Cambridge English for US Students

Cambridge University is one of the top and oldest universities in the world, and Cambridge University’s ranking is the second best in the world. It is the dream of every student to study at a prestigious university like Cambridge. Almost 121 alumni of Cambridge University have won Nobel Prizes in different categories and years. Lord Sainsbury is currently serving as the chancellor of this university. Anthony Freeling is providing its services as Vice-Chancellor. If we calculate the total number of students at Cambridge University, then almost 25,000 students are currently trying to pursue their dreams at this great university. Let us see about Cambridge english for US students.

Cambridge English for US Students

If you are a student from the United States and want to study at Cambridge University, you must submit your SAT or ACT score when filling out the admission application form.

The test score varies according to the course, so when you submit your test score if you have scored enough according to the cutoff of Cambridge University, then your application will be considered, or the admission committee will reject your application.

US students can take advantage of an admission assessment before applying, where they can learn about their eligibility and then proceed toward admission to Cambridge University.

Cambridge English for US Students

Cambridge University requires US students or every student to have a good knowledge of Standard English. Students should apply for admission to Cambridge University only if they can write, speak, and understand English.

You must have valid schooling, address, visa, passport, and a few other mandatory things like European Baccalaureate, International Baccalaureate, and International A levels. These documents are for US students at admission time, and they should carry all of these files if they come to Cambridge University for admission.

Fees and other costs for US students at Cambridge University:

If you are from the United States and are interested in attending Cambridge University, you should be aware of the fees and costs that Cambridge University incurs.

The in-state tuition fee for US students at Cambridge University is $16,266, the off-campus housing budget is $10,500, and other off-campus expenses may total $2,000. Books and supplies estimated to cost at Cambridge University are $1,500, and if we calculate the expected total cost for a US student at Cambridge University, it becomes $20,266.

If your parents live in the UK or near Cambridge, you do not need to pay off-campus housing fees, and your total budget becomes $20,266.

The fee structure is decided by the expert committee at Cambridge University and you should check it before applying for admission.

Eligibility for US students to get admission to Cambridge University:

US students can get accepted to Cambridge University if they have these eligibilities.

  • The GPA score should be 3.7 or higher than the local UK students for US students.
  • US students should score at least 1460 or more than the SAT, and their ACT score should be a minimum of 32 or 33 to get admission to Cambridge University, although this may vary according to the course.
  • A student must have appeared in the AP exams and scored more than the minimum eligible score for admission to Cambridge University.
  • If Cambridge University has conducted any specific test for a particular subject, then you should appear for that test.
  • You must appear in the interview process for admission conducted by Cambridge University.
  • If you score more than 75% on all these tests. Cambridge University will consider your admission.
  • The average US student getting admission to Cambridge University is nearly 10%, and the overall percentage for international students acceptance rate is 21.4%, and for undergraduate students, the acceptance rate is 23%.

If you have all these eligibilities, an American student can get admission to Cambridge University.

How Can US Students Apply for Admission to Cambridge University?

US students must follow these steps if they seek admission to Cambridge University.

  • You should start filling in the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service form because this form is necessary for all students who want to study in the UK.
  • You have to fill out one more form, which is the Supplementary Application Questionnaire form.
  • These two forms are accepted at almost every institute and university in the UK.
  • First, you should register yourself, then proceed and fill in all the mandatory details of the form.
  • Validate the details and upload the documents required, then choose courses according to your preference and eligibility.
  • Cambridge University asks students who apply for admission to write an essay, which they should include in the application form.
  • The students must fill in references such as from whom they heard about Cambridge University or who inspired them to fill out the form and study at Cambridge University. It could be someone like your teacher, coach, counselor, parents, or someone else.
  • After doing all these processes, click on the submit button and proceed to pay the application fee, which is USD 30.50 for a single choice, and if you make more than one choice, it will increase accordingly, like $37. According to a report, the application fees are £60 for international students.

On What Basis Do US Students Get Admission to Cambridge University?

The US students’ admission to Cambridge University determines on the following basis:

  • School Reference
  • Topics, writing skills, and thinking ability in the essay
  • previous academic performance.
  • Student extracurricular activities
  • If you have submitted some personal written work,
  • If you have participated in any written assessment and your performance in that assessment,
  • Contextual data about the student is available.
  • How did your interview round go at Cambridge University?

If you excel at all of these, you can be confident that you will be admitted to Cambridge University.

How many students from the US apply for admission to Cambridge University, and how many get it?

According to a report, nearly 401 US students applied for admission to Cambridge University, but only 60 were accepted, resulting in a 5.7% acceptance rate for US students at Cambridge. Cambridge University prefers those US students who have perfect knowledge of all their eligibility requirements and who can pass them because Cambridge is one of the top universities in the world, making it difficult for anyone to get admission to this prestigious university. Only those students who have talent and skills can get accepted to this university.

The overall acceptance rate for US students at Cambridge University is almost 15%.

Why Do American Students Want to Attend Cambridge University?

The name and fame of Cambridge University are spreading all over the world, and US students are not untouched by its reputation. The university has a great history, present, and future for the students. Cambridge University provides all the facilities to students which are mandatory for them to live their dreams and achieve their goals. The ranking of Cambridge University is always in the top one, two, or top five. The library of Cambridge University is world-famous, and students get all those books that are beneficial in their studies and also develop their personality and mentality, which make them good people and teach them how to live an ideal life.

The museums of Cambridge University are fabulous, and they attract students from all over the world because they not only look attractive but these teach something new about the present, past, and future.

It is a dream for every student to get admission and study at Cambridge University, and so it is with the students of the United States.

Colleges Affiliated with Cambridge University

We found a list of thirty-one colleges affiliated with Cambridge University on the official website of Cambridge University, and some of them are as follows:

Peterhouse College

King’s Hall

Emmanuel College


Corpus Christi College

Trinity Hall

Queen’s College

St. John’s College

Jesus College

Besides these, some more colleges are affiliated with Cambridge University, and students can be admitted to these colleges because they all provide quality education.

The ranking of Cambridge University:

The ranking of Cambridge University is one of the crucial factors when you think about applying for admission to this university.

According to the ranking report of US News and World Report, Cambridge University is in the 8th place in the ranking of global universities.

It is in the second-ranked position among universities in the UK.

If we see the ranking report of, then the ranking of Cambridge University is third-best in the world.

The Times world university rankings have given six points to Cambridge University in its ranking position among the world’s best universities.

Besides, some more ranking reports say that Cambridge University is in the top ten among all the universities ranked.


Every student dreams of studying at a prestigious university, and Cambridge is one of those universities. It is the third-oldest and one of the most famous universities in the world. US students are also attracted by the name and fame of this university. They also want to study here. Although, it is a bit tough for them to get admission to this university because, according to a report, the acceptance rate for US students at Cambridge University for english is only 15%. They also have to pass some tests, which are compulsory for international students, and must score enough to qualify for the entrance exams.


For which subjects is Cambridge famous?

Cambridge University’s well-known subjects include arts and humanities, engineering and technology, life science and medicine, social sciences and management, and others.

Which is the number one institute in the world?

The California Institute of Technology is the top institute in the world.