How Many Credits Do You Need To Transfer To Tennessee State University?

As we know, transferring to distinct colleges is not only time-consuming but also confusing. A lot of students transfer to colleges every year. However, if you transfer to Tennessee State University, this article might help you with much important information. Most students usually check for necessary credit scores to get transferred to Tennessee State University. Continue reading the article to know the answer to your query and other important information related to transferring to Tennessee State University. Let us know How Many Credits Do You Need To Transfer To Tennessee State University?

How Many Credits Do You Need To Transfer To Tennessee State University?

You need a minimum of 120 credit scores to get transferred to Tennessee State University. In addition, students who wish to transfer to Tennessee State University must attain at least 60 semester hours of credit in the 4-year college or university and the final 30 semester hours of credit.

Why Do Students Choose Tennessee State University?

University of Tennessee, Knoxville has been known for joining students in scholarship and analysis for more than 225 years. It is one of the top-rated National Public universities in the country and is also one of the highest Carnegie research divisions. The university provides over 360 undergraduate and 530 graduate programs across 11 colleges and also offers opportunities for students to take part in 500 clubs.

Most students want to transfer to Tennessee University because it is not only a repeatable University but also offers 80% of students financial aid and scholarships from national, state, and private sources. They also deliver scholarships to incoming transfer students but for that students must first complete the application for a transfer student scholarship.

The University of Tennessee approves transfer students in all seasons including fall, spring, and summer semesters but has some conditions associated with the transfer. In addition to this, there are other complete document requirements also.

The Transfer Evaluation Process

Talking about Tennessee State University, the Office of the registrar calculates the transfer credits of those students who clear TSU admission criteria and who have announced a major. Transfers are not accepted for those students whose admission status is temporary or special.

The legal documents of students who have passed the transfer admission protocol will be submitted to the office of the registrar. Each of the documents is processed separately by analyzing institutional catalogs and granting with the Academic departments for certain course equivalencies.

Acceptance Of Transfer Credits At Tennessee State University

TSU adopts transfer credit from colleges of higher learning which is based upon the following components as mentioned below:

  • The trait of education of the institution from which the student is transferring to TSU.
  • The comparison of the quality, content, and level of credit attained to that offered by TSU.
  • The suitability and applicability of the credit received to the programs offered by TSU as per the educational goals of the student. 

Students may obtain college credits with grades of “P” for acceptable scores from non-traditional credits that include: Advanced Placement, CLEP, DANTES, and Military Academy service. 

Under normal situations, Tennessee State University does not authorize credit from non-regionally accredited colleges of higher learning. Students may be asked to give information to analyze the similarity of content and level of credit submitted as presented to transfer to that credit requested by TSU.

Credit is granted only after detailed review and approval by the legal academic department chair of the academic department in which the course is taught. They also take the permission of the academic dean of the college in which the course is taught. So overall, the application must be completed at the time of the first term at Tennessee State University. 

Factors For Transfers With Associate Degrees

If a transfer student has achieved an associate degree, then the student must have attained the following general education conditions which are as follows :

  • 9 quarter or 6 semester hours of English composition.
  • 12 quarter or 9 semester hours of humanity.
  • 9 quarter or 6 semester hours from American or Tennessee University.
  • 12 quarter or 8 semester hours of physical science with labs.
  • 6 quarter or 3 semester hours of mathematics.
  • 9 quarter or 6 semester hours of social and behavioral science.
  • 6 quarter or 3 semester hours of oral communication.

So the student must have completed these conditions to get transferred to Tennessee State University. 


There are a lot of reasons that students want to get transferred to Tennessee State University. Getting transferred to Tennessee State University is competitive as they accept 51.46% of transfer applications. Moreover, there is also a requirement of a 120 credit score to get transferred to Tennessee State University. We hope that this article was advantageous and you have got responses to all your questions. Further, if you still have doubts then you can visit the official website of Tennessee State University for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the transfer conditions for Tennessee State University?

Ans. Tennessee State University requires several completed documents for the transfer of students. These documents comprise a High School transcript, college transcript, essay or personal testimony, interview, formalized test scores, and affidavit of good standing from the prior institution. Along with these documents, TSU also needs a minimum number of credits to apply for being a transfer student. 

2. What are the transfer deadlines for Tennessee State University?

Ans. Most universities accept transfer applications each semester. Tennessee State University is one of the universities whose transfer deadlines are by fall, winter, spring, and summer. 

3. What is the transfer approval rate for Tennessee State University? 

Ans. In 2019, there were 1403 transfer applicants at TSU among which they approved 722 students. This indicates that the transfer acceptance rate of Tennessee State University is 51.46%. So overall, it is difficult to get transferred to Tennessee State University. 

4. What are the transfer GPA requirements for Tennessee State University?

Ans. Tennessee State University requires a minimum GPA of 2.9 which is on a 4.33-point scale. In addition to this, Tennessee State University also requires a minimum High School GPA of 2.0. 

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