Worst Colleges For Introverts

Being an introvert is not a problem. Your distinctive personality type endows you with qualities such as being an excellent listener, a keen observer, an empathic leader, and a devoted friend. Going to a school where you’re likely to struggle academically is bad, thus there are several universities that introverts might wish to avoid. Let us see some worst colleges for Introverts.

Worst Colleges For Introverts

Worst Colleges For Introverts

Heavy student populations, particularly in colleges with active Greek communities and active party scenes, can be bad for introverts. Large institutions including those found in big cities are also not good for highly shy people. Introverts may feel threatened by required on-campus housing. There are many colleges that are worse for introverts.

List Of Worst Colleges For Introverts

  • Colorado Technical University
  • California State Polytechnic University – Pomona
  • University Of Oregon
  • Florida State University
  • University Of Alabama – Tuscaloosa
  • Hillsdale College
  • University Of Central Florida

Colorado Technical University

College students often spend 12 to 16 hours per week in the classroom, with breaks in between. And this might be heartbreaking for introverts who want to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Colorado Technical University – Colorado Springs is not a good choice if you are an introvert who prefers to have as few people in the classroom as possible. This is due to the fact that there is only one teacher available for every 31 pupils, meaning that you will have to compete for their attention with 30 other students!

Furthermore, the private, for-profit university in Colorado Springs enrolls more than 29,000 students. Considering that it has a 100% acceptance rate, it’s probable that you’ll be on campus with even more individuals each year.

California State Polytechnic University – Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona, officially known as California State Polytechnic University – Pomona, receives high rankings from US News, where it is ranked #3 in the West’s Top Public Universities and #14 among Regional Universities.

Rankings aren’t the only thing that the public university in the Golden State has excellent marks for, though. Furthermore, it has a 28:1 student-to-faculty ratio, which can be unsettling for outgoing students. In addition, several classrooms at California State Polytechnic University – Pomona have between 30 and 39 people. Many classrooms typically have between 20 and 29 people in attendance.

Although the university boasts a sizable 1,438-acre suburban campus, just about 30,000 people attend it, and only about 500 of them are graduate students.

  • Acceptance rate: 65%
  • Graduation rate: 67%
  • $7,438 in-state tuition and $19,318 out of state (out-of-state)
  • Popular academic specializations include business, computer science, engineering, hotel and tourism management, and sociology.
  • Graduates make $54,000 on average in their first year.

University Of Oregon

The University of Oregon is a great safety school for many college-bound youngsters since it has an acceptance rate that is more than 80%. After all, it is ranked #2 among Oregon’s Top Public Universities by Niche.

For many introverted people, it might not be the greatest option, though. It’s because they will have to live on campus for at least the first year of their studies at the public research institution.

According to the University of Oregon, first-year students are required to live on campus because it can help them succeed academically. It continues by saying that encouraging their connections with other students, instructors, and staff, can assist make it simpler for them to integrate into the community. However, it’s something that can be more detrimental than beneficial for many shy people.

  • 83% of people accept it
  • 74% of students graduate.
  • $13,856 in-state and $39,308 out-of-state tuition (out-of-state)
  • Advertising, business, economics, political science, psychology, and public relations are popular majors.
  • Graduates’ average starting pay per year is $44,800.

Florida State University

Florida State University is a renowned party school in the nation. So much so that Newsweek ranked it second among the top 25 party schools in the country.

In contrast, Niche lists it as the top party school in Florida and third in all of America. The fact that the public research university—a senior member of the State University System of Florida—has a thriving Greek life is one of the factors contributing to its lively party scene. In fact, a survey found that up to 60% of students there concur that Greek life is a significant part of the campus culture. However, keep in mind that Florida State University has the Carnegie R1 rating, which indicates that it has very high research activity and is therefore ideal for students who desire academic programs with a strong focus on research.

  • Acceptance percentage: 32%
  • Rate of graduation: 84%
  • $21,683 and $6,517, respectively, for tuition (out-of-state)
  • Biology, finance, criminal justice, English, international relations, and marketing are popular majors.
  • Graduates make an average of $46,400 in their first year.

University Of Alabama – Tuscaloosa

Make sure you are aware of Niche’s ranking of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa as the second-best college for Greek life in America if you are an extrovert considering adding it to your list of potential colleges. Its position among the more than 700 colleges and universities reviewed by the college ranking site, which will give you a much clearer perspective, is #2.

Additionally, out of the 18 institutions examined, it ranks second in Alabama for Best Greek Life Colleges. Furthermore, it is not surprising that there are a ton of parties taking place both on and off campus at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa given the size of the Greek community there. The public research university’s location in Tuscaloosa, a city famed for its nightlife, should be noted as well. The institution’s name frequently appears in numerous lists of the best party schools as a result of this.

Hillsdale College

Founded in 1844 and based in Michigan, Hillsdale College is a small, private, liberal arts university. The university’s 400-acre rural campus is home to close to 1,500 students.

The institution would seem to be perfect for shy individuals who want to pursue a degree. Hillsdale College, on the other hand, is renowned for having a high level of community engagement, which implies that many of its students collaborate with people, groups, companies, and organizations that are geographically close to them. As a Hillsdale College student, it is therefore highly likely that you will be engaged outside of the school.

In fact, the school offers a program called GOAL—Great Opportunities for Assistance and Leadership—that gives students the chance to volunteer.

University Of Central Florida 

After spending time with other people, especially strangers, introverted people frequently experience a sense of drain and exhaustion. More interactions with people increase the likelihood that they may get depleted.

Therefore, degree-seeking lone wolves should stay away from crowded universities. And every time the conversation turns to the largest colleges and universities in the US in terms of enrolment, one name comes up repeatedly: the University of Central Florida. According to the public research university, there are currently around 70,000 students enrolled there. As a result, it is Florida’s biggest institution in terms of enrolment.


College life is not just about making friends if you’re an introvert. Your studies may occasionally be hampered by it. In class, for instance, you might find it difficult to speak out or pose questions. Try not to be afraid to discuss with your instructors privately if such is the case, though. Because overcoming social anxiety is like riding a wild horse, introverts struggle to do it. A few triggers pop into your head and all of a sudden you start to feel lousy and respond in ways that only serve to make matters worse for yourself. Thus, some of the most crowded colleges are the worst for introverted students.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Do introverts have it harder in college?

All students have difficulties in college at times, but introverts may find it more trying. While more extroverted students can readily make friends and get around in crowded classes and social situations, introverts may frequently feel awkward and left out.

  1.  Are introverts despised at colleges?

Even if they may have a lot to say, introverts need their alone time. Additionally, they don’t necessarily need to be the center of attention, which significantly reduces their appeal to admissions committees.

  1.  Do introverts attend college?

As you can see, introverts have plenty of chances to stand out even in an admissions process that may be biased in favor of their more outgoing peers. You may be genuine and succeed in the admissions game even if it requires a little bit of extra effort.

  1.  What do introverts excel in?

Generally speaking, introverts make better listeners. The so-called “silent ones” frequently pay attention and give other people’s opinions and feelings some thought. Instead of passively waiting for their turn to speak, they can mentally jot down notes and concentrate closely on what the other person is saying during a conversation.

  1. How can an introvert stay alive in a dorm at a university?

Participating in a hostel outing might be a terrific method to meet people if you like your privacy but like to socialize. A modest dorm room will certainly increase your chances of meeting someone if you suffer from severe social anxiety and feel uncomfortable in large gatherings.