Columbia University Acceptance Rate

Columbia University is one of the best universities in the world. It is an Ivy League university especially founded for research studies. It is located in the city of New York. Formerly it was known as King’s College. One of the oldest and most prominent colleges in the Ivy League. Its foundation dates back to 1754. Thus it is the oldest institution in New York offering higher education. Concerning the United States of America, the college stands fifth in the list of the oldest institutions of higher learning. It is ranked among the top universities all around the globe. Let us know Columbia University Acceptance Rate.

Columbia University Acceptance Rate

Columbia University is one of the most difficult schools to get into, the acceptance rate at Columbia University is 3.9% which is almost half of the rate that stood in 2020 – 6.7%. This means that only three are selected and enrolled in the university out of every hundred candidates.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Into Columbia University?

Out of 54,072 regular applications this year, only 1,603 were selected for the university. Let us know why so few candidates can crack into Columbia University. As mentioned earlier, Columbia University is an Ivy League school. An Ivy League school is the most prestigious college offering a higher and better understanding of the career prospects, giving a better insight into the practical competitive world.

Columbia University has become a dream college for many students as an Ivy League School. Its legacy and prestige that it carries and passes on to its graduates is none other than excellence. The brand name of the university is so high, and the goodwill it enjoys in the education sector makes it one of the hardest colleges to get into. The college follows a rigorous admission process. It has a holistic approach to the selection process.

What Columbia University Looks For?

It assesses the overall background of the students, be it academic, extracurricular, personality, or aptitude. It considers everything important for the whole recruitment process. It checks their academic knowledge by carefully scrutinizing their school results and the grades in those subjects or domains in which they want to get enrolled in the university. They evaluate every aspect of the student’s academic records, what specialty and uniqueness the candidate has and what makes him fit to get into the college.

The university also looks for the personality and character of the student. Just being good in your acedm9hcs doesn’t make you eligible and co, patent to get in the Columbia University, personality development is also necessary. One must have the determination and holistic approach in his actions and personality to qualify for Columbus University. 

Interview At Columbia University

The other thing that gets important and we must remember while applying to Columbia University is that we must be good in some extracurricular activities like public speaking, debating, volunteering, socialization, or any other activity like sports, drama, etc. One must have some letter of recommendation in their resume or profile to make an excellent first impression on the interviewers.

The most difficult thing in the whole entrance procedure is the first interview. Once the candidate clears the entrance exams, his profile gets approved, and they get a call for the interview, the interview is about 30 to 40 mins, and there, they scrutinize the candidate’s personality traits. They ask for some tricky and real-life case studies, which the candidates need to answer concisely, and they want that the candidate must give an efficient justification for their answer.

Here they do not check the knowledge as it is already tested in the entrance; they want to check the confidence of the candidate and his overall approach to handling the queries and doubts, their discipline standards, and general awareness of the trending topics. All these efforts are worth it because once you graduate with the tag of Columbia university, it increases the potent value of your resume providing it with an unbeatable character in the corporate or competitive world. 

Are You Competent Enough To Enter Columbia University?

If you aim to enter Columbia University, three things are mandatory for you. 

  • An excellent academic record
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Exceptional Resume 

If you have all the three conditions fulfilled, your application has a 70-80% chance of getting selected. But you must remember that they need academic knowledge and prior experience in a specified area/course.

Your resume must offer an excellent letter of recommendation. Your profile must be promising, and you must have the zeal to learn. If you tend to enhance your prerequisite skills, they might give you a chance to study in one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States of America. 

A Decline In The Acceptance Rate

Some researchers may argue that the acceptance rate is between 5%, but it’s a fact the acceptance rate of Columbia University is near about 4%. It is also noticeable that the university’s acceptance rate is declining at a fast pace. The numbers show everything as out of 54,072 general applications, and only 1,603 were selected, which is about 2.96% of the total figure.

On the other hand, out of 6,305 early applications, 650 were selected, which is 10.31%. Thus, out of 60,331 applications, only 2,253 were approved. The numbers are becoming more surprising when they are bifurcated country and region-wise, as from 86 countries and 50 states, only 2,253 students got approved a question of fact.

However, this sudden decline in the acceptance rate is due to the pandemic as the quality of education has seen a drastic change that hampered the students’ results and impacted their academic reports and extracurricular activities.


Thus the history, qualities, and legacy it passes on to its student makes it an Ivy League College. Being an Ivy League college, its acceptance rate is very low. However, some university professors and faculty members argue that the acceptance rate is near about 5%. Still, most experts and educators agree that the acceptance rate at the university is not more than 4%.