How to Reply to Question Mark Text?

In this era of smartphones with social media platforms installed in them, we encounter various types of texts from various types of people every day. But it is not simple as it seems. We have to reply to those texts appropriately especially when it is a formal text. No one knows the perfect answer but a suitable reply has to be given and it must be on time. One of the most confusing texts is the text with a question mark and it is more confusing when it is only a question mark i.e., the symbol (?).   In this article we shall learn How to Reply to Question Mark Text?

How to Reply to Question Mark Text?

If someone is unable to understand 

There is some situation of getting this question mark text. First of all, the most obvious is when a person with whom we are having a conversation is unable to understand what we are trying to convey, then he will reply with a question mark.  We just need to elaborate the things but in a simpler way so that he/she can easily get the exact points without getting confused. We should try not to use the same sentences. We should say the same thing but in simpler language and use different words. 

Regarding Work Status 

The next situation is when some work is due with us and the related person wants to know the status. Here the most important thing is that we should avoid asking what the person is talking about? We should automatically understand that the person wants to know the status of the work. 

 In this situation, we have to reply with the actual report. For example, if we are still doing the work then we should just reply “I am on it” and if the work will take more time then we should simply say that “It will take time”. We should keep in mind that we should never reply with ‘What’ or a ‘question mark’ itself answering that question mark.  

We should understand what is been asked and reply accordingly. Avoiding this and giving the needed and direct reply will create a good impression on the person in front. 

Just a Question Mark 

Now, what should be done by us if a person just sends us a question mark text? Like there is no special ongoing conversation, daily chatting or a due task. In this situation, we need to understand that the person is going to ask something or needs help. 

 Here also we should keep in mind that we should not reply with ‘What’ or ‘What happened’. A ‘Yes’ will be more effective. We can add things like “How it’s going”. It will deliver our good and positive behaviour to the person. Then we should carry out a further conversation. 

A Sudden Question Mark 

Coming to a more critical situation, if a person after some time, texts us a question mark. Generally, people go with the negative approach in this situation, like replying with a question mark in front of a question mark or talking in a sarcastic way like “Oh, you remember me?”. Doing this can ruin a nice conversation which will be about to happen and a probability of ruining an old relationship too. 

 We should avoid these actions. In this situation, we should act nicely and reply with greeting words like ‘Hey’ or ‘Hello’ and ask common questions like “How it’s going?” This will show the welcoming behaviour and the person will then come to normal talks slowly. 

A Strange Question Mark 

These were the situations where we know what is been asked by the question mark. But what if we don’t know what the question mark means at that place? If we send a joke, photo, any forwarded message or anything and expect a normal reply but we get what – a question mark (?). 

We should immediately understand that the person doesn’t like the message and maybe got offended. There might be another situation where the person is not in the mood or suffering from anger over anything or he/she is frustrated. 

 In this situation, we should immediately say sorry and if it is possible to remove the message then we should do so as well. We should not ask that if he/she is unable to understand as it is obvious that simple texts like jokes are not confusing. We should wait for some time and ask the person about what has happened and wait for the response patiently. 

Frequent Question Marks 

There comes a situation where a question mark comes frequently about asking the progress of work. Like if we are going to someplace then our family members keep asking where we have reached? Also if some work is due in the workplace then our seniors or partners keep posting the question mark on chat.  

 This makes us lose patience and turn our reply in a bad way. But this should not have happened. A question mark should not bother us when it comes again and again.  

In this case, we should apply the formula of a one-word reply. Whatever the status is, just reply with one word. Like facing the situations which are mentioned above, we should just reply with the name of the place where we have reached and the status of the work with words like ‘still’, and ‘finished’ respectively so that it will quench their thirst and our work will also become easy and disturbance less. 

A Question Mark In Return 

Sometimes we send a question mark to a person because of some confusion or if we don’t understand something and they return the question mark in the reply. In this situation, we need to understand that the person is unable to get the exact question we are asking because of just a question mark. In such a matter, we should not quarrel instead we should ask the full question. 


These are the main situations which lead to a question mark text. We should try to handle them with proper care and also keep in mind that our answers should be delivered in a manner that a person should create a good image of us in his/her mind. Our capability of understanding the text and giving the appropriate reply will let us do so. 

Frequently Asked Questions : 

Q. What is supposed to do when we get a question mark text?  


We should give exact and direct answers. In case of a sudden question mark, start a conversation with a positive approach. 

 Q. Is question mark text generally a sign of anger?  


No, a question mark text is not a sign of anger. 

Q. When does a person send a question mark text? 


 Generally, people send a question mark text at the time when they are confused.