What percentage of students receive financial aid at duke?


Financial aid is the monetary funds provided to a student to help pay for college or career school. Grants, work-study, loans, and scholarships are some of the aspects which help in paying for college, there is a variety of financial aid which is available. Some of these things include higher education expenses including tuition and fee, room and board, books and supplies, and transportation. Here we will see about What percentage of students receive financial aid at duke?

What percentage of students receive financial aid at duke?

What is the percentage of students who receive financial aid at duke?

The average scholarship given to first-year students at Duke University was $53,400. Additionally, 46% of students receive need-based financial aid in 2021. The number of students who apply for federal financial aid is at least 66% every year using the Federal Application for Student Financial Aid. There is also financial aid which provides the entire tuition for free.

How should a student apply for financial aid?

  1. Plan early: Plan how to pay for college before you start. The most important part here is the school counselors, they are the main source of information and college financial aid officers about the state, college, and non-profit grants and scholarships a student can apply for. Be sure to meet the application deadline. The student should start saving beforehand.
  2. Filling out the application: The application needs to be filled out carefully before the start of every semester, apply for grants, scholarships, and loans Review your aid offer: The main aim of the aid offer is to explain the amount and the type of aid the college is offering, and the expected cost of the entire year. If the student has gotten admission into multiple colleges then the student should compare the offer and then decide.
  3. Get the aid: The financial officer will pay the amount which is required for the tuition and the rest is given to the students for their other college-related needs which includes living, study materials, etc.
  4. Graduation and repayment: As the graduation time arrives the student needs to start thinking about the repayment of the loan. Federal loans have the benefit that the student has a grace period of 6 months after which they can start paying back the loan.

What steps need to be taken for financial aid at Duke University?

  1. Estimate: The most important first step should be to estimate the amount that is going to be needed to pay for the admission and out of this how much will be paid for by the FAFSA. There are different types of calculators on Duke’s website, especially for people whose parents’ income is under $60,000 per year. 
  2.  Apply: the student needs to first submit their CSS profile online and after that, they will receive the estimated aid along with the admission letter. After which they need to submit FAFSA. After this, the college will let them know if they have any additional documents which will be needed.
  3. Review: It is determined by taking the student’s cost of attendance and subtracting the expected family contribution. The financial aid is in three parts; a loan, a work-study award, and a grant.

How much is a Duke scholarship?

Duke university’s total tuition is 60,489 which is much more expensive than an average college. This figure includes the tuition and fees, the need-based aid is determined by the Free Application for federal student aid, and an average scholarship or grant provided by Duke to a first-year student is $51,332. Additionally, 43% of first-year students received financial aid in 2020.

What is the percentage of students who receive aid?

83.8% of first-year undergrad students receive some kind of loan, every student on an average borrows $11,234 per year to pay for school. However, not everyone gets a loan, according to statistics $2 billion in student claims gets rejected or unclaimed. Schools, government agencies, and private organizations offer different types of aid and a different amount.


Financial aid is for students who are not able to pay for higher education but it is not always necessary that every student would be able to pay back the loan because placement is not necessary and some students do not do a good job after graduation. According to a lot of research, a lot of people have their student loans piled up which they are not able to pay back. But, it is beneficial to a lot of students.

Frequently asked questions

What is the highest amount of financial aid at Duke?

49,0626 is the highest amount offered at Duke.

Does Duke offer a full scholarship?

Duke does offer full scholarships to some special students who have flawless academic records.

How much loan accumulates post-college?

In an idealistic situation, a student’s total loan should be below the anticipated starting salary post-graduation. Additionally, 5% of students took an extra private loan.