Dartmouth College Or Tuft University

Dartmouth College is an Ivie, whereas Tuft University is not. Though Tuft University is seen as a prestigious institution of learning, it is not an Ivie. Tuft provides top-notch education and is on a head-to-head with the top schools in the country.

It is safe to say that both Dartmouth and Tuft are top-tier schools. They provide an excellent education that befits its status.

Dartmouth College and Tuft University are both great schools. This makes the selection a hard process. As a student applying for both schools and having hard times making decisions, this article will enumerate in detail the features of the schools.

Dartmouth College Or Tuft University

About Both Schools 

Dartmouth College 

     This is an Ivy League school in the United States. The school is on a 128.9km2 in Hanover, New Hampshire. The school boasts of about 6,608 students with about 4,459 being undergraduate students and yes, it is the smallest Ivy League school.

Tuft University 

      Tuft University is a huge research university in Massachusetts. It is also a member of the Association of American Universities which contains the top research schools in North America. The school exists on a 150 acre with about 11,878 students and 5,825 undergraduates.

What are the Admission Requirements for both Universities?

Dartmouth College

     Dartmouth College is quite hard to get into just like every other Ivy League school. The acceptance rate is 92.9%. The following are some of the requirements needed to get admitted into Dartmouth college

  1. A personal essay
  2. The Dartmouth writing supplement. The school releases a list of prompts each year to be written on
  3. SAT/ACT – These standardized test requirements are no longer mandatory. They have been made optional by the school but if you want to submit, an average of 34 is needed for the ACT and an average of 1500 for SAT scores.
  4. Four letters of recommendation. The first three letters are from your high school and an evaluation from your guidance and counselor. The last letter which is elective is from your peers.
  5. High school transcripts
  6. Alumni Interviews. Each year, sets of students are invited for interviews by the alumni of the university. This goes only to a chosen few because of the limited number of alumni volunteers. Also, note that this interview is virtual.

Tuft University

     Tuft University is a highly selective school in terms of admission. The school’s acceptance rate is 11.4%. Below are certain requirements needed for admission to Tuft University:

  1. A Tuft University application
  2. High school transcript
  3. A completed short-answer question from Tuft
  4. Letters of recommendation (2). One letter of recommendation ought to be signed by a teacher in any of these subjects: English, Math, Social Sciences, National science, or any foreign language. The second letter of recommendation ought to be signed by the school counselor.
  5. Optional art portfolio
  6. English proficiency test score
  7. SAT or ACT scores have now become optional. The average score for SAT is 1450 while for the ACT is 33 at Tuft University.

Where are Dartmouth College and Tuft University Ranked?

     In National Universities, Dartmouth College is ranked No 13. It is also placed at No 2 and No 5 as the best college for veterans and best undergraduate teaching respectively. Forbes has also placed Dartmouth College students at No 1 of colleges with the happiest and most successful alumni. 

     In National Universities, Tuft University placed 28 and No 48 in the best undergraduate teaching. Tuft University is also ranked at No 56 among the best undergraduate engineering programs. Forbes also placed Tuft University at No 38 in the national universities’ academic rankings. 

What are Academics like in both Universities?

    Dartmouth College comprises about 60 majors and also provides platforms that enable students to design their special majors or engage in a dual degree. The school possesses three professional and graduate schools. The professional schools are:

  1. The Geisel School of Medicine
  2. The Tuck School of Business
  3. The Thaya School of Engineering

The graduate school is called The Guarini School of graduate and advanced studies.

     Dartmouth College is also home to a lot of institutes of learning such as the Hopkins center for arts and the John Sloan center for International Understanding. Dartmouth college is popular in majors like Economics, Computer Science, History, Government, and Engineering science.

     Tuft offers academics in 90 undergraduate and 160 graduate programs which are spanned across ten schools in the university. Tuft is home to the United States’ oldest graduate school of International Relations called the Fletch school of Law and Diplomacy. The Fletch school of Law was ranked 4th in the world of International Relations in 2001. 

     The school has its school of arts affiliated with the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Tuft Universities can boast of a lot of affiliations with schools like Harvard University, MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The school runs on a semester-based. The Tuft Master of Arts program in Philosophy ranks No 1 in the United States in the terms of faculty quality. 

Student Life and Extra-curricular Activities in Both Schools

     Greek life is not new to students at Dartmouth College. There are 32 recognized Greek houses in the school with 17 being fraternity houses, 12 being sororities and 3 being co-educational houses. The school also has societies that are alumni-led. Some persons refer to these alumni-led organizations as secret societies, an example is the Sphinx Society.

     There are also about 350 teams, sports, and organizations at Dartmouth College. Each season is marked with a tradition – winter, summer, and fall.

     The Advocate ranks Tuft University as one of the top 20 gay-friendly campuses. The school has three forms of student government which are: 

  1. The Tuft Community Union Senate (TCU)
  2. The TCU Judiciary 
  3. The committee on student life

Just like Dartmouth College, Tuft University students are big on Greek life – about 25% of the students.


     Dartmouth College and Tuft University are excellent schools to attend. Their fees are almost in the same range and they are devoted to giving their students the best academically and non-academically. Though Dartmouth is an Ivie of which Tuft University is not, Tuft measures as one because of its academic program and reputation. 

     Making a selection is entirely up to the prospective students. Look at what you want and find any of the school that possesses it the most. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What set of scholarships and financial aids are available for both schools?

     Both schools offer need-based aids. There is no merit, athletic or special-based scholarships. The need-based aids are determined by an analysis of the family’s financial income. Students with an annual family income less than a stipulated amount by the school receive the aid.

  • 2. Which school has a higher admission rate?

     The average score required for SAT and ACT at Dartmouth is higher than that of Tuft university. Also, Tuft has a higher acceptance rate than Dartmouth (9.2%).

  • 3. What is the cost of attending both schools?

     Dartmouth College’s tuition is $60,687 and including other costs raises it to $83,349. Whereas Tuft University’s tuition is $63, 804 and including other costs sums it to $84,600.