How Much Is The Tuition Fee In UST?

UST or the University of Santo Thomas is also referred to as the Catholic University of the Philippines which is situated in the Philippines. This is one of the oldest universities present in the continent of Asia and has a massive student population. UST offers several courses in a plethora of fields, and this university imparts quality education to thousands of students across the world by being a non-profit university. Let’s learn about ‘How Much Is The Tuition Fee In UST?’.

How Much Is The Tuition Fee In UST?

How Much Is The Tuition Fee In UST?

The tuition fee is different for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. Bachelor’s course will cost less than 3000 USD while the master’s program has a tuition fee of less than 1000 USD. A detailed list of every individual course and its corresponding fees per semester is attached below.

History Of UST: How Much Is The Tuition Fee In UST?

UST has a long history dating back to 1611 when it was established under the guidance of St. Thomas Aquinas. The other prominent person who helped establish UST was Bishop Miguel de Benavides, O.P., the third Archbishop of Manila. 

UST has always focused on the quality delivery of education by introducing several courses and programs. This university is ranked among the top five universities in the Philippines every year. Not just regionally, but UST has a spot in the top 1000 universities of the world too. 

Admission Procedure

One can get admission into UST by appearing for the USTET exam. The USTET stands for the University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test. Because of the high prevalence of COVID cases since 2020, admissions to UST are now taken through the USTAR exam. 

University of Santo Tomas Admission Rating or USTAR exam considers the comprehensive academic performance of the student. The link to apply for USTAR is given on the official website. The USTAR score is the prime basis for the seat confirmation which varies depending on the different courses and the competition for the same. 

Applicants can apply to junior high school, senior high school, graduate school, or admission to high school. UST admits approximately 10,000 to 13,000 new students every year into different programs, resulting in an overall student population of 45,000 students. 

Courses And Fee Structure

Tuition fees for admission in Junior high school or senior high school are very low, which is only around 500 USD per year. All amenities and an excellent curriculum are available here. It’s a great place to study. Course fee in UST ranges from 30,000 Php per semester to 1,00,000 Php per semester varying according to the level of education and the program chosen. 

The university offers 47 undergraduate and postgraduate courses. UST offers a Bachelor’s degree, which costs no more than 3000 USD for different fields and specializations. There are 40 courses provided by UST in the Bachelor’s program whose fee per semester is the same. 

This has an added advantage because the student can pursue the course of his choice without varying fees. There is a wide range of courses such as Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, Management, Law, Medicine, and many more which can be looked upon on the official website. 

They offer a Master’s degree at UST that costs less than 1000 USD per year for a variety of fields and specializations, including psychology, architecture, physics, and more. Tuition fee for all the 6 courses available at the master’s level range between 66,000 and 78,000 PHP. 

All in all, UST is the most sought-after university for students across the world providing several courses. UST has always managed to maintain its rankings between 800 to 900 which is moderately successful and produces several students every year. Tuition fees can be rated as moderately reasonable in comparison to the several courses and the amenities provided to the students in the undergraduate program.  


Now we’ve learnt about ‘How Much Is The Tuition Fee In UST?’, A student can gain access to the highest quality teaching for an undergraduate course he chooses for less than 3000 USD. This has the advantage of so many different courses offered which can attract students from all interests. Postgraduate students have to pay even less where the tuition fee is less than 1000 USD. Hence, UST is a good option to consider while keeping tuition fees reasonable. 

  1.  Can I get admission to UST by giving USTET?

No, Since the outbreak of Covid, USTET has been replaced by USTAR. Having a good score in USTAR is a basis for admission from the year 2020.

  1. What is the approximate fee to study for undergraduate courses at UST?

For undergraduate courses, the total tuition fee for both semesters per year will be less than 1000 USD.

  1. Does UST admit foreign students for graduation courses?

Yes, nearly 30% of its strength at UST comes from international students. For international students, they have to appear for the Toefl exam and the score of Toefl is considered. 

  1. Can I do a Master’s degree at UST?

Yes, there are six streams offered in the Master’s program to study architecture, medical, law, and physics at UST.