Howard University Acceptance Rate

How competitive is the admissions process at Howard, and what are the chances that I’ll be accepted? The private Howard University is also a federally chartered institution of higher education. If you are interested in attending this school in Washington, District of Columbia, the acceptance rate of Howard University is the first thing you should investigate. This gives you an idea of how difficult it is to get into the school and how seriously they take their criteria.

The school has an acceptance rate of 38.6 percent (39 percent) for the fall semester of 2020, placing it in fourth place among schools in Columbia with the lowest rate of admission. 39 people out of every 100 who apply are ultimately accepted. Students have the option of submitting their scores either from ACT or the SAT to this institution. On the SAT, a score between 1130 and 1280 is considered to be in the 25th to 75th percentile range, and on the ACT, a score between 22 and 27 is considered to be in that range. To get into Howard University, you need to have a grade point average of 3.55, which places you somewhere in the middle of your university class. You’ll need a combination of A’s and B’s, with very few Cs at the absolute most. In order to compensate for a grade point average that is equal to or lower than the school’s average of 3.55, you will need a higher score on either the SAT or the ACT.

Howard University Acceptance Rate

Acceptance Rate

There were almost 21,000 college applications sent to Howard University during the Fall-2020 admissions cycle, and the overall acceptance percentage for the university was reported to be 36.1%. This includes applications from within the state as well as those from outside the state.

In the admissions season for 2018-2019, Howard University achieved an admission rate of 39% of applicants. This indicates that 39 students were accepted for every 100 participants that applied to Howard, making the admissions process at Howard a hard one.

Admitted Students (2018-19)

Total number of People Who Applied% of Applicants AcceptedPercentage of Applicants Accepted out of total (Yield)
23,08638 percent34 percent

Admission Criteria and Guidelines at Howard University

Even though there are a lot of different components that make up a college application, the most important elements for you to concentrate on are the following:

  1. GPA requirements
  2. There are criteria for testing, including both the SAT and the ACT.
  3. Application requirement

Details Regarding the SAT and Its Prerequisites

Applicants to Howard University are normally encouraged to have SAT scores that place them in the top 36 percent of all test takers. The institution often accepts SAT composite scores that are lower than 1130 on a scale of 1600, which is the point at which enrollment should be regarded ambitious.

During the 2018–2019 admissions cycle, students who were offered admission provided SAT results at a rate of 75%.


The essay portion of the optional SAT test is not required to apply to Howard University. It is important to keep in mind that Howard University is a participant in the score choice program. This means that the admissions committee will take into consideration your greatest score obtained from every individual section of the SAT, regardless of when you took the exam.

Details Regarding the ACT and Its Prerequisites

Students who have achieved an ACT composite score of 22 or higher are routinely accepted at Howard. The average ACT score of a successful applicant is in the upper 37 percent of all scores submitted nationwide. We believe that the lowest acceptable composite score on the ACT will be somewhere near 20 in some circumstances. Prospective students who submit an ACT composite score of 24 or more should be considered to be among the top half of applicants; students whose scores are 26 or higher have very competitive prospects of being accepted.

25 percent of candidates submitted their ACT scores for consideration during the 2018-2019 admissions season.


It is worth noting that Howard University does not super score ACT results; instead, the university will only consider your greatest composite ACT score. The optional writing portion of the ACT is not required for admission to Howard.


To get accepted into Howard University, applicants need to have earned very excellent grades throughout their time in high school. On a scale from 0 to 4, the high school grade point average of admitted freshmen at Howard University was a 3.6, which indicates that the majority of students accepted into the university have at least a B+ grade point average.

Admissions Chances

In addition to your grades and scores, Howard University, like almost all other highly selective colleges and institutions, uses a holistic admissions process that takes into consideration a variety of additional variables. Your application can be strengthened by your engagement in significant extracurricular activities and by maintaining a demanding academic schedule. A well-written application essay, a CV (which is optional), and flattering letters of recommendation are also helpful.

Historical Pattern and Acceptance Rate Projection for the Year 2021

The acceptance rates from past years are displayed in the table below. Using this data, we were able to make projections on the admission rate for the school year 2020-2021. When compared to acceptance rates from previous years, Howard University has shown an overall rising trend in its overall rate of acceptance in recent years.

YearsPercentage of Acceptance
2016-201730.0 percent
2017-201841.4 percent
2018-201931.6 percent
2019-202036.1 percent
The acceptance rate forecast for the years 2020-202132.5 percent

How Difficult Is the Admissions Process at Howard University?

The admissions process at Howard is competitive, with only a 39 percent acceptance rate. Students who are accepted to Howard University often have SAT scores in the range of 1130–1260 or ACT scores in the range of 22–26. The submission deadline for Howard University’s regular admissions program is on February 15th. Students who are interested can submit an application for early action or early decision.


The admissions process is competitive, with just 36 percent of applicants being accepted. Students who are accepted to Howard University often have SAT scores in the range of 1130–1280 or ACT scores in the range of 22–27. The application deadline for Howard University’s regular admissions program is on February 15th. Students who are interested can submit an application for early action or early decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Which standardized test does Howard University prefer: ACT or SAT?

A: 75% of students are required to send in their SAT results when applying to Howard. 42 percent of candidates will include their ACT results in their application.

Q2: How many points do you need to get on the SAT to get into Howard University?

A: The middle ground Applicants with Test scores around 1130 and 1260 make up fifty percent of those who are accepted. When applying, seventy-five percent of students will submit their SAT scores. Check to see if you need a higher score on the SAT to be admitted.

Q3: What percentages of students apply to transfer into Howard University?

A: In 2019, HU was contacted by 1,402 prospective transfer students. 557 pupils were accepted into the school. Because of this, the admittance percentage for transfer students at HU is 39.73 percent. The difficulty of transferring into HU can be inferred from this fact.

Q4: What minimum grade point average is required to enroll at Howard University?

A: To get accepted into Howard University, applicants need to have earned very excellent grades throughout their time in high school. On a scale from 0 to 4, the average high school grade point average of the incoming freshmen at Howard University was 3.54, which indicates that the institution accepts and enrolls predominantly students with grades of B+ or higher.