Post Graduate Success In Unsuccessful Times

In my experience recent graduates are giving up on looking for a job before really doing any true searching.  Using Craigslist and other sites to feel like they are searching, but in reality only giving half-hearted efforts.  Who can blame them?  Recently you can’t turn on the TV without seeing how high unemployment is and other stories discouraging success.  In light of this, and a positive attitude here are some majors that show job growth and success.

Consumer apparel and marketing

Creating and manufacturing clothing was once thought to be a job of the past but with the boom of sites like eBay and Etsy people are learning how to use their love of creating clothing to earn them a living.  The huge appeal of this career is that you are able to set you own hours, work from virtually anywhere, and you can choose how big or small you want to be depending on the time and effort you spend on your product. 

Although fears of the accounting aspect of small business has turned many people away from starting up their own business, younger entrepreneurs are using software to assist them.  Free software like OpenOffice allows you to create spreadsheets that feed right into programs such as turbo tax who even provide a w-2 form online.  Tax software and finance programs can help ensure accounting management, while Evernote and messaging software can keep ideas organized and connected so that they may be easily shared to others.

Medical assistant services

Medical assistance is a great major for a person who wants to have a fast paced and secure job as a postgraduate.  The major itself can be done in two years at a community college, costing a person much less than a traditional 4-year school. 

Although you might not own your own business you will have the security that allows for a family, and a variety of choices of locations as this is a very diverse field.  With the increase of baby boomers hitting retirement age, the need for medical care will only rise giving you an edge as others begin to catch on to the perks of this career.

Information Systems

If you happen to be a high school student who is still searching for “what” they want out of life I would recommend that you consider at least looking into information systems courses at your local community college.  If you happen to have a knack for troubleshooting problems, or even want to have the option of working for a variety of different types of businesses after college this could be a great way to get your foot in the door. 

You will find careers ranging from government jobs to working with a variety of clients, providing them with IT services or managing their network.

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