How Much is Tuition at the University of Denver? 

The University of Denver is considered expensive compared to the average tuition of United States Universities. As a private research institution, the University of Denver often doubles the tuition of other colleges in Colorado. 

According to the 2022/2023 US Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics survey, tuition for the University of Denver is $52,260. This tuition excludes other variables charged directly and indirect costs that may add up to a total of $76,036, all charges included.

How Much is Tuition at the University of Denver? 

This explainer will break down the tuition at the University of Denver and other costs of attendance. 

More about tuition and attendance costs at the University of Denver 

The costs can be split into two respective categories. Direct costs are billed by the University of Denver and, Indirect costs are living costs associated with living in or near Denver. 

Direct costs include tuition, fees, and on-campus. 

However, this article will break down the direct cost of unpacking the tuition at the University of Denver. 

Direct costs include the tuition, fees, on-campus housing, and your meal plans. DU Health Insurance is only applicable if you don’t have other health coverage. 

Whereas, indirect costs include off-campus housing and meals, stationery, books, and transportation.

Full–Time Student Living on Campus 

According to the University of Denver academic years, 2022 -2023, all undergraduate programs’ tuition is $1,530 for every credit.

Students who enroll between 12 – 18 credits have a fixed charge of $18,420.

Additionally, full-time students living on campus will pay a total of $55,260 in tuition fees. This tuition excludes Fees which costs $1.197, and housing and meals $15.470.  

More so, there are indirect costs including books which cost $1,000, Transportation $1,536, sundries at $1,521, and Loan fees at $70. In essence, tuition at the University of Denver is $55,260 excluding other direct and indirect costs. However, the full cost of attendance including everything mentioned is $76,036

More so, full-time students living off-campus pay $55.260 with fees of $1.179 making a total of $56,439

For a clearer understanding, you can make your own out-of-pocket cost using available tools by the University of Denver. 

More about the University of Denver’s University college tuition and bachelor’s Completion Program Majors

This explainer will unpack more about the tuition rates and other costs for students enrolled at Denver University College Bachelor. 

What constitutes the direct costs at the University of Denver’s University College?

  • Tuition
  • Additional Fees 

Tuition Breakdown 

Tuition at the Denver University College varies depending on the following aspects and variables. The University College has Undergrad programs, postgraduate programs, and specialized certificates. 

  • Program 
  • Courses to be completed 
  • Cost per Course 
Program / Area of Study CoursesCharge per CourseTuition
Graduate Certificate6$3,064$18,384
Specialized Certificate4$3,064$12,256
Undergraduate Certificate4$2,876$11,505
Non-Degree Bachelor’s program$2,876$2,876
Non-Degree Master’s / Certificate Course$3,064$3,064

There is a tuition deferral fee which is $45 per quarter which is non-refundable. There is a GIS Lab fee costing $50 per class online or on campus 


All in all, tuition at the University of Denver costs $55,260 for the 2022 and 2023 academic years. The tuition is considered a bit high compared to the average cost of University tuition in the United States which is $41,281. In comparison to other colleges in Colorado, the University of Denver is more expensive compared to the University of Denver Colorado which costs $29,300 per year. 

Frequently asked questions 
  1. What type of college is the University of Denver? 

Answer: The University of Denver is a research Tertiary Institution classified R1 Doctoral studies. 

  1. Is Denver University in the Ivy League?

Answer: The University of Denver is not in the Ivy League.

  1. What is the University of Denver GPA?

Answer: The average GPA for the University of Denver is 3.7. The University of Denver is strongly competitive. 

  1. Does the University of Denver have a tuition payment plan?

Answer: Denver University College allows students to opt for a payment plan. The accepted plan can be spread over two or three months. However, there is a non-refundable enrolment fee of $20 per payment plan.

  1. At what rate does the University of Denver accept new applicants?

Answer: The University of Denver accepts 60.7% of applicants with an early acceptance of 88%.

  1. Can I apply for Federal aid at Denver University College?

Answer: Yes, students who are accepted at the University College are can access federal student loans. However, 4-course specialized graduate certificate students do not qualify for federal student loans. 

  1. Is Colorado good for international students 

Answer: the University of Denver has a freshman retention of over 90%. The University enrolls international students from the Americas, Asia, Africa, and parts of Europe.