twin-sized extra-long beds in Dorms
  • Closet, wardrobe, and dresser for each student for a clean & mess-free environment
  • Desk and chair for each student
  • Micro fridge and microwave for each dorm separately
  • 24/7 security surveillance
  • Campus-wide Wi-Fi and tech support are available for students & faculties to be connected

College Campus Sports facility at Flagler College, Florida

It provides 14 varsity sports including; basketball, cheerleading, cross-country, golf, soccer, and tennis for men and women, men’s baseball, and volleyball & softball for women.

The students who are interested in sports can also get a massive chance here. The Gym, tennis court, etc. are also available for them to practice & preparation for higher levels-

  • Gymnasium for students: Over 30 new strength machines
  • Tennis Court for tennis lovers
  • Basketball court for basketball players
  • Football/baseball court
  • Field Locker Room for safety purposes
  • Saints Field etc.

Measures Taken by Flagler college to remain a dry campus

The Flagler college is committed to being a dry campus, the measures include:

· Preventing tobacco use

· Encouraging a smoke-free environment

· Tobacco-free environment  

· Providing aid to the member who wants to quit/ stop smoking

· Promoting voluntary compliance on campus


Flagler College, Florida is indeed a dry campus. No one is allowed in the college with intoxication or intoxicated. The dorm room facilities, with Amenities & Sports facility, make it a very good place to study & for follow the passion. Every year around 2000 plus students enroll here from all over the world making it to be one of the top colleges in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can anyone bring a fridge or microwave?

Answer – No. The College will provide a microwave-fridge combination in each dorm room. So, outside things are not allowed.

2. What cooking equipment can someone bring?

Answer – The equipment such as; toasters and some hot plates are only allowed. Rest items such as; blenders etc. are strictly permitted.

3. Is pets are allowed?

Answer – Fish in a tank of 10 gallons or fewer are the only pets permitted. No other pets are allowed either they are sea animals such as; tortoises, etc.

4. What instruments can someone bring to campus with them?

Answer – Many instruments are allowed. However, some drum sets and amplification systems are prohibited.