What’s A Good SAT Maths 2 Score?

Most of the students get tensed about the SAT maths 2 scores. But you should remember that you are giving a standard test and that you should have percentiles to get yourself a good UG course. In this case, it is important to have such a score that will increase your percentile over others is relatively a much more important topic to consider. Let us know more detail about ‘What’s A Good SAT Maths 2 Score?’.

Whats A Good SAT Maths 2 Score?

What’s A Good SAT Maths 2 Score?

The candidates taking the math 2 exam get a higher pull over the candidates choosing literature. And in this case, scoring 90 points and higher is a good SAT Maths 2 score. According to stats, 24% of the candidates have scored a perfect 800 in the exam in the year 2019, setting a high bar. 

Importance Of A Good SAT Score: What’s A Good SAT Maths 2 Score?

As good the score is, the better college or UG schools to opt for. Thus, you can understand the importance of having a good SAT score. But this concept is often misunderstood as a perfect score. Attaining a perfect score is neither necessary nor even practical. You just need to have such scores, which will increase your overall percentile. 

Now the idea of a good SAT score also depends on certain relative concepts such as;

What Is Generally A Good SAT Score? 

In general, terms if your score goes above the mark of 50, you have performed a lot better than major candidates. With the 50th percentile, you will be able to cross the cut-off and go for a standard school or college. However, if you want to choose from your shortlisted college options, you would relatively need a higher percentage of at least 75 to 80. That means your school should go above 1200. By attaining this, you come on the list of some top students, getting a chance to choose the UG school they dreamt of. 

What Is A Good Score Based On Schools? 

In this case, the idea is concentrated on a particular college that the student wants to opt for. Colleges generally provide what SAT score they range in. And if you are looking up to that, you need a higher percentage; plan your steps accordingly. If the UG school you are looking for has some basic percentile requirements, then you need to plan your SAT maths score accordingly. So, your overall percentile increases, helping you hit on your dream enrollment application. 

Points To Consider Before Giving The SAT Exam 

To achieve it, first of all, you need to work on two simple and basic questions,

  1. What is a good SAT score for you?
  2. And what do you need to achieve it? 

Both the answers to the above questions will vary in the case of every student. But still, there are certainly going to be points that can help one get a good SAT score. 

  • Firstly, you should know whether the SAT is actually the right test for you or not. Then always aim for above the average. Aiming a bit above the average will help you cross the cut-off easily. 
  • In accordance with the topics and the time divided, writing and language are on the least time bar. Thus, by practicing a lot of grammar and in-context vocabulary you can achieve some extra brownie points, helping to increase your score. 
  • Try to focus on your college comparative score. Build up your college list, considering what colleges you want to go to. Then focus on their comparative scores and plan what marks you want to achieve to nail them. 


A score as perfect as 800 is a good SAT math 2 score. Students often have a misconception, that scoring higher on the SAT math exam is extremely difficult. But to be very honest with a good plan and concentrated efforts, incredibly high scores, can become a reality. And you just need to set your goals, be realistic, and hit it hard with your best shot. 

  1. What are the eligibility criteria for SAT? 

There is no specific qualification or age limit. The exam is generally taken up by students in High Schools willing to enroll in undergraduate programs. 

  1. How to register for the SAT exam? 

The SAT registration deadlines are approximately 1 month to 5 weeks before the exam date. Visit the official website of the SAT exam and fill out your form with your details and photographs. Then move ahead with the payment option. That’s all your SAT registration is done in no time. 

  1. How much time is generally needed to prepare for the SAT? 

It is said that in approximately 5 to 12 weeks I need to have a good preparation for the SAT exam. 

  1. How many times can I set for the SAT exam?

The SAT exam is conducted five times a year, and candidates can take up the exam as many times as they want. Although in some cases, it is recommended not to give it more than three times.