Top Destinations for Student Travelers- Travel To India

Top Destinations for Student Travelers
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The transition from college life into the “real world” can be a daunting one. You suddenly have to find a steady job, you’re no longer surrounded by the comforting community of friends and academics, and you have to learn how to make your way in the world. Here, we’ll see the top Destinations for Student Travelers.

While this point in life is seen as the time when you need to start finding that entry-level job and putting a deposit down on a studio, this is also one of the best times to travel. Traveling provides adventure, relaxation, and life experiences that many jobs look for in an applicant. And what better place to explore these new opportunities than India?!

Top Destinations for Student Travelers

There are many opportunities for students to travel abroad in India. Service Learning trips show the side of India that not many tourists see, where some locals are trying to live on as little as one dollar a day. The top destinations for student travelers.

There are student expeditions led by National Geographic that focus on photography and geography. Likewise, Community Service trips allow students to volunteer, teach work on construction, or agriculture for a summer.

Students looking to explore India on their own also have plenty of opportunities. Sites such as STA Travel and Student Universe provide discounted flight information as well as travel options and tips specifically geared towards students. Backpackers can also enjoy the perks of goMowgli, an organization founded by a group of travelers. goMowgli provides plenty of travel tips from locals and they even provide drop-off/pick-up service if you do not want to join a guided tour.


© Dennis Jarvis / CC BY-SA 2.0

Cost is always a concern when traveling as a student. Luckily, taking advantage of everything India has to offer will not break the bank. Accommodations range from simple hostels to palaces that have been converted into 5-star hotels, with plenty in between.

Backpackers will not have to shirk cleanliness or safety in order to stay within a tight budget. Getting around India is easy with plenty of reasonably priced bus and train routes. Tickets can sometimes be purchased in advance, but it is advisable to be early before each departure time and try to snag a seat.

Meals, too, can be purchased for a small amount of money. Each day in India can cost travelers roughly $20.

While every city in India has something spectacular to offer, there are a few places that are set above the rest when it comes to travel. For example, no trip to India would be complete without a stop in New Delhi. The capital of India, New Delhi is the second-most populous city in the world and one of the global leaders in arts, fashion, and entertainment.

Popular sites include Rashtrapati Bhavan, The India Gate, the Red Fort, Taj Mahal, and Lodi Gardens, just to name a few. Some locations require an entrance fee while others do not, so it’s best to do some preliminary research.

Other not-to-be-missed cities include Udaipur (also known as India’s “Venice”), Bombay (for those looking for a more fast-paced/jarring experience), Hampi (a UNESCO World Heritage site), and Amritsar (a spiritual haven and home to the famous Golden Temple).

When it comes to travel, India has it all: vibrant culture, stunning landscape, bustling cities, and calm countryside. There are so many destinations to choose from that one could travel for a full year and still not see all that this amazing country has to offer. Students will find a unique and budget-friendly travel experience when visiting this Asian country. And who knows – after your trip, you may even decide to make India your new home!

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