Is Dominican University hard to get into?


Dominican University is a private roman catholic college located in River Forest, Illinois, affiliated with Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters, it offers several master’s degrees, bachelor’s, and a Ph.D. in information studies. The university is located 10 miles from the state of Chicago and the university also offers an opportunity to study either online from anywhere around the world or hybrid depending upon the student. 

Is Dominican University hard to get into?

Is Dominican University hard to get into?

The school has an acceptance rate of 76.7% ranking it is #32 in Illinois for the lowest rate of acceptance, in 2020 out of 5,188 applicants 3,338 were admitted into the college making Dominican a moderately competitive school to get into with a strong chance of getting in if the student met the school’s requirements. For every 100 applicants, 77 are selected, and if you meet their requirements the chance of getting in increases by a lot.

What are the requirements of getting admission into Dominican University?

The college does have certain set requirements when it comes to GPA and test scores but they are more flexible in terms of these aspects than other universities.

  1. The student should be ready academically to take on rigorous liberal art studies- students who are willing to embrace challenges that can engage them intellectually, ethically, and socially.
  2. A grade point average of 2.75 on a scale of 4.0, with an excellent high school academic record or an ACT score composite of 21, however a perfect score does not guarantee admission.
  3. A rank in the upper half of the high school class, when the rank is given out.
  4. Application/Merit-based scholarship: if the student is considered to be good in studies and extracurricular activities, then they would be eligible for a merit-based scholarship.
  5. Essay and high school transcript: now an essay is important because the content of an essay can make a huge difference in terms of admission.

Is Dominican University a good school?

The University has gained a lot of popularity and has received good reviews from students in terms of its campus and faculty when comes to ranking the 2022 edition of the Best college in Regional Universities Midwest ranked it #10. Its tuition fee is $ 35,420 which is somewhere in the middle so it’s not too expensive. In comparison to other schools of the same quality, Dominican University is priced well for the kind of quality provided and is thus of good value. The college is a small establishment but it is still ranked as one of the top colleges in Illinois. Dominican University has a graduation rate of 60% which can be considered slightly more than other colleges of the same standing.

What is the tuition fee of Dominican University?

The total fee for attending Dominican University is $48,857 on a full-time basis regardless of the residence, this fee comprises $34,420 for tuition fees, $10,865 for room and boarding, $1200 for book and other supplies, and $4700 for other fees. Its tuition for both non-residents and residents in Illinois is the same.

In terms of financial aid, 100% of undergrad students have received financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, and fellowships from other institutions or Federal, State, or local government bodies. On average $24,244 aid was provided per student in the year 2021, grants and scholarships don’t need to be paid back; some students also took private loans. However, it is not necessary that every student will get financial aid; there are certain requirements that schools have for a student to receive a scholarship.

Does Dominican University have dorm rooms available on campus?

Yes, Dominican does have dorms rooms available on campus, more than 500 students live on campus, and they have 3 types of resident halls;

  1. Rosary hall: It is for freshmen and upperclassmen, it has a single room with private space, it also has common spaces like a study lounge with computers, large themed lounges for relaxing, and another lounge with kitchen and laundry service.
  2.  Hertel hall: it is the biggest living hall with rooms of different layouts and with a meeting room, quiet study room, computer lab, and an entertainment room with the pool. The Hertel hall is also for freshmen and upperclassmen.
  3. Guzman hall: this hall is only for the upperclassmen and offers an apartment-style living with private bedrooms and semi bathrooms, every floor has a study room, group study lounge, and casual seating. It also has laundry facilities, vending machines, a small fitness room, and a conference room with a printing station. Every floor also has a private kitchen.


Dominican University can be considered a good college with a reasonably less tuition fee and a more than a moderate acceptance rate which means that it is not that hard to get admission once the student meets the requirements of the board but they are flexible in terms of standardized test score and can make an exception if the student has a good personal statement or essay and if you exceed the requirements then the chance of getting in is highly plausible

Frequently asked question

Is Dominican University a religious school?

Dominican University is primarily a Catholic college that ranks as one of the top colleges in the midwest, while maintaining a catholic identity the college has students and faculty of all faith backgrounds.

Is Dominican University a coed college?

Yes, the university is a coed college, earlier it was an all-girls institute but when it shifted to River Forest in 1922 it became a coeducational institute.

What is Dominican College known for?

It is majorly known for its nursing program and occupational therapy, the college has a satisfactory rate of 73%.

Is there another Dominican University?

Yes, there is another Dominican University which is located in California which is a private university in San Rafael founded in 1890 by the Dominican sisters. It has an acceptance rate of 86% and a graduation rate of 72%.