Arizona State University or Jackson State University

See, it’s a tricky question whether you should choose Arizona State University or Jackson State University. Still, there are few quantitative and qualitative differences between both universities on the basis you can make your mind to decide which one to choose. 

The most genuine answer to this question is “choose whatever fits your pocket and your mood.” It is difficult for anyone to judge universities based on data because data doesn’t help you get the natural feel of that university; the best answer is to choose the university that is “better for you.” Just general advice from us for your whole life is that if you are an adult then only you should take your decisions, this is very important for you because only you know what is best for you.

Arizona State University or Jackson State University

Basis of Comparison

  • Price
  • Eligibility
  • Acceptance Rate


The cost comparison is the first thing that most people do; we have put it in the first position. So, we have two high costs.

  • Net Price &
  • In-state tuition

To make it easy to understand, we have made the table below.

UniversitiesPriceIn-state tuition CostTotal

You can see that the total cost of ASU is higher than JSU, but if you deduct the In-state tuition cost, JSU will cost you more based on Net Price. There is one more cost that is not added above, i.e., the living cost of Phoenix and Jackson. The reason for not adding it is that sometimes housing costs and off-campus meals may vary between universities. 


The average SAT score required to get admission to ASU is between 960-1180, whereas for Jackson State University, you require an average SAT score between 810-1020. This data clearly shows that if a student has an SAT score less than 960, then they’ll not be eligible to be admitted to Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix. 

Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate tells you which college is difficult to get into and which one is easy. Although it is not a good indicator alone to say that this college is better or that college is better because every college tries to fill its classes with various students. The acceptance rate at Arizona State University is around 78. At Jackson State University, it is around 68, which means that getting into Arizona State University is more accessible than at Jackson State University. But that doesn’t mean Jackson State University is a better college, the reason I already told you.

How is social life at ASU different from Jackson State University?

See, comparing the social life of two universities is a suitable parameter, but there is no scientific data that proves it. There are a few videos on the internet in which students of ASU and JSU tell you about their colleges, which gives a glimpse of the vibe that both these colleges have. But that doesn’t show you much. 

How is the ASU campus different from the Jackson State University campus?

There is a significant difference in the location of both universities of ASU and JSU, not just the location; there is a big difference in the population of both these locations. For example, Jackson city (JSU location) is midsize, with 100,000 to 200,000 people, whereas Phoenix city (ASU location) population is higher than 250,000. So, you might get more traffic in Phoenix city while reaching the ASU campus. 


After a lengthy comparison based on price, eligibility, acceptance rate, social life, and the campus, both universities have their strengths & weaknesses, advantages, and disadvantages. Only you can decide according to your requirements what is benefiting you like it can be the location to some people or price to others. Some people are more into social life, and some face eligibility issues. Considering all the key points discussed earlier, you should decide what is better for you. 

Frequently asked questions

How does ASU academics compare to Jackson State University?

Majorly in ASU students are studying the following courses –

  • Communication Journalism and related programs (337)
  • Family and consumer sciences human sciences (191)
  • Multi interdisciplinary studies (52)
  • Parks recreation leisure and fitness studies (437)
  • Science technologies technicians (23)
  • Public administration and social service professions (283)
  • Social sciences (3)
  • Health profession and related programs (499)
  • Business management marketing and related support services (118)

Whereas in Jackson State University maximum number of students are studying –

  • Communication Journalism and related programs (21)
  • Computer and information sciences and support services (9)
  • Engineering (49)
  • Education (119)
  • Engineering technologies and engineering-related fields (26)
  • Foreign language literature and linguistics (3)
  • English language and literature letters (27)
  • Biological and biomedical sciences (104)
  • Mathematics and statistics (7)
  • Multi interdisciplinary studies (87)
  • Physical sciences (23)
  • Psychology (34)
  • Public administration and social service professions (112)
  • Social sciences (21)
  • Visual and performing arts (22)
  • Health profession and related programs (75)
  • Business management marketing and related support services (133)

What is the total number of undergraduates studying is ASU and JSU?

The total number of undergraduates studying at ASU is 9158 and at JSU is 7436. This data shows that the number of undergraduates at Arizona State University is higher than Jackson State University. 

Which university gives more financial aid?

The average financial aid given at ASU is $10,158, and at JSU, it is around $9,383. So, according to this data, ASU gives more financial aid than Jackson State University. 

Is there any facility for on-campus living at ASU & JSU?

Yes, both colleges provide options for on-campus living, and Jackson State University charges nothing for on-campus while Arizona State University has few charges for on-campus living. 

Which university is harder to get into?

According to the acceptance rate, Jackson State University is more challenging to get into than Arizona State University’s acceptance rate.

What is the exact location of Arizona State University and Jackson State University?

Arizona State University is precisely located in “Phoenix city, 411 N Central Ave” whereas Jackson State University is located in “Jackson city, 1400 J R Lynch Street”