How Prestigious is Claremount Graduate?

The Claremont Graduate University (CGU) is a research university. In the list of R2: Doctoral Universities, CGU is also included. CGU was founded in 1925. This University comprises five undergraduate colleges and two graduate institutions. In this article we shall see How Prestigious is Claremount Graduate?

How Prestigious is Claremount Graduate?

CGU is considered to be one of the prestigious Universities. It is included in the list of R2: Doctoral Universities. Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education classifies the R2 universities. They classify only those Institutions that are eligible for high research purposes. This framework primarily serves educational and research purposes. Thus the students who passed out from this Institution are considered to be prestigious as well.

About the Place

Claremont, 30 miles East of Los Angeles city, is a suburban city. This city is near San Gabriel Mountain. Claremont is known for trees and PhDs. The village is situated in the center of the city, within walking distance. This village is known for roadside cafes. Park concerts, movies, and street festivals all these characteristics make Claremont a unique city.

Reasons for considering CGU as presumptuous

    “Oxford Model” is followed by the Claremont colleges for Higher Education. It does not follow the pattern of one university, under which all the colleges are gathered. Instead, the Claremont colleges consist of different institutions. Each of them is based on the different theories of Pedagogy.

     At CGU students are encouraged to follow the “Transdisciplinary” method. In universities, the students generally pursue their disciplines at the Undergraduate level.  In CGU the students cultivate their disciplines by including other disciplines at the undergraduate level. This method is followed by the Functioning theory of Pedagogy.

     CGU has seven academic units. In 31 disciplines, the seven units, other programs and institutes of  Doctoral degrees.

Academic Structure

Into seven units the University can be divided. They are schools of Arts and Humanities, Educational Studies, Social studies, Policy and Evaluation, Drucker School of Management, Center for Information and Technology and Mathematical Sciences. 


It includes departments of English, Religion, Arts Management, Music, Applied women’s studies etc. The study of Arts at CGU does not confine to one subject, it is related to the other subjects also. E.g. in the Department of religion, a student can get a degree in History of Christianity, Islamic Studies etc.


This Department includes Politics, Economics and behavioral and Organizational Sciences. They offer M.A and PhD programs in Pol science, international Studies and Commerce and Finance.


In this Department, they convert the traditional perception of Economics by focusing on Management as a Liberal art.


It offers a variety of doctoral degrees. It has its own internationally recognized Institute on Engineering and Applied Mathematics. It helps students solve problems related to Applied Mathematics for business clients. 

Other programs include the Bothe Any department and Museum for Leadership Institute.

Other Specialities

# One of the best things about CGU is its Trans-disciplinary learning environment. Research-oriented structure of learning helps to gain knowledge beyond individual subjects. The faculty awards degrees by blending programs. They always keep classroom sizes within small to medium.

# CGU students get maximum benefits by becoming a part of a prestigious University. They can avail exclusive resources and services. The students can attend classes from 550 faculties of colleges. The college has four libraries including two million volumes of books. They can also get maximum benefits from affiliated institutes.

# Talented Faculty of CGU, always attempt to bring the best offline experience for the students. They bring the latest techniques of learning into their curriculum. By conducting applied research, and helping students to nurture their leadership qualities the CGU Faculty is doing a commendable job.

# At CGU one can get specialized programs with the scope of customization. Subjects like English, Fine Arts, Economics, Political science, Psych and ology all are highly ranked by US reports and news.

# Practice based learning provides the scope to get the expertise in the respective fields. The continuous scope for Research, publishing with the best Faculty, and internship scopes all these facilities give the students scope to learn their subjects in a possibly best manner.

# completing the graduation the students can immediately get a scope for starting their working career. Since they have been trained through practice- based learning it will be easier for them to start their working career.

# The Facility of becoming a CGU student is immense. Becoming a part of CGU, gives the students scope to experience a network that can strengthen their careers. A Collaborative learning environment provides practice-based learning, and a supportive team is ready to make the career graph high for students.

# The Campus Location is extremely good. Surrounded by a tree-filled campus, nearby transportation, and the Claremont village which is just a walking distance from the campuses make the location highly energetic. The Village has its restaurants, boutiques ETC that can make campus life highly enjoyable.

Requirement For Admission At CGU

The admission process at CGU is very selective. A Few things need to be kept in mind. They are:

GPA requirements

SAT and ACT requirements

Application requirement.

The acceptance rate at CGU is onl.3%, which means out of 100 applicants only 9 students can get admission at CGU. The GPA and SAT/ACT requirements are needed to be fulfilled. After fulfilling the requirements the students are needed to impress by their application. The applications must cover extracurricular activities, essays and recommendation letters.

The GPA requirement is 3.97. That means one must be academically sound to get admission here. One may need to have a high SAT or ACT score if someone fails to cover the GPA requirement. 

Ranking Of CGU

CGU is ranked 124, among 2,576 schools in the all versions. This ranking is based on the overall quality of colleges in 2022.


CGU is indeed a prestigious college where a student is always looking forward to going. This place provides a small college charm with the facilities of a large university. Its highly commendable structure of learning helps a student to achieve a bright future. One can estimate the prestige of this college through its education system, rankings and low acceptance rate.