What College Did Brett Favre Go To?

So many young adults and teenagers get fixed with what college or university to attend after they left high school. However, the college an individual attends will contribute positively to the academic success of that individual. In this article we will look into the college Brett Favre went to and how it contributed to his career success. Also, the college an individual chooses to go to will greatly affect the productivity of that individual in one way or the other.

What College Did Brett Favre Go To?

Brett Favre College

Brett Favre attended the University of Southern Mississippi. He was offered a football scholarship by Southern Mississippi after high school, where he earned a degree in special education. 

The University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi was formerly known as the Mississippi Normal College. It is a public research university that has a high research activity carried out in it. The university was established in 1910, it is a dual campus university with its main campus in Hattiesburg and the other which is the largest at Gulf Park, in Long Beach, Mississippi in United State.

The university also has other sites for research activities. The president of the university is Rodney D. Bennett and Steven R. Moser serves as the provost of the university. The university color is black and gold and is also nicknamed “golden eagles”. 

The university is known for its athletic teams, no wonder it was nicknamed the golden eagles in 1972. The university was formally a teacher training college at the time of inception, which was set to train teachers of a high standard before a college of specialized teaching for training teachers was established. The first president of the university was Joseph Anderson Cook, who saw the construction of many academic halls of the university. It became a university to reflect its achievements and progress through its graduates, doctorial, and research programs.

Who is Brett Favre?

Brett Favre whose full name is Brett Lorenzo Favre was a former American football quarterback. Brett was born in 1969, in Gulfport, Mississippi. He played twenty seasons in the national football league. 

He was a college footballer who played at the University of Southern Mississippi, one of which he was selected in the second round of the national football league in 1991. He retired as the leader of the national football league. 

Brett Favre was offered a football scholarship by Southern Mississippi after high school. He held several Southern Mississippi football records. He graduated with a teaching degree specializing in special education from the University of Southern Mississippi. He had one time survived a car accident, after which he recovered and went back to the pitch for the golden eagles. 

Why Did Brett Favre go to The University of Southern Mississippi?

Brett Favre went to the University of Southern Mississippi because he was offered a scholarship by the people of Southern Mississippi after high school. This was the only scholarship he had received, and it was because Southern Mississippi wanted him to play defensive back for the Southern team being a good footballer.

He also went to college because of his background, his father was his team coach in high school, and Brett Favre needed to have an academic record to boost his athletic ambition. He also needs to have a career satisfaction and succeed outside of sport.

Why do You Need a College Degree?

You need a college degree for a long-lasting opportunity outside the workplace, good job stability, career satisfaction, and long-lasting financial stability and management.

To be highly recommended in today’s workplace, you need a college degree. This will provide you with opportunities of learning and acquire the skills and resources you need in your career or business. 

Reasons Why College is Important

  1. College gives the individual leverage to explore and learn valuable skills.
  2. The college will not only teach you how to become a good student, but it will also teach you how to manage resources in your career.
  3. Going to college allows you to expand your financial literacy and management skills
  4. College graduates have more chances of earning more than high school diploma graduates, especially in a professional workplace.

Is Going to College Worth it?

From the life of Brett Favre, we can deduce the fact that going to college is worth it, irrespective of the skills you already have. Going to college will allow you to learn more about your technical skills and how to effectively use them.

Going to college is another form of investment in one’s self that will help you throughout your lifetime. Since learning never stops until death, it is worthy to attend a college when you have the opportunity to do so. 

Steps to Take Before Going to College.

To achieve every one of your dreams, there are steps you need to take towards achieving it. The following are some of the steps to take before going to college; 

  • You need to start preparing for college from your high school. Early preparation is important.
  • Get to know your academic counselor.
  • Visit the college you wish to attend and ask questions.
  • Decide on the course to study.
  • It is important to keep a record of your academic background.
  • Prepare for college entrance exams and apply for college admission.


The University of Southern Mississippi, which was the college Brett Favre went to, helped him to become more successful in his athletic skills. This made him one of America’s retired top footballers in the history of America. The college helped him shape and build his career for him to be successful both within and outside the academic walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the University of Southern Mississippi a good school?

The University of Southern Mississippi is known for its academic excellence in building smart and pure careers.

  1. Why did Brett Favre accept the scholarship when he knew he wanted to play the quarterback?

It was an opportunity for him to fulfill his dream and career of playing a quarterback and to be academically enlightened.