How many students are enrolled at Auburn University?

About Auburn

One of the two leading public universities, Auburn University is a university for social grants research in Auburn, Alabama. Being one of the top public universities, it ranks among the top 100 universities in Alabama and the top 50 public schools. Auburn University brings forth more than 100 courses for its students in the varied colleges affiliated with it, like the College of Liberal Arts, College of Architecture, Design & Construction, College of Agriculture, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, Auburn Graduate School, College of Human Sciences, etc. In this article we shall if How many students are enrolled at Auburn University?

How many students are enrolled at Auburn University?

Quick Facts About Admission and Enrollment

– The Auburn University is approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  In the 2021-22 academic year, there have been around 31,500 enrollments, out of which approximately 24,930 are undergraduate enrollments, 5,509- graduates, and 1,083- professionals out of which 19,658 were freshman admissions.  The total freshman admission figures include 50% males and 50% females. 

– At the undergraduate level, residents of Alabama are given the preference when applying to professional programs with rigid admissions standards; the period of residency in Alabama is considered for this provision.

– All curricula accept applications for resident and international students. However, the number of students and the qualifications of those accredited are determined by the availability of institutions.

– Secondary school pass outs whose standardized test scores by college, high school grades, and other factors suggest a greater chance of success in college courses are given advantageous consideration during admission.

Admission Processes

– Early fall is the time to apply for undergraduate admission. Complete credentials are to be submitted as soon as viable due to a large number of applications along with medical test reports, no later than three weeks before the commencement of the academic session. The University has the right to set earlier deadlines as per its convenience. Prospective students who are accepted to the University must maintain a level of academic success equal to that in their application forms. Otherwise, the University Board maintains the right to withdraw the offer letter from such students.

– The admission applications for the university are only accepted when it is submitted along with the processing fee for both domestic and international applicants which are non-refundable and not applicable to other fees.

– After submitting the application form, medical, and academic documents, applicants may get provisional admission. All applicants must register with the Selective Service Board.  The University holds the right to demand a certificate of good character if they require it. Those whose presence is judged damaging to the university or its students may be denied admittance.

Campus Life at Auburn

The 1,875 acres of the campus of Auburn University provide even more opportunities and facilities to its students.  It has more than 500 student organizations and clubs ranging from student bands to mental health and wellness promotion organizations.  Auburn offers all the necessities from food, housing, and groceries, to healthcare, fitness, etc.  Auburn aims at both the academic and co-curricular growth of its students. It hosts its diverse annual events like HeyDay and O-week; it also takes its students for blood drives and organizes various sports tournaments, treks, musical shows, etc.   Auburn provides its students a platform wherein they can find part-time jobs and internships based on their skills and interest.  It molds students academically, mentally, and physically for more holistic development by equally investing and giving out opportunities for these aspects.

Student Services:

Auburn University provides a gamut of resources for students. Students have access to academic counselors as per their courses, tutoring study partners, extra teaching hours, and The Miller Writing Center which offers peer tutoring to all writers. Students can also request academic support from the Office of Accessibility if necessary to meet their learning needs. They have various Undergraduate Academic Resources like Academic support Services, Success Programs, and Career Centres.

This office manages various initiatives ranging from student excellence programs to women’s inclusivity initiatives.


Approximately 84% of undergraduate classes have fewer than 50 students at Auburn University with a campus of more than 1000 acres in size. Out of about 27,000 applications, 19,660 freshman admissions were taken up this year. The academic calendar is semester-wise, that being, they have Spring Semester, Summer Semester, and Fall Semester. The University offers undergraduate / graduate / postgraduate courses and financial assistance to its guidelines. Freshman scholarships are renewed for four years and include awards for merit and achievement for freshman students.  AU provides students with an inclusive environment for their holistic development. 

Frequently asked questions

– What is the minimum average needed for admission to Auburn University?

Mostly A- students get into AU.  The average GPA of Auburn University’s admitted freshman class is 3.9 on a 4 scale. 

– Which tests do international students have to take for getting into AU?

A score of at least 500 on the TOEFL paper version, around 80 on the internet version, and more than 200 on the computer version are must for applicants. Furthermore, applicants must achieve a minimum score of 16 on the ABC’s listening, reading, speaking, and writing for admission.  An IELTS score of 6.5 is  accepted as well by AU

– What is the acceptance rate at Auburn University?

Auburn University has an acceptance rate of approximately  82%. Around half of Auburn University’s admitted students have a Scholastic Assessment Test score between 1160 and 1300 or an American College Testing score between 25 and 35.