Is Columbia University In A Safe Neighborhood?

Morningside Heights is called the second safest neighborhood in the second safest large city in the United States. Columbia’s immediate neighborhood may lack the hustle and bustle of some City districts such as Greenwich Village (where NYU is located) or Midtown, but this may be one of its significant benefits. In this article, we will see about ‘Is Columbia University In A Safe Neighborhood?’.

Is Columbia University In A Safe Neighborhood?

Is Columbia University In A Safe Neighborhood?

The simple answer is yes, it is safe to come to the surrounding areas – if you have your senses about you and avoid known risky regions, this is among the most wonderful North American locations.

Many people have commented on how pleasant it is to have an escape away from all the crowds and bustle now and then, to be able to travel to a peaceful riverside merely to provide fresh air and wind. Or, from Sakura Park, take in the abutting Gothic splendor of the Union Theological Seminary and Riverside Church (the highest chapel in the United States).

Is Morningside in an urban area? 

Yes, the morningside we are talking about is in an urban area. So trying to avoid putting yourself in danger reduces the likelihood of crime. For example, a substantial number of crimes are perpetrated in Riverside and Morningside Parks around and after night and in the early morning, according to my understanding. Having said that, both Morningside and Harlem are substantially safer now than they have ever been. 

What are interesting things to explore in the area? 

Barnard is located right down the road from Columbia. Columbia is in Morningside Heights, a residential neighborhood in Manhattan north of the Upper West Side. Because it is a residential neighborhood, 

  • you will need to use the metro to get to a club, gallery, or game. 
  • There are several businesses, stores, vendors, and NYC excitement in the neighborhood.
  • Plus there are 7 universities in Morningside Heights, so many of these businesses cater to students. 
  • Most individuals never felt insecure staying alongside an urban university where the streetlamps are on at all times of the night, people are up at all hours, and you never feel alone. 

Is Columbia University located in a vibrant and busy neighborhood? 

Commencement of the university is annually and has been conducted on the Morningside campus since 1898, originally in the College gymnasium and since 1926 on Low Plaza. It is very busy and attracts tourists. I visit museums and restaurants frequently, yet there is no usual experience. You will be able to fully utilize NYC’s resources if you demonstrate initiative. You have complete discretion over how often you use the city—it is easily accessible by walking and using the one path that is there. That neighborhood is in a much more vibrant neighborhood.

Are the distinct differences between the haves and have nots in the area? 

Some moments show how the financial gap in the communities created constant friction between the school and the community, which I believe many top campuses suffer since many colleges foster an island mindset that allows them to absorb all the rewards of their successes without regard for the halo effect. No municipality is more “skilled” at it than New York. (Ever wanted to know why one of the country’s oldest and wealthiest baseball clubs is in one of the hardest-hit areas? Because the city does not attempt to keep visitors there and spend money after the final pitch is thrown at Yankee Stadium.)

Regarding safety of the area, what more is there to know? 

The area around Columbia is generally safe. For starters, the institution is extremely wealthy and controls much of the land state in the area, which means that many of the inhabitants are affiliated with the school. Furthermore, much of the campus, notably Barnard College, is fenced, and the college has its security service. Finally, because it is New York, there are always a lot of citizens on the streets, which adds to people’s sense of personal security.

What measures can you take around that area? 

  • Keep pepper spray on hand (and get confident on how to use it) 
  • Learn to walk quickly and make it your default walking style. 
  • Maintain constant awareness of your environment, especially if somebody is following you. Even in broad daylight, students are routinely attacked. 
  • Morningside Heights is a Harlem neighborhood. Harlem extends from East 96th to the Bronx border, and from West 110th to West 155th. From the East River to the Hudson River. Within two blocks of the university, there are housing developments. 
  • Homeless drug users and psychopaths congregate near the college. 
  • Thugs in their teens follow, rob, and stab individuals. 
  • People break into dorms and take things. So be cautious.

Where is the recommended place to stay in the area?

 If you’re new to the city, I recommend staying west of Morningside. Maybe when you acquire a feel for the neighborhood and NYC, you’ll feel more at ease making your judgment about East Harlem. It’s not a place for first-timers. On the street, don’t trust anyone you don’t know. If suspicious persons approach you, keep moving. Don’t come too near the metro platform’s edge (, they’ve been shoving people next to one of the trains lately). Never stroll through parks late at night. Keep pepper spray on hand.

What is the effect of a safe and pleasant campus? 

Regardless of how you view it, Columbia can be a thrilling experience. It is a very prestigious institution with kids who are incredibly educated, dedicated, and ambitious. Therefore, you will be challenged beyond your greatest dreams, and every day you will feel like a greater intelligence than the one before. With such a high degree of range, you will be exposed to a wide range of objects, ideas, peoples, and civilizations that will most likely influence your perspective on something. You will get acquainted with people from across the globe, maintain pals you never thought to make, study something you probably didn’t believe existed outside of Hollywood and build memories that will make you smile for a long time.


Now we have learnt ‘Is Columbia University In A Safe Neighborhood?’, If you’re concerned about safety, don’t be. For better or worse, it’s a safe, gentrified area. If you’re looking for excitement and glamor, NYU is the place to go. Columbia is a university campus on the outskirts of a fantastic metropolis. Morningside Heights has a terrific urban college town vibe with lots of excellent places to dine (and drink), and the remainder of Manhattan is just a short subway trip away. Nevertheless, if you would like a true “urban campus” atmosphere where everybody goes partying on weekends, NYU is the way to go. But, if you want a superb institution with a genuine campus in a wonderful city, go no farther than Columbia.

  • How many occurrences have there been concerning student safety in the area? 

In 2019, Columbia University in New York City recorded Twenty security events involving pupils while on New York state grounds near campus. … Columbia was one of 3,039 schools and institutions that reported fewer occurrences per thousand students in 2019.