Furman University Admission Requirements

Furman University is a private liberal art college in Greenville, South Carolina, and admission is moderately competitive. The university accepts first-year students who recently graduated from high school and transfer students. To be admitted to Furman, prospective students need to know what is required to help in proper planning. In this article we shall see Furman University Admission Requirements.

From grades that show academic standings to activities that display leadership skills, Furman University requires a few things from its prospective students.

Your GPA and high school transcript are topmost on the requirements list to get admitted into Furman University. You have to do well in high school to be considered for Furman, especially with an average GPA requirement of 3.75. This GPA means that you had a lot of A’s and B’s, with more A’s than B throughout high school which helps your admission chances. 

Furman University Admission Requirements

Furman Application and Admission Process

To get admitted into Furman, you should follow these four steps

Step One: The first step in the process is the actual application. Students interested in applying to Furman can call the school, go the online route or visit the school’s administrative office. 

Step Two: At this point, candidates have to submit some required documents to help the school decide. The school requests and accepts documents like essays, test scores, and transcripts. The school can request additional records or ask for more information on candidates at this point after going through submitted documents and applications. 

Step Three: Here, candidates will confirm their plans to attend Furman University. Processes such as the financial check-in, choosing to house, selecting a payment method, and making the first payment will have to be passed through. Math and English assessments are required before the registration for classes can be embarked upon.

Step Four: This last step involves the actual registration for courses.

Furman SAT and Act Score Requirements

With different schools come the additional requirements for standardized tests and their scores, if there are any requirements. When it comes to Furman University, submitting test scores is optional; however, you can submit your SAT or ACT scores, which will be considered in the admission process. Note, however, that your grades are far more critical than your test scores.

If you decide to go ahead and submit your SAT score, note that the average SAT score at Furman is 1320, and getting this will help your admission odds. For the ACT scores, the standard is 30, and anything higher than this increases your competitive chances. Fortunately, for both the ACT and SAT scores, the admission officer picks the highest scores in their consideration.  

Depending on how well you did on the tests, submitting the test closer or higher than the average, as mentioned earlier, is better, be it SAT or ACT. Of most applicants to Furman, about 50% of them submit their ACT scores, while 40% choose to offer their SAT scores. 

Tips to get into Furman University

Having the basic information on a college’s requirements is just the first step to securing you a place there as a college applicant. You would need some guidelines and tips that would set you apart and give you an edge over other candidates. Some of which include

  • Ensure you excel academically in line with the Furman standards for academics. You have to know the grade requirements, but you also have to match and beat them to be considered a competitive candidate. The test scores, averages, and GPA aforementioned should provide some guidance. 
  • Extracurricular activities in line with Furman’s values will help exceedingly. Volunteering and participating in activities that showcase and promote your leadership skills and personal qualities will go long.
  • Your application should be as excellent as possible. Good essays, well-written, edited, and error-free, are necessary. Your recommendation letter should be gotten from the right source, capable of skillfully portraying your potential at its peak.
  • Timely submission of the application, as well as other necessary documents, will count in your favor. 

What does Furman look for in Applicants?

Your admission chances will be a tad better if you have more than academics backing you on your application to Furman. The school has a test-optional policy and places a lot of value on the students as scholars and individuals. Therefore, having a good essay, a strong letter of recommendation, and participating in extracurricular that are meaningful and show both your passion and commitment to your chosen activity will exceedingly improve your chances. 

Like most top-notch colleges, students who are an excellent fit for their institution and have something to offer to the school will be considered even with average grades.  

What are Furman’s Admission Requirements?

Your high school GPA and transcripts are required and essential in the selection process to be accepted at Furman. You are free to submit your test scores, high school rank, and college preparatory courses, but these things will be considered at most. A letter of recommendation will help your chances, but it is not a requirement. You would need to write and submit at least one essay in line with the topics and word limits specified on the admission portal. 

What is the Acceptance Rate at Furman University?

The acceptance rate at Furman University is a moderate 57%, which means that out of every 100 applicants to the school, only 57 will be offered admission. While this makes it a competitive school to get into, meeting the requirements means that you most likely will be offered a place for the new session as a freshman. 


With the acceptance rate and the GPA requirement of Furman University, it might not be an easy feat to get admitted, but luckily there is more to the process than grades. If you can present yourself as a worthwhile individual through your compelling essay, recommendation letter, and extracurricular, you stand a chance of getting into the school. Nevertheless, if you still have time to bring up your high school GPA, especially if you are not yet a junior, you should do that.