Is being a student a profession?

         A student is a person who is studying at any school, college, university, and other higher education institute. Being a student is not a profession but rather an occupation, where half of the time is occupied by himself and he doesn’t have to work with someone but themselves. Student are also called scholars.

        Let us have a detailed look at what makes someone a student and a professional, moreover what is the difference between the two below.

Is being a student a profession?

What makes a person student?

       A person is called a student when they are seeking knowledge and studying in school, college, university, and other educational institutions as mentioned above. You can not only call a student a person who is studying academic education but also someone who is seeking professional knowledge.

What makes a person professional?

      Professional is a word that comes from the profession. Profession means ” a paid occupation in which one requires a formal training and qualification.” Teachers, doctors, and firefighters all are profession, and people who are working in those professions are called professionals.

What are the characteristics of the student?

              There is no such thing as a bad student, but a good student. So, the below mentions points are something that one should know when learning about if being a student is a profession or not.

The study, study, and study mantra!

            The first thing that comes into our mind whenever we see the word student is the study. A person has to keep half of the focus on the study. Because if you are not able to do good in what you are learning about or tried to make study your main center of attention, then how will you become a student. For you to call yourself a student, your point of convergence should only be your study. it’s okay to enjoy your life, have fun, hang out with your friends, and spend time with your family but always fulfill your commitment to your studies.

Discipline moreover the self-discipline

   One can never be able to succeed in their commitment to their studies if they lack discipline. Self-discipline is important for a student to keep their focus on their studies, and it is important for one to stay motivated, the mind works with the motivation of moving forward. No matter what you are feeling physically or mentally. Discipline helps you in taking action for what you dreamed of, for what you are spending your time on, to make it more productive for you.

Consistency is the key to success!

Being a student is not a hard job, it is a job full of burnout days, days where you feel horrible, and sometimes you feel like giving up, but giving up should never be in one’s mind. Student life is full of ups and downs, you will get failed, you will not get your desired marks, and that is okay because failure thought you a lot.  All you have to keep in mind is to be consistent in whatever you are studying, as long as you don’t stop you are good to go. Always remember that success can’t is measured through one grade, one’s ability to write long essays but through the willpower, the tolerance, and the heart to face every obstacle that comes in one way.

 What makes the student a student and not a professional?

         If you see the above-mentioned points about the student responsibilities, then one can say that being a student is a full-time job. But the kind of full-time job where you are free to do whatever you do but with your studies.

        Being professional is not an easy job too, although this job has its perks. You do not have to spend your money instead you get money for every hour and minute that you spend doing your job. You get pay raised every year, and you need to study if you want to get into any profession. And if not study then you need proper training.

Points to be noted when talking about the differences between students and professionals!

  • One is always active ad participating in their student life, however, those belonging to serious professions know that after office hours they hardly get time to complete even their everyday tasks. Despite that, some motivated individuals know how to stay active even during office jobs, and how to keep their health in check.
  • The timing of students may vary where they sometimes can take a day off, but in professional life, you have to be punctual and be on time no matter what happens. Now in the 21st century, many jobs have flexible times and are quite generous in the term of giving days off but that doesn’t mean you have to do nothing, work load is still there.
  • This last point is really sad and quite depressing, the student life has its blue moments, where you lose friends, where you get betrayed by your peers but the biggest obstacle in professional life is office politics.
  • The race to get to the top is harsh, sometimes you will see the colleague you are working with suddenly start to spoil one boss with everyday gifts to get on the top. And you who are doing all the work get nothing in return. It doesn’t happen all the time and the former said words are just an example but the reality isn’t too different.


      Winding up, being a student is not a profession but an occupation that is already written at the start. And having a complete check about everything in detail, we can say that when the person is a student, he gets to do things more freely, with more enthusiasm but in the end, it depends. Maybe you are the person who gets to enjoy your job more than your studies. So being a student or a professional has its duties and perks which one always tries to get to complete.