Does UCLA have dining halls?

Thinking about what your stay in college and your residence would be like? Are you conscious or particular about your food and dining? If these spots at your chosen residence fit the ambiance you are looking at, or maybe UCLA has one. In this article we shall see if UCLA has Dining Halls?

UCLA residence housing provides resources for first-year students, current graduates, and non-traditional students. They also provide community, faculty, and summer housing. UCLA dining services are excellent, with various dining options available for students, staff members, faculty, and guests. However, due to COVID, their dining services have been restricted to their residential community; students living in residence halls have optioned in for meal plans.

Does UCLA Have Dining Halls?

List of UCLA Residential Restaurants

All meals served at UCLA are buffet-style and all you ever care to eat. All food served will be paid via a student’s meal plan, meal tickets, or BruinCard Easy Pay for students who have exhausted their meal plan card or guests or visitors. Credit cards or cash are not accepted at all.

· Bruin Plate

· Epicuria at Covel

· De Neve Dining

· Feast at Rieber

Bruin Plate

Bruin plate is located at the heart of the UCLA campus and residential community. This residence restaurant dining is incredibly open to those who are mindful of what they eat for a sustainable lifestyle. Food is directly from the farm to your table. Eating in this restaurant is not compulsory as they have dine-out options for lunch and dinner time. Food served are; roasted cauliflower soup, lemon cod, roasted Brussel sprouts, arugula flatbread, etc.; even if you’re a sweet tooth but healthy, bruin has that healthy treat for you.

Epicuria at Covel

Epicuria at Covel is located at the lower level of Covers Commons. A straightforward restaurant with sweet Mediterranean meals from the philosophy of Epicureanism (pleasure and comfort concerning our attitude towards food and how they make it in a simple life). This restaurant imbues fresh green life meats and in-season vegetables in their meals. Mediterranean colors inspire the ambiance, decor, and textiles, and there are changes to the menu each season.

De Neve Dining

De Neve Dining hall is located at the central lower level of De Neve Commons. The American cuisine restaurant is a Dine-Out-only restaurant type. Are you looking for Chicago-style pizza, poutine, Pollo en crema (creamy chicken), BBQ, or salad? Look no further. This dining hall has straightforward arrangements and is excellent for your and your friend’s meetings.

Feast at Rieber

Feast at Rieber is a lovely bamboo decorated dining center located at Rieber residence hall. A Pan-Asian fusion restaurant that serves Dinners only. I promise you are in for some flavors, from Indian curries, Vietnam lemongrass, Japan’s tuna sashimi, etc., Discover all meals and try new ones in one place.  

Other Quick Service Restaurants at UCLA

These restaurants offer students and diners the privilege to eat and enjoy a café kind of meal or ready-to-go food.

· Epicuria at Ackerman

· The Drey

· The Study at Hedrick

· Bruin Bowl

· Rendezvous

· Bruin Café

· Café Mcmxix 1919

· De Neve Late Night (Dining After Dark)

· My Pizza and Wings

I’m Allergic to some Food. Does UCLA Cater to my Allergies?

UCLA has made it possible to speak with a dietitian available for consultation on weekdays from 10 am-6 pm, and bookings are by appointment. Students are encouraged to identify with UCLA’s registered dietitian if they have severe food allergies or dietary restrictions. These specific students with allergies are provided with menu information and create their menu plan.

Furthermore, UCLA can manage those with food intolerance and allergies by using their icon labeling system (peanuts, fish, eggs, soy, and wheat). Finally, although UCLA’s dining is not a full allergy-free kitchen, the bakery makes a variety of desserts and pastries. Therefore, it might be possible to cross-contamination from bakery items and ingredients.

What Should Students Do If They Are Allergic?

Whether you are gluten-free, vegetarian, or have some particular food allergies, as a student, It’s your responsibility to call medical emergencies (911) should there be any. If this affects your life activities each day, please communicate to the Center of Accessible Education (CAE), or speak with the school’s dietitian if you have food allergies.

Also, wear a medical alert ID; doctors will tell you which food shouldn’t eat. Always review allergy information and ingredients used on each dish at UCLA’s website. And always take or keep your medications with you at all times, and inform your physicians should any issue arise.

What is the Gluten-Free plan for students at UCLA?

The Gluten-Free Pantry option is offered by UCLA to students with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or cereal allergy all year round, especially in the De Neve and Bruin Plate dining halls. You must be approved by CAE and request accommodation from UCLA Housing Accommodation to gain this access. You are also required to provide your medical health certificate, and your doctor should also help you complete the CAE’s housing verification form.


UCLA indeed has a Dining hall, which is restaurant-like looking. Unlike Harvard’s dining hall for first-year students, with a traditional dining hall where all students gather at once at a large hall and have their meals daily almost at the same time. Most schools now, like UCLA, don’t do those traditional methods anymore. It’s also a modern advanced option where you can have food any time of the day you want using your meal card. Also, students can decide on the takeaway option in which they take their food along with them and have it more prominent.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does UCLA have Dining Hall

Yes, in a restaurant setting

2) Can intake out food?

Yes, some dining restaurants at UCLA offer while some don’t

3) I live off-campus; can I have access to the UCLA dining hall?

No, these dining offers are for those who reside at UCLA’s residence