Did BTS Members Go To College?

Rolling Stone released a list of the ten K-pop acts most probable to make it big in the United States in 2012. Accomplishing meaningful US stardom was a newly doable goal, if still far away, a breakthrough for South Korean pop groups thanks to the huge exporting of South Korean culture abroad in the 2000s, a trend known as Hallyu, or the Korean Wave. The Rolling Stone list, which was printed two months before Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” included Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, and 2NE1 — the best bands from what is generally viewed as the “second generation” of pop groups to arise during K-international pop’s rise. It did not, however, include a group of teenage boys who had recently been assembled through a studio casting process and were being diligently honed and equipped for their debut. Bangtan Boys, later officially known as BTS, would go on to entirely change the image of all-male pop groups in South Korean music and shatter perceptions of what breakout success for South Korean bands looked like outside of Korea. With the kind of unprecedented rise that the band has had in the past years since their debut in 2014, it is only natural for them to not have any time at all for anything else. So, what about their education? Did BTS members go to college?.

Did BTS Members Go To College?

All members of BTS have gone to university college and have bachelor’s degrees in various disciplines and aspects of media.

What Makes BTS Stand Out?

  • To carry out their industry-defining work, BTS deviates from the established precedent for K-pop boy bands in six ways:
  • They frequently compose and write their music and lyrics.
  • Their lyrics are socially aware, and they are extremely skilled at trying to describe the burdens of newer adolescence in South Korea.
  • They design and manage the majority of their presence on social media.
  • They are not subjected to “slave contracts,” nor are their contracts subject to the strenuous restrictions that other idol groups are subjected to.
  • They prefer to promote full albums rather than individual singles. (This is still largely true, despite their recent string of singles in the United States.)
  • Instead of presenting an exceedingly refined appearance at all times, they publicly share their career struggles and anxieties.

Many of these elements could be located in a range of many other recent K-pop groups, most noticeably Big Bang, which likely influenced BTS more than almost any other K-pop group. Big Hit Entertainment, on the other hand, formalised and heavily advertised these elements in BTS.

The members were fashioned as youthful and cutely angelic in the band’s early videos, from months before their 2013 debut, maintaining the common “schoolboy” notion of male K-pop idol groups. However, when the group officially made its debut in June 2013, it undertook a hardstyle that pays tribute to vintage gangster rap. “No More Dream,” their first single, was an ode to teen apathy and a defiant rejection of Korean social conservatism. 

BTS- Their education and college-level pursuits

  • Jungkook of BTS successfully finished his university studies, and ARMY from all over the world lauded him on social media with supportive messages for the artist. Furthermore, it is not just the group’s youngest member, but every single one of them. Each of the members has time set aside in their musical careers to focus on the academic field.
  • Jin attended Konkuk University, a private university with campuses in Seoul and Chungju. Jin, a K-pop idol who aspires to be an actor, is actively pursuing a master’s degree in fields other than music at Hanyang Cyber University.
  • J-Hope, like Suga, explored Broadcasting and Entertainment Education at Global Cyber University before actually heading on to receive a Master’s degree in Advertising and Communication at Hanyang Cyber University.
  • Kim Namjoon, the leader of BTS, completed his education in Broadcasting and Entertainment Education at the Global Cyber University. He, like Suga and J-Hope, is actively pursuing a master’s in Advertising and Communication at Hanyang Virtual University.
  • Park Jimin earned the President’s Award from Global Cyber University after getting a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment Education in 2020. At Hanyang Cyber University, he is currently pursuing a university program in Advertising and Communication.
  • Taehyung and Jimin graduated from the Global Cyber University Broadcasting and Entertainment Education major in 2020, and Taehyung was also recognised with the President’s Award. V followed the lead of his classmates and enrolled at Hanyang Cyber University for a postgraduate program in Advertising and Communication. Jeon Jungkook, the youngest members of BTS and known as the ‘golden maknae,’ graduated from Global Cyber University college on March 3rd, 2022 with a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment Education, very much like his bandmates. 


With their uber-busy schedules and huge influence across the world with their impressive music, BTS is definitely at the top of their game at the moment. They are considered role models for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the arts and what makes them that much more desirable is their educational pursuits.