Is Behaviorism Teacher Centered Or Student Centered?

Throughout the years, there have been countless arguments about what behaviorism is all about. This also entails its following principles which are usually related to classroom scenarios and learning instances. It brings the relationship between the teacher and the student’s acceptance of what is being taught by the teacher. In this article we shall see if Behaviorism is Teacher Centered Or Student Centered?

Behaviorism revolves around the teacher’s realist philosophy. It is mostly related to teachers while the Humanism principle is usually directed to the students. In the teacher-centered philosophies, we regard essentialism and perennialism. While in the Behaviourism principle, it brings out the teacher’s use of caution as well as rewards to regulate the actions of the students and their behaviors and at the same time, teach them new things.

Is Behaviorism Teacher Centered Or Student Centered?

When was the Principle Of Behaviorism Observed?

It was during the 20th Century that this principle was mostly observed but nowadays after the birth of civilization,new theories are being propounded due to the advancement in the world and this has made the behaviorism principle less observed.

What Is The Humanism Principle All About?

Well, in the Humanism principle, this is a theory that focuses on the student rather than on the teacher. This principle talks about an individual deciding to embrace the good things and learn how to reject a general perspective of things, especially education. In other words, the Humanism principle supports individual growth and development rather than team or general effort.

Which Principle Is Being Observed More Amongst The Two In The Aspect Of Education?

Well, in recent times, teachers and tutors seem to be moving towards the Humanism principle in their field of study and are using it as an approach while teaching. This is like a scenario where the teacher teaches and at the same time observes the Humanism theory of individual analysis of growth and development. Though some people, especially students, feel that practicing the behaviorism principle will yield better fruits. So the best way is for the teacher’s to use both methods and for the students to appreciate these principles by creating a sense of balance.

What Are The Theories Associated With The Behaviorism Principle And The Humanism Principle?

Under the behaviorism principle we have the:

The Essentialism Theory and the Perennialism Theory.

While under the Humanism principle, we have the;

  • Progressivism Theory,
  • Social Reconstructionism Theory and the
  • Existentialism Theory.


There are various theories which have been propounded by scholars and philosophers. Each all have remarkable features and these features make them unique/different. They are necessary and important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Describe The How These Principles Work

In these principles,the student or the learner is led by the teacher while the teacher tries to use the student’s environment to carve the behavior of the student. The teacheruses the environment which the student is in,to reach out to the behavior and thought pattern of the learner. While the student is in a position to appreciate and use this pattern to benefit his behavior.

What Are The Challenges In Using These Principles?

  • A new environment and a change in behavior of a student might make it hard for any room for development to penetrate,this also applies to the teachers as well.
  • When there are no resources or finances,it becomes difficult to institute change.
  • An administration that is hard to work with can make the acceptance of development more difficult.
  • It will be difficult to follow a particular standard in an institution which has so many diverse beliefs and views.

Is The Behaviorism Principle Effective?

Yes, the behaviorism principle is very much effective. This is because it puts the students in a position whereby they are aware of what they are supposed to do, assimilate and be able to establish a balance between individual and general actions.

More so, when the teacher applies both the behaviorism principle and the humanism principle, it will aid to yield multiple results. It shows that there is a transfer of knowledge and skills from the teacher to the student. This enables a more speedy process of development and growth.

Is The Humanism Principle Effective Too?

Of course it is, it is one thing to teach and another thing for the student to assimilate what has been taught. Therefore, it is necessary that you’re certain as a teacher that what you’re saying is affecting your student positively. In Humanism, a student gets to understand what their actions should be like. This enables the student to carry out activities individually and are balanced properly to execute projects independently.

What Is The Existentialism Theory?

Existentialism is a principle which talks about human effort and redemption. It gives individuals the freedom to make choices freely. This principle or philosophy believes that every individual has the right to make their choices and not just that, but also make choices and decisions without attaching emotional strings every single time. This principle brings into the picturethe importance of life and the choices we make.

Importance Of The Existentialism Theory

  • This theory enables one to take responsibility for the decisions that they make.
  • It focuses on freedom,the importance of our choices and knowing the effects of the decisions and actions we make.
  • This theory subscribes to the belief that,in order to do away with suffering and prepare for the inevitability of death is by making personal choices. Choices which concern your life.

How Does Existentialism Relate To The Behaviorism Principle And The Humanism Principle?

As earlier explained,in the behaviorism principle the teacher tries to impact the learner or the student,this is establishing an atmosphere of control. While in the humanism principle,the student responds to the control and presence of the teacher,submits and pays attention,in doing so,the student separates his mind from focusing on group agendas and working on individual growth and development. Making decisions, separating the right from the wrong. This extensively explains the principle of existentialism. 

Is Existentialism Beneficial?

The existentialism Theory promulgates independence and a sense of responsibility.