Eligibility for the University of Phoenix Settlement

The long-awaited, controversial lawsuit, which got lips talking and spirits agitated, was drawn to an agreeable conclusion. This case involved the Commission and the University. They were suing for fraud, deceptive adverts, claiming forceful connections with top companies and promising graduates jobs after study. In this article we shall see if eligibility for the University of Phoenix Settlement and the lawsuit?

Both parties admitted to no wrongdoings but with the official order that the institution issues $191 forgiveness for over 147,000 affected students. Unfortunately, not every debtor is eligible. But do not lose hope. There is a way out if you are found unsuitable.

Articles listing the criteria needed to meet the qualification, and how federal and private loans can be cleared:

1. First, be enrolled in a master’s and bachelor’s associate’s program at the institution from fifteenth October 2012 to 31 December 2016.

2. Be paid above $5000 with money, donation, federal and private loan, or military aid.

3. Refused loan cancellation as part of the Trade Commission’s resolution with the institution. 

4. No longer enrolled at the university as of 8th January 2020.  

Eligibility for the University of Phoenix Settlement

How The Suit Came to Be?  

The Consumer Protection director, Andrew Smith, revealed the settlement is the largest ever obtained against a for-profit school. He further said that “people making decisions about their study need facts, rather than building castles in the air about job opportunities that are not real.” 

They began an investigation and took legal actions against the institution for fraud and deceptive adverts. They supported advertisements promising jobs they could get after graduation and pretended to have partnerships with over 2000 Industries such as Microsoft, AT&T, Yahoo!, and Twitter. All of which appeared false, and neither was any agreement reached. 

According to reports, the advert singled out Spanish-speaking students, military veterans, minorities, service members, and their spouses. The Trade Commission called the Institution “the biggest receiver of Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits since the program’s inception.”  


The Institution admitted no wrong; they instead believed they acted right. The legal action ended with them agreeing to a $191 million settlement benefit which includes $141 million in forgiveness which will cancel student loans owed to the school, and a $50 million cash payment to FTC. The funds would be sent to the students who got tempted by the advertisements. The settlement doesn’t affect federal and private loans or military aid.  

Adverts run from 2012 through 2014 on Radio/TV. The University claimed to be under a previous partnership before FTC began its investigation. It also claimed to agree to the deal “to avoid further interruption from serving students.” Students of the University who cannot meet the listed criteria can apply for the university’s loan forgiveness, and it is surprisingly easy to carry out. This is carried out through Borrower’s Defence Against Repayment Programme (BDAR). It is possible because the university has been accused of violating rules and committing scandalous acts by running a substantial deceptive operation to collect money from students, the federal government, and the defense department. All you need to do is accuse the University of Phoenix of being deceitful with their advertisements and deceiving claims that made you opt for the loan in the first place. 

Academics of the University  

The university offers degree programs through seven colleges and two schools. They are The School of Advanced Studies, School of Business, College of Criminal Justice and Security, College of Education, Humanities, College of Information Systems, College of Sciences, College of Nursing, and the College of Social Sciences. The university also offers continuing education courses for teachers, and practitioners, professional development courses for companies, and specialized courses of study for military personnel. 

Scholarship Availability 

Thousands of scholarships are provided by organizations, and these opportunities are open and accessible to everyone looking for full or half tuition scholarships. For example, the National Native American Human Resources Association (NEHRA) University of Phoenix Scholarship Programme. This Scholarship is dedicated to helping strengthen the Tribal HR profession. These opportunities are open for previous Students, Students active in the current term, fresh and returning students, and Transfer students.  

Fee Structure of the University 

The estimated fee for undergraduates at the university is 9,552 USD, while that of graduate school is 15,262 USD. 

 There are lots of options to help pay for one’s education.  

Military/Veteran Benefits 


Employer Assistance 

Federal Financial Aid 

How Long Does It Take to Get a Refund from the University of Phoenix?  

Credit balances are processed within a couple of days, right after the money has been disbursed. Direct payments should be available in specified accounts within three to five working days immediately after the credit balance process, while paper checks arrive within ten days. 

How Do I Get My University of Phoenix Settlement? 

The FTC’s refund administrator, Rust Consulting, will send checks to most students. The reviews will expire after 90 days. Some students will receive payment through PayPal but pre-informed by mail from the Federal Trade Commission.  

Did the University of Phoenix lose its Accreditation due to the Lawsuit? 

The University has not entirely lost its recognition but was removed from its supported agency; no other penalty has been demanded. This could lead to loss of credit, but due to the lawsuit and crimes issued against them, the University is losing its affordability, quality, and credibility. 

The average payment to be seen is $337, sent through checks (mail) or PayPal. Before payments, the FTC never requires information like Social Security, bank accounts, or credit card numbers.  

If there are further questions regarding debt cancellation, email the University at UOPXFinance@phoenix.edu. Reach 1-800-333-5305 or call the FTC’s refund administrator at 1-877-310-0487 for detailed information. 


The University is still known to be one of the largest in the United States as it has over 150 learning centers and campuses. Remember, it is wise to invest in Education for a better future. Proper research is essential before making a decision.