Is Furman a Black College?


Furman University is the oldest private university in South Carolina. It is known as America’s premier liberal arts and Science University and its rank among America’s top and prominent colleges. Furman University was founded in 1826 by Richard Furman and it offers academics, broad research opportunities, NCAA Division 1 athletics and a good visual and performing arts program. Furman has a unique and a beautiful campus for a nice academic experience.  Here we will see about Is Furman a Black College?

Furman is mainly a white dominated college with 79% white students, 6.3% black/African American, 5.1% Hispanic/Latino, 2.5% Asians and others. Furman University has low racial diversity; about 22% of students are people of colour. The school has mostly white students.

Below are the different Academic and social features that make Furman University an interesting hub for learning.

  • Academic Programs
  • Admissions 
  • International Students
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Housing/Accommodation
Is Furman a Black College?

Academic Programs

Furman University want to connect to students and know more about them, so the application for admission goes beyond the required grade which is also important. We look out for academically inclined, interesting students, passionate, and diverse students to make the college interesting.

Furman University a variety of academic programs to help students achieve their professional goals. Furman offers several Bachelors programs including; Anthropology, History, Music, Biology, Accounting, Business Administration, Chemistry, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Information Technology, Environmental Science, Sustainability science, Economics, Mathematics, English, Modern Languages and Literature, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Theatre Arts, Sociology, Psychology, and few masters programs;  Masters of Arts in Teaching, Master of Science, Master of Community Engaged Medicine etc. 

The Institution runs pre-professional programs to equip the students with the required skills to pursue their desired passion after graduation. 


Getting admitted in Furman University, they have the Required Steps which is very necessary to get admission and there is the Optional Steps.

Required Steps: 

  • Completion of Application: Completing an application has been made easy now, be it the Common Application or the Coalition Application, the management have waived the application fee to $50 due to the financial challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic. This waived fee is available to all applicants.
  • Submission of School Report: This report helps the management to know the type programs and number of courses offered by your previous school.
  • Submission of High School Transcript and Certificate: The applicant’s transcript must be available with four English, Geometry, Algebra I and II, three years of natural sciences, three years of social studies and two years of some foreign language
  • Proper Choosing of Application Plan: Regular Decision, Early Action or Early Decision.

Optional Steps:

  • Submission of standardized test scores: Submitting your test scores like SAT, TOEFL is optional.
  • Scheduling for Interview if you are home schooled: This aids the management to know the curriculum and opportunities available to the student. 

International Students:

The Required Steps for International students applying into Furman University are:

  • Choosing an Application Plan
  • Completion of Common Application or Coalition Application
  • Submission of School Report
  • Submission of Official Transcript
  • English Proficiency Scores
  • Submit the Furman Financial Information Form

Optional Steps:

  • Submit Standardized Test Scores
  • Participation in an Optional Interview
  • #YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship

Tuition and Fees:

The total annual cost of enrolling in Furman University is; Tuition, Student Government Association fee, Accommodation fees, feeding. Depending on your choice of residence and meal plan your total cost may not be the same. Below is the cost for academics and living expenses of a fresher in Furman:

  • Tuition $55,392
  • Fees $380
  • Accommodation $8,666
  • Food $6,482
  • Books (Indirect cost) $1,000
  • Transportation (Indirect cost) $1,100
  • Living (Indirect cost) $900

TOTAL $73,920

Housing Accommodation:

Most students reside in the campus throughout their duration of studies in Furman University so the school makes sure the campus is conducive, spacious, healthy and relaxed for students to live. Our campus features all the required amenities to make you feel okay and relaxed, even if you are living in a single, double room or wherever you live, as far as you reside in the campus you must surely feel at home.


  • Number 23 on 25 most beautiful college campuses in the United States
  • Number 4 on 30 most beautiful college campuses in the South
  •  Number 4 on top colleges in the United States for Women’s Golf Athletes
  • Number 1 on the Best South Carolina Colleges
  • Number 1 on the Men D2 College Rankings 2021 Week 3


Furman University is a white dominated school with 6.3% of black students, so Furman University cannot be a black college. Even blacks are not up to 30% of its population. The university has Low Racial Diversity.

Frequently Asked Question:

Where is Furman University located?

Furman University is located at Greenville, South Carolina, United States of America.

Is Furman University a Black Dominated School and Does It Admit International Students?

Furman University is not a black dominated college and admission is available for students of any race.