Why Do Students Get Low Grades?

Grades are something that every student in the world wants. They are given ranks based on them. They get into schools, college, and jobs based on their grades. But not everyone gets the same grade for the same subject on the same test. Some get high grades and some get low grades. Has anyone wondered why this happens? Well, there are many reasons why students get low grades. Lets’ begin with Why Do Students Get Low Grades?

Why Do Students Get Low Grades?

The reasons may be Family issues, Classroom Dynamics, Financial problems, Peer pressure, Overconfidence, Lack of Time management, Issues in Communication, Lack of Preparation, Negative Attitude, Carelessness, General laziness, Emotional stress, Lack of confidence, Text anxiety, Procrastination, Distractions, and many more. 

There are many things going on in a student’s life. Their background, family status, place of living, likes, dislikes, dreams, ambitions, mindset, and goals for life are different. Yet they are judged whether they are good students or not by their test scores and grades.

Do college and schools play no role?   

Let’s look at those reasons where schools and colleges are involved.

Classroom Dynamics

The first place the student goes when they enter school or college is their classroom. It is where they spend their entire time and year in their classroom. It is where most of the learning happens. Thus it is important to maintain a good relationship with their classmates and teachers. They should be able to communicate with their peers with comfort and peace. But most of the time it is hard for them to do that. If there is no accessible communication between the teacher and the students during a class then it’s hard for the student to understand the subject thus resulting in low grades. And even peer pressure plays a huge role in shaping the students personality.

A mismatch between subject and skills

This is one of the most common reasons why students get low grades. Because their interests and skillsets do not align with the subject they are studying. In schools, students are taught different subjects so that they will gradually know about their interests and what skills they possess. And when they find the subject they like and dislike they are seen to get low grades in the subjects they dislike.

In college, students are often seen having low grades in the courses they do not want to pursue but are doing so due to family and peer pressure. 

Poor course or college selection

Students often make mistakes in choosing the right college or course for themselves. They do no adequate research to know about the college or course. A college or course good for others may not necessarily be good for you. Students should do proper research about the college and course before enrolling themselves. One mistake often made by students and their parents is to choose what college they want to go to first over what course they want to pursue. Often lured but the college’s reputation or fees parents pressure their children to go into that college in whatever course they get based on their grades. Students do not spare time to learn what course they want to do or what they are going to do as it’s the deciding factor for their career.

Influence of teachers and mentors 

Teachers and mentors are the most important people who guide the students 

Towards their academic career. A good teacher always supports and boosts confidence in their students being a good influence. But if the teacher and mentor neglect their duties and responsibilities, do not pay attention to their students, show favoritism between students, and do not give opportunity for students to showcase and improve their skillsets leads to a negative influence on the students. It will harm the students mentally and they will feel discouraged resulting in low grades.

Other reasons why students get low grades 

Lack of confidence

A tendency is seen most of the time in intelligent students who feel a lack of confidence in the subjects they study. Because they are well versed in the subject yet feel that there is something they must have left out resulting in pressure in exams causing them to get low grades.

Text anxiety 

This tendency is often seen in students before taking a test. The pressure to do best and to pass with good grades leads to this anxiety. Students are often daunted by the taught of failures resulting in them getting low grades.


Students often duel with the question of when to start studying or when to study leading them to postpone it most of the time. Procrastination affects most the students in the world. Students have admitted that they resort to last-minute preparation postponing their preparation time again and again. It may provide temporary relief but not reap results.


Well, most of us are aware of this word and must have heard it many times as well. The most common ones nowadays are our smartphones and the apps inside them. Students spend hours and hours on their social media platforms – liking others’ posts and checking their stories to pass time. But do not realize how much they are wasting their time. They could use this time to learn a new skill or sharpen their skillset. A very big reason for getting low grades is distractions.


No matter how many reasons a student can have for getting a low grade it does not decide his future. Even good grade students can end up with no jobs and even low-grade students can be successful in life. Grades are just a medium to get into college. They do not decide how we live and plan out our life. But tests do teach you discipline in life. And low grades can also be a motivation for you to do something for yourself and prove yourself to others. Low grades are not necessarily a bad thing, but it is on the way one pursues it. It may be an array of caution for one while a disappointment for another. You just need to have the confidence and belief that you can achieve your dreams and goals no matter what.