Boston University Or The University Of Massachusetts Amherst

Choosing the right University is of the utmost importance for a school-passed-out student. Both Boston and Massachusetts Amherst are quite good alternatives for the students. However, which suits the student, depends on the private choice. The factors written in the article can be considered before selecting the best. Both the universities provide courses on various subjects. The key difference between them is that Boston University is private while Massachusetts Amherst is a public university. Learning at a state-funded college gives greater affordability. In many terms, they have just slight contrasts and are very higher based on certain conditions, let’s check which is a better option Boston University or The University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Boston University or The University of Massachusetts Amherst.


  • Boston University: The college is situated in Boston city in Massachusetts. Therefore, the student will get to live in an urban region. 
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst: As its names suggest, it is situated in Amherst town, Massachusetts. This is a suburban area.        

University Ranking

Boston University stands at 42nd position, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst stands at 68th in National University rankings (tie). 

Forbes published the list of rankings for the Top 50 universities of America, including private and public universities, the University of Massachusetts was ranked 16th. Currently, Boston University is placed as the 65th best global University. Earlier, the same was at the 46th rank and the University of Massachusetts at 148th position by US News and World Report.

Average Alumni Starting Salary

The US education department has provided data about the average salary drawn by the graduates in the United States Of America.   

According to government data, the student who has graduated from Boston University after six years of working may earn $49,000 per annum and $72,000 after working for ten years on an average. The scope of Computer Engineering is higher, having an average salary of $80,000 at mid-level, and it begins from $67,800. The first professional degree in Dentistry will help you make a handsome salary of $118,400. For the legal field, it is $99,200.

Talking about Massachusetts Amherst, $41,500 is the average salary drawn by a graduate after working for six years. The number raises to $55,200 if worked for ten years. A computer engineer may earn $75,000. The graduate of Business Administration and Management Operation (Master’s degree) will pay $97,000 at the initial level.

 The Tug Of War Between Private and Public Universities  

Almost every student has a question about the type of University to be chosen. This means the students have a question in their minds, whether to choose a private or public University. The basic thing which needs to be understood is that public University gets their funding from the government as they are ‘owned by the state .’The private universities don’t get the same. The private University relies mostly on the endowment, private helpers, and donators. 

From per economic perspective, private universities are more expensive than the public because the latter gets government funding. However, that doesn’t mean they do not help out the students. On the contrary, they provide quite good financial aid to the students. This aid is sometimes higher than the financial aid provided by public universities. The costlier education at the private institutions is that they are dependent upon the money paid by the students in the form of fees.

The Campus Differentiation

The campus of public universities is larger in terms of area. However, they are loud and in swarmed condition. On the other hand, the campus of private universities is though smaller but are peaceful and comfortable.  

  1. Total Graduation Enrollment:

As per the data of the last fall, the total graduation enrollment at Boston University is around 16,000, and the enrollment of students at the University of Massachusetts is around 24000.

  • Acceptance Rate: 

In the last academic year, the acceptance rate of Boston University was around 20%. The University of Massachusetts had a 65% acceptance rate. This includes campus enrollment as well as distance courses. 

  • Graduation Rate: 

The graduation rate of Boston University is higher than the University of Massachusetts, 87% and 67%, respectively.  

  1. Fees Comparison:

The fees of Boston University are around $58000 per annum for the undergraduates, and for postgraduates, it is $61,050. The fees of the University of Massachusetts are lesser than the prior, i.e., $32,000.

  1. Programs Offered: 
  • Boston University: 96 (Under Graduates), 128 (Post Graduates), 2 (doctorates).
  • University of Massachusetts: 81 (Under Graduates), 67 (Post Graduates), 2 (doctorates).  
  1. Hostel Facility (if -required):

If enrolled at Boston University, the student has to pay $10680 for rooms and $16640 for Room and board. If the enrollment is in the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the student needs to pay $7280 for Room and $13329 for Room and board (including meals).

  1. Famous Alumni: 

Boston University: Around 300000+ living alumni, 6- Marshall Scholars, 8- Noble Laureates, 9- Academy Awards Winner, 10- Rhodes Scholars, 23 Pulitzer Prize Winners, 48 Sloan Fellows, 

Individual Personalities: Martin Luther King, Jr. (American Civil Rights Movement Leader), Bill O’Reilly (American Journalist and TV host), PSY (South Korean Singer), Genna Davis (American Actress).

University of Massachusetts: Kang Kyung-Wha (Former UN Under-Secretary-General), Russell Hulse (Nobel Prize Winner- Physics), Jack Welch (Former Chairman and CEO of GE), Catherine Coleman (NASA Astronaut), Col Jason Fettig (28th Director of United States Marine Band). 

7. Alternative University Options: 

There can be a case where a student can’t choose either of the universities mentioned or may not be satisfied with what the above-discussed universities provide. Therefore, here are some of the names of universities in which the student can enroll themselves as these universities are similar either to Boston University or the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Similar Universities to Boston University are New York University, Harvard University, Northeastern University, University of California- Los Angeles, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, Stanford University, Southern California, and University of California- Berkeley.                

Similar Universities to Massachusetts University (Amherst) are Northeastern University, Cornell University, Penn State University, New York University, Boston College, University of Michigan, Syracuse University, University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, University of Connecticut, and Harvard University.      


For quick reference, the student can go through the following table: 

ContextBoston UniversityUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
Ranking #42#68
Average Starting Salary$49,000$41,500
Acceptance Rates20%68%
Graduation Rates87%67%
FeesUG- $58000, PG- 61,000UG- 32,168
Programs Offered96 (Under Graduates), 128 (Post Graduates), 2 (doctorates)81 (Under Graduates), 67 (Post Graduates), 2 (doctorates)
Hostel FacilitiesRooms- $10680, Rooms and Board- $16640Rooms- $7280, Rooms and Board- $13329

 Frequently Asked Questions:   

  • Do Boston University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst provide library facilities? 

Answer: Yes, both Universities provide Library facilities right from the million-plus physical copies to specialized material for research. The University of Massachusetts Amherst library is the world’s second-tallest library.

  • What is the campus life of these universities? 

Answer: The perks at Boston University are the fitness center, Entertainment complex, Student clubs, BU Beach, Photonics Centre, and BU Bridge. The other has different perks due to its sub-urban or town location, such as it has to foster positive campus supporting wellness and safety; it also includes cultivating experience.

  • What is the weather in the places where these universities are located? 

Answer: The weather in Boston stays between -5 to 5 degrees Celsius during winter (January) and around 20 to 30 degrees during summer (July). At Amherst, the temperature is around -10 to 0 during winter and around 15 to 30 degrees Celsius during summer (mid-July).