Academy Of Art University

AAU or Academy of Art University is a very reputed Institute situated in San Francisco, California. It was established as the Institute of Advertising Art by Richard S. Stephens in 1929. Let us know “Academy Of Art University”

Academy Of Art University

Chronicle : 

It was introduced in 1929 as a school for advertising art. The discoverer, Richard S. Stephens, who was a painter and magazine editor by profession, took charge of the Institute until 1951, after which the reins were handed to his son Richard A. Under the leadership of Eliza Stephens, the granddaughter of Richard S. Stephens, the Institute entered its golden period. Under her stewardship, students grew from 2000 in 1992 to 18000 in 2011. Currently, the average number of students enrolled is around 12000.

Academics :

The University provides Undergrad(UG) and Post Grad(PG) courses. The University prefers students to pursue Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses. Well, currently, there are 6124 undergraduate students and 2804 Post-graduate students. Some courses are offline, but some are offline as well. Approximately twenty-five subjects are there in Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree. 

According to the WASC, job placement figures are not required to be disclosed by the schools. The Institute is affiliated with the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Approxlocation44, or 45% of students who began their education in 2013, graduated within six years of admission, according to the NCES (National Centre for Education Statistics).

The University provides various kinds of Bachelor’s degree courses like, 

  • Bachelor’s of Architecture
  • Bachelor’s of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor’s in Web Design
  • Bachelors in New Media. Etc

Even for a Master’s degree, there are many courses. 

  • Masters of Fine Arts. 
  • Masters in Graphic Designs 

And many more. 

What’s The Process Of Application In Academy Of Art University?

After receiving the information about such a prestigious college, the thought comes to one’s mind how does one apply, and what is the admission process? Let me try to assist you in applying to the University –

 Well, the applicant can be any one of the following :



Transfer student


Graduate student

 Or you just want to take some art classes for individual satisfaction. The process remains in the Bachelor’s the cases

Undergraduate Student :

For undergraduate students, we require some documents so that we can get some information about that student; The required documents are as under : 

Graduation date. 

Original copy of completed Bachelor’s degree transcript. 

Original copy of your high school transcript or GED. 

Signed Home School Program. 

Letter of California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE). 

One may be charged 50$ at the time students. One must note that under no circumstances will the application fee be returned. It’s Documentable. The University also pays via a check or cash order made payable to the “Academy of Art University.” Payments can also be processed through Visa, Master-Card, and credit cards.

An art portfolio isn’t that much red, but it will help you with your admission process. Another optional but important asset is a transcript from a previous Secondary School or University.

  • Homeschooled

 Homeschooled students require the following documents while applying: 

  •  Signed Home School Program Certification form. 
  • Official transcripts.

Graduate students :

Now, if one wants to apply for his/her graduation, then they must consider the things mentioned as under – 

-Firstly, they have to apply online or offline. 

-Similar to Undergraduate Students, a charge of 50$ as an application fee will have to be paid. 

-Official transcript from your UG college or University will be required as proof of your UG degree.

-The University may ask you to write an essay related to a topic which the Department will then assess.

Create your Resume as it will help the University as well as the Faculty to recognize your personal as well as professional skills. 

Required GPA To Apply In AAU:

Before we know about the required GPA, one must know what GPA is in general. It simply means Grade Point Average. This helps you with the application process and standardized proportion for modifying levels of achievements in a course. After knowing this, let’s proceed with GPA ranking at the Academy of Art University. 

Well, if one wishes to apply to the Academy of Art University. As the cut-offs change every year, we cannot determine the required GPA. Previously it was 3.15, so we should expect it to increase to about 3.30 for this year. So to be on the safer side, we should aim for a GPA of 3.30 or higher.

Now, after knowing all these things, Let’s glance at some more information about this Institution. 

So, If we talk about staffing, then in this Institute, there are 202 full-time academic staff and 601 part-time staff members. This Institute has an urban campus in it. 

 The college has a sports team named The Urban Knights, playing 14 different sports.

Facilities : 

Well, let’s talk about the facilities in this Institute. It provides hostel rooms for students so that they don’t face any kind of inconveniences and it has many other good facilities including Sporting affiliations. Moreover, Institute has recently started an Inspiration Lab Artist-in-Residence Program. As far as the other activities are concerned, The Institute Organises Award functions for the students to boost their skills and confidence. Currently, this Institute launched the Spring Show 2022? It’s very interesting. One should go for it.

Notable Alumni :

 Mobolade Ajomale, Canadian Olympic Sprinter. 

 Henry Asencio. Figurative Painter. 

Vicky Jenson. Film Director. 

Raven-Symoné, Actress and Singer. 

So, looking at these famous alumni, we can say that this is a wonderful Institute that can help you achieve success in your life.

 It was all about notable alumni. Let’s proceed now.

The scenic and beautiful campus offers various facilities, including resource centers, residential halls, dining facilities, and student organizations.

Now let’s try to look at the fee structure of courses Academy by the Institute? 

The fees for a full-time international student will be calculated based on the individual unit costs.

  • Undergraduate: USD 1,059 each unit – 3 units each class
  • Graduate and Art Teaching Credential: USD 1,191 each unit – 3 units each class. 

The yearly tuition fee for international students for 2019-2020 can be seen in the following graph :


 Now we have all the information we require, let’s sum up our discussion. This is one of the most well-known and highly sought Universities in California, US. If the University has any course that one is interested in, one can consider enrolling in it without hesitation.