How much is UW Madison tuition?

The University of Wisconsin Madison is a public, land grant research university. Only when it achieved statehood. It’s the flagship of the UW system. It was the oldest and the largest university in the state. University of Wisconsin (UW) Madison was the first public, and we shall see its tuition.

Residents of Wisconsin pay a price of $ 27,158 which breaks down to 

Tuition$   9,273
Room and Board$ 12,200
Books and supplies $   1,150
Other fees $   1,469
Other expenses budget$   3,066

While out of state residents’ price is $ 55,046 which breaks down to

Tuition$ 37,161
Room and board$ 12,200
Books and supplies$   1,150
Other fees$   1,469
Other expenses budget$   3,066
How much is UW Madison tuition?

A few other things you may want to know

  • Net Price
  • Financial Aid
  • Projected 4-year degree price
  • Credit hour price and cost per class 

Net Price

Net price is when all grants and scholarship prices are deducted from the total tuition price that has to be paid. It is the basics like tuition, room and board, books and supplies, other fees & other expenses budget. Roughly for instance the UW Madison total price for residents is $ 27,158 and when the said amount is reduced the net price comes to $ 12,870 while the total price for out of state residents is $ 55,046 and when the said amount is deducted, and the net price comes to $ 30,816. Net price also changes due to family income and financial aid.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is, for instance when grants, scholarships and fellowships are given to the UW Madison students by the university, federal, state or local government agencies, especially for educational purposes. It can be given for sports and other purposes too. So residents’ $ 27,158 – $ 12,870 will mean that the scholarships/grants mount up to $ 14,288 and out of state residents’ $ 55,046 – $ 30,816 will mean that their scholarships/grants mount up to $ 24,230. Financial aid is a need-based system. These do not need to be paid back. Average federal student loans of $ 5,138 were given to 25% of students and the average private student loan at $ 15,710 was taken out by 6% of undergrads.

Projected 4 year degree price 

With the help of the published tuition prices the estimation of the present price of a 4 year degree and living expenses at UW Madison would be $ 108,632. That is with the assumption, we were Covid free and things like that, the graduation was in normal time. The estimation is calculated with the assumption of a 7% yearly increase happening over the mentioned 4 years which is the national trend.

YearResidentsOut of state Residents 
1$ 27,158$ 55,046
2$ 29,059$ 58,899
3$ 31,093$ 63,022
4$ 33,270$ 67,434

Credit hour price and cost per class

Not all institutions allow single class enrollment. Use these costs and prices to compare UW Madison with other places of education. The University of Wisconsin Madison estimated prices are based on published credit hour prices.

Price per credit3 Credit class4 Credit class
Wisconsin Residents $ 386$ 1,158$ 1,544
Out of state Residents $ 1,548$ 4,644$ 6,192
  • Digesting degrees-

1 in every 790 Americans has at least 1 UW Madison degree.

  • Dubbed dairy state-

Vitamin D in milk and all vitamin D production started here.

  • After a Badger win in 1920, the Marching band’s caps were backwards.

In conclusion for Wisconsin residents, UW Madison tuition is less than half, that compared with any other great university. UW Madison is also less expensive for the residents than for the out of state residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does UW Madison give financial aid to international students?

Yes! Many universities, schools or educational institutions offer financial aid to them. When applying using the Wisconsin scholarship hub(WiSH) the student is matched up to any open opportunity which he/she is eligible for.

  1. Can a full scholarship/grant be acquired?

Yes! UW Madison promises resident students [parents whose AGI(Adjusted Gross Income which is the parents’ income minus the tax deduction) is less than $58,000] can acquire a full scholarship/grant for the full 4 years.

  1. Is UW Madison prestigious? 

The business and engineering, rams are. On the other hand university’s size can be scary and the students say sometimes the teachers are more towards research than teaching.

  1. What is UW Madison known for?

Research. More than anything else, a university is known for doing research. For volume of research this university ranks 8th in the nation. , Research and Graduate Education provide 17 Research and Service Centres.