Stores like Rat & Boa- Know More


If there is a brand out there that gives you clothing that comes as luxury and economical-then Rat & Boa is for you. The silhouettes are graceful and radiate luxury throughout. Rat & Boa have collections as well to pick your apparel from.  Here we will see about Stores like Rat & Boa.

The Autumn/Winter 21 collection is young, free, and vibrant in its style and theme. The silhouettes of this collection follow that of a bodycon dress. The designs and tones used for this collection play according to the theme of graceful, fun, and alive. 

Stores like Rat & Boa

Alternatives to Rat & Boa:

But what can be done when Rat Boa is not an option to shop at? There are always choices apart from what is looked at to shop at that is similar or that serves the same purpose to it. From Zazi Vintage to Faithful the Brand there are a ton of alternatives lined up to satisfy this need.

Zazi Vintage

Price Range: Starting price at $390 to $730 and above

This brand takes its designs very seriously as they have driven inspiration from artisan communities and are infused with rich silks. Kutch embroidery, ikat patterns, and naturally dyed are how Zazi Vintage draws inspiration into making apparel. Since a lot of their inspiration is towards the dying procedure in the clothing area- the shades you get through this clothing line are also one in a million. 

The dyes are of various combinations such as blue and white, red and white, pomegranate red with white, and various other beautiful mixes. Apart from the dyed mix patterns, there is Kutch embroidery done as well. Zazi is also an ethical brand focused on building not only sustainable fashion but paying heed to women’s empowerment as well. The silhouettes of their apparel resemble a lot of kaftan’s style/outlook. Apart from the kaftan resembling dresses of various lengths- Zazi Vintage also has sets available. 

Bags and coat categorizations are also present. The brand has a Spring-Summer collection too. Zazi Vintage directs its customer base towards women only. 


Price Range: Starting price at $55 to $300 and above

Luxury, fun, and hipster are how Ganni showcases its clothing line. The clothing range consists of a wide variety. Dresses, denim, sweatshirts, and tops are some among the few in the categories. Besides the clothing products, Ganni gives out accessories and shoes as well. 

Scarves, wallets, and bags are a few products under the accessories section and when it comes to shoes it ranges from boots to sandals. Ganni again is one among those brands making it a better world by being an ethical brand to promote sustainable fashion as well. The brand also holds many collaborations with Kiosk, Juicy Couture, and Ahluwalia to name a few. Ganni’s customer base is solely directed toward women only.


Price Range: Starting price at $37 to $412 and above

Ephemera gives customers a clothing range of vacation/apparel. This brand also gives out swimwear, resort wear, and two-pieces are among what they provide. Ephemera also gives out scrunchies and scarves. The tones used are subtle shades of blue, peach, and pink to name a few. 

In the pattern area the brand showcases check patterns, floral patterns, and plain patterns. Ephemera gives its services to women only as its customer base. Balenciaga, Balmain, Girlfriend Collective, Gucci, Monot, Givenchy, and Cala de la Cruz are some of the designers at this brand. 

The Luxe Maison

Price Range: Starting price at $15.77 to $40,000 and above

The Luxe Maison is the clothing line that gives you a platform to shop based on the choices of collections and designers. Haney, Ira Paul, and Talita London are some of them on their home page designers. The Luxe Maison is a brand that markets its apparel through creativity and luxury.

How? They get the collection and designers that put in hard work and effort in their apparel, designs, patterns, and tones- in return give them a platform to showcase their work. Hence this makes them a very luxury brand and a really good marketing tactic that does not disappoint their brand or customers either. 

The silhouettes given in the apparel showcased vary due to the various styles and preferences of the audience the brand caters to. The tones differ due to various designers being involved in their inspiration for the collections. The Luxe Maison caters their services to both men and women. 

Apart from apparel, the brand gives out accessories, footwear, and jewelry as well. The jewelry consists of earrings, rings, bracelets, studs, necklaces, and fine jewelry. Belts, wallets, watches, caps, and bags come under the accessories category. 

There is a sub-section for bags with a variety of choices to choose from based on preferences of liking. Last but not least footwear gives out heels, mules, wedges, and pumps to name a few. The Luxe Maison is an ethical brand as well that promotes sustainable fashion.

House of Sunny

Price Range: Starting price at $35 to $102 and above

House of Sunny gives consumers a clothing line with a range of clothes of patterns and designs that feel cool for everyday life, party type, and homely too. The silhouettes are designed in the style of a free-breathing manner. 

The patterns and designs resemble that of dyed clothing but in a structured format. The brand provides tops, cardigans, dresses, jackets, knitwear, and Peggy cardi’s to name a few from their wide range of apparel. Accessories are also provided that consist of bags, scarves, and a yoga mat holder. 

House of Sunny caters its services to women and men. House of Sunny also plays a role by being an ethical brand in supporting sustainable fashion.

Faithful the Brand

Price Range: Starting price at $25..5 to $329 and above

Posh and graceful are the two words that can best describe a brand like Faithful the Brand. The patterns are vibrant to the tones used along with them. Dresses, tops, maxis, swimwear, and bottoms are the apparel available at Faithfull the Brand. 

The tones used towards the subtle side are yellow, white, and in the blue range and when it comes to the darker shades they would be brown and black. In the accessories section, the brand gives out bags and hats to name a few in their wide range of products. Faithfull the Brand also has various collections to choose from.

Il Mediterraneo Spring 22, Formentera Resort 22, and El Sol Resort 22 are the three collections available.

Il Mediterraneo Spring 22 gives the right spring vibe with its floral and simply plain pattern without being over the top. This collection also has the right amount of separates and dresses to quote a few-which do not let you miss out on any apparel experience in the spring. 

Formentera Resort 22 gives you the perfect excuse to plan a last-minute girlfriend trip. The apparel radiates vibrant and fun to run around in. Most of the patterns are floral and plain for a youth level in this collection. This collection consists of playsuits, bikinis, and free-flowing dresses.

And last but not least El Sol Resort 22 is the pretty, graceful, and elegant collection one must browse when in need of planning to go to the beach or any water body. The apparel mixes well from tones to patterns very well with the sun and water with that of a beach aesthetic- as shot by photographer Pierrot. From florals to plain, the cutouts are simple yet play hand in hand for the satisfaction of the purpose of this collection. This collection gives out separates, playsuits, and dresses to name a few.

Faithfull the Brand is ethical hence supporting the sustainable fashion message throughout seriously. 


The alternatives are all luxury brands, and most play a role as ethical brands as well. Hence proving choices are always present due to the tough competition present in the fashion industry in this world. We as the public need to start becoming conscious of our choices- not just with our healthy lifestyle, but with every aspect of our lives to provide for a better environment to sustain tomorrow’s future. 

Ethical and sustainable fashion helps in not just give rise to a healthier world environmentally, it creates ethicality in the fast fashion industry which needs a wake call against their unethical practices. 

The above-mentioned brands such as Ganni and Faithfull the Brand have a version of luxuriously fun and simple whereas Zazi Vintage gives a very inspired artisan look- which is why these brands show the variation to pick from. Rat & Boa is a great brand, but these brands will efficiently suffice those needs for various preferences in style. 

Be sure to check out when these brands release collections as those would be the latest apparel with a fresher look. This also creates space for various categories within the brand. 

These choices also help when one does not find their preferences for one brand then the rest would show various options to choose from to satisfy the need. These brands suffice in playing their role of an alternative efficiently and sufficiently.