How Many Hours Can A Student Work In Norway?

Norway is one of the most preferred destinations for international students to complete their higher studies. The country is one of the best when it comes to education and student life. This is because Norway has got an excellent atmospheric culture, and it is also considered to be one of the safest places on Earth because of its low level of crime, and violent crime in the country is quite rare and uncommon. Let’s find out that how many hours can a student work in Norway.

How Many Hours Can A Student Work In Norway?

How Many Hours Can A Student Work In Norway?

A Student can work up to 20 hours a week while completing their studies in Norway. However, students would be required to apply for a study permit so that even while doing their job, they can continue studying. It is essential to do this because it is a protocol that must be followed and mandated by most universities and colleges.

Norway is one of the greatest countries in Europe, and therefore it is also not a cheap option for international students to study in the country. However, if an individual has planned out everything beforehand about university admissions and finance, then they should surely go to this country to complete their further studies.

How Easy Is It To Get A Job In Norway?

Students would certainly look for fresher jobs while studying at a college or in a university. The college they are studying in should be responsible for the student’s placement. However, if the student or any individual possesses exceptional skills and knowledge or even past job experience, it would become easier for them to get hired from reputed companies in Norway.

Getting a job in a country like Norway has proved quite easy. The unemployment rate in the country seems to be quite low as some studies have shown that even the average salary is high. This means that even a fresher can have the opportunity to get employed and get a high package salary.

There are a lot of reputed companies in Norway that one can have a look at in case these companies are hiring fresher. These companies have been listed in the top world rankings and thus can prove to be a good company to kick start one’s career.

Average Earning Made By A Student In Norway

On average, a student can get the opportunity to earn around 850EUR per month or even more than that. Students should have the required skill sets so that they can get a pretty decent starting salary while they are working with a company. The company may not be a reputed one, but it will just be a start for the student to gain some experience in the corporate world.

Working alongside studying will allow students to fund their tuition fees or college fees as well. This will prove to be a less financial burden on the student, and apart from that, the student will be getting exposure that he/she will benefit from. An individual may even have enough money to pay off his whole program fees, which would be a good thing to do in a European country like Norway.

International students can also earn the same amount of money. The cost of living for them would be more in case their home country’s currency is of low value when compared to the Norwegian Krone. Working in a company would give them an opportunity to earn money that they could utilize for other purposes like their food and lodging.

Jobs For International Students In Norway

Norway is one of those countries where an international student can get suited easily in terms of student life and as well as job. If an individual has enrolled themselves in a college, then he/she may take the help of the college to find themselves a suitable part-time job.

International students also get an opportunity to get hired by several companies in Norway.

Several companies post job vacancies that students can look for themselves online. However, with the help of a few applications, students can apply to jobs that they are comfortable with. There are several websites that will help the student get placed with reputed companies in Norway. However, it would still be suggested to seek help from concerned college or university authorities.

Some job opportunities that international students can have a look at areas the following:

  • English tutor
  • Tourism jobs
  • Fisheries jobs
  • Jobs in oil and gas industries
  • Agricultural work


Norway is a great country to complete higher studies, and it is also a great country for students as well. Norway does not have a history of major crimes, but some petty crimes still occur in the country, which is common in other countries as well. If an individual is looking for a college in Norway, then they should go for it because it will be worth their experience. The student can learn a lot of new things while they are pursuing their undergraduate or post-graduate program. In other words, it will be an experience worth remembering.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Can international students get jobs easily in Norway?

Ans: It may not be easy to get hired by companies in Norway because there may be language barriers, documentation issues, tax office confusion, and other such kinds of things. But, if the student has got exceptional skill sets, then there would be companies willing to hire them.

  • Is it worth studying and working in a country like Norway?

Ans: Norway is not just a safe country, but it is also known for its great lifestyle. International students can work and complete their studies in the country. They can also get settled in the country in case they have got a permanent job.

  • What is the average salary that a student can earn in Norway?

Ans: On average, a student can get the opportunity to earn around 850EUR per month or even more than that. Students should have the required skill sets so that they can get a pretty decent starting salary while they are working with a company.