Boston University Early Decision Date

Boston University is a leading and well-known private research university. Boston University started its journey in 1839, and since then, it has provided quality education to students. Boston University employs over 15,000 academic and administrative personnel to assist its 34,000+ students pursuing various programs with academic and non-academic issues. It has six campuses, three are in the USA, and three are in London, Paris, and Sydney. It offers quality facilities to its research students and other students as well. You can pursue bachelor’s, law, engineering, master’s, and doctoral degree programs at Boston University. Let us see about the early decision date of Boston University.

Boston University Early Decision Date

Early Decision Date

The early decision date of Boston University is a facility for students who have been given the highest priority to admission to Boston University. If you get acceptance to Boston University through early decisions, you have to withdraw your applications to other universities to which you applied for admission. When you get accepted to Boston University through its early decision program, you have immediately completed your admission process with Boston University. Students should submit their enrollment fees and other documents within ten days of their admission confirmation at Boston University.

The early decision date for Boston University comes in two different phases, sometimes only in two. The first and second admission dates depend on the end date of the application process. The early decision comes after the deadline for submitting the admissions application form. If you have applied for early decision admission at Boston University, then you should avoid applying for the early decision admission procedure at other institutes or universities.

Early Decision Date for Boston University:

Because every student faces issues such as wanting to keep more options for their education and, applying to many universities, the early decision is a facility for students to remove the confusion and save their money in applying for various universities’ admission application forms. In some universities, the admissions process takes time, and students do not know which university they will be admitted to until that time. Boston University’s early decision dates are typically divided into three phases and timings.

The first early decision date for Boston University comes in mid-December. It usually begins on December 15. Students should fill out the form for their first early decision date in November, and then they can expect an early decision date on December 15.

If you are filling in for the second phase of an early decision date, you should apply for it before November 3 and expect a decision by February 15.

The dates of the early decision from Boston University may change in a few days, but they will come in December and February.

The applicants must choose BU as their early decision application. It is binding on Boston University for students who put in for an early decision.

Some Crucial Facts About the Early Decision Date for Boston University:

  • Boston University’s early decision could take up to eight weeks after the admission form is completed.
  • If you apply for early decision at Boston University. It increases your chances of acceptance, and your admission procedure will take less time than the regular admission process. However, applying for early decision does not mean that your admission is confirmed at Boston University, but it will keep you ahead of the other students with the same eligibility as you.
  • Students can also appeal for a decision at Boston University. To appeal a decision, submit a written request to the Dean via email or the Boston University website. You have 14 days from the date of your final submission application to file an appeal.
  • You can only apply for Boston University’s early decision; if you apply for more than that, your application may get rejected or deferred, and if deferred, Boston University will reconsider your application at the time of the regular decision date.
  • Aside from its early decision dates, Boston University’s regular decision dates are at the end of March or early April, and you should apply for those as early as the end of February. Sometimes, the regular decision date comes in May or June.

Which early decision about Boston University is beneficial for students?

If you are predetermined that Boston University is your top priority and you only want to study there, then the First Early Decision of Boston University may be ideal for you; however, students should consider all of Boston University’s pros and cons because they can only apply for one early decision. If you can visit the campus of Boston University, then you should go and examine the facilities and other factors of Boston University.

Students who want to take their time before getting into any institute or if they are confused about Boston University should apply for the second phase of early decision for Boston University because they may get enough time to learn about the features of other universities and understand whether they should get into Boston University or not. Boston University is your best choice for admission in reverse, and you can check reviews, feedback, and other details about Boston University.

Eligibility for Admission to Boston University:

If you want to attend Boston University, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Your average GPA score should be 3.71 or above to get into Boston University.
  • You should be in A or B grades in your high school, like your AB and IB classes.
  • If you have participated in the SAT and ACT, then your SAT score should be from 1310 to 1500, and your ACT score should be from 30 to 40.
  • You must have one letter of recommendation from your counselor or teacher.
  • Students should have good supplemental essay writing skills.
  • Boston University evaluates academics, test scores, and extracurricular activities, and a few more eligibilities will make you a perfect fit for Boston University.

The acceptance rate of Boston University is low, as the average acceptance rate of Boston University is 20%. The acceptance rate may vary every academic year. It depends on the number of applications and the availability of seats in a program.

How Do You Fill Out A Boston University Application Form?

You can submit it through the Common App, the Coalition Application, the QuestBridge Application, or the official website of Boston University. Create your account and upload transcripts and other documents such as first-quarter senior grades, counselor recommendations, test scores, and school report forms. Then validate the details and submit your application form.


We should sometimes prepare to study at this university only after weighing its pros and cons and applying for early decision admission. If you want to pursue courses from Boston University, you will get an early decision twice, and you should apply for an early decision before the deadlines determined for early application. It may take eight weeks to make an early decision at Boston University. The second early decision date of Boston University is more preferred and suitable for students, as they get enough time to evaluate various factors of Boston University.

  • What is the cost of tuition at Boston University?

The average tuition fee required to attend Boston University is $59,816 for undergraduate students.

  • Is it hard for new students to make friends at Boston University?

Boston University is a top and prestigious university, and it is well known for its diversity, so it provides a good environment for students and makes it easy for new students to get involved in the BU community.