Stores like Poshmark

There are so many people, whose wardrobe is flowing out and so they are figuring out the ways to sell their clothing items. Maybe for the sake of making room for new clothes or for the sake of making some money out of it.  Let’s talk about Stores like Poshmark in detail.

Stores like Poshmark


Poshmark is one of the options to get help in those situations. One can sell clothing items on Poshmark. As for those who are interested in buying someone’s clothing items that are in great condition at a low price, Poshmark will be of great help as well. 

There are a number of different stores and websites which are based on the same idea as that of Poshmark. Such examples include therealreal, thredup, etsy, etc.

However, Poshmark has its own pros and cons. So, in this article, other alternative stores to Poshmark are mentioned which might be of help. But before moving further with the article, let us go through some pros and cons of Poshmark.

Pros of Poshmark

1. The item gets at the top of search results as soon as it is listed. 

2. Get the option to copy the whole listing like the description and photos. 

3. Can share the listing with anyone.

4. Since Poshmark is very popular the chances of getting the items sold are very high.

5. They have regular standard shipping and give the automatic prepaid label for shipping that one has to use.

Cons of Poshmark

1. Poshmark takes the higher selling fee out of all other selling apps. 

2. It is more focused on women’s clothing. This means it doesn’t have a lot of men customers.

3. As a buyer, they don’t have the option to see the reviews of the seller before purchasing from them.

4. It does not have a personal chat option. So the only way left for reaching out to the seller or a buyer is by commenting on the post by tagging them. 

5. It does not have the option to sell internationally.

Stores/Apps like Poshmark

1. Mercari 

Mercari is one of the biggest competitors of Poshmark. One can list a larger array of items on Mercari. It also has an option to sell household items and electronic products. It also has an option to promote your item, but to do that, one has to lower the selling price of that item by at least 5 percent. One can make more money by selling products on Mercari because of its low selling fee compared to Poshmark. Before making a purchase on Mercari, one gets the option to go through the seller’s reviews. Mercari also has a chat option. 

2. Vinted

Vinted is another competitor of Poshmark where one can sell old clothes and accessories. Even though a seller does not have to pay any fee as a buyer, they are required to pay a fee. Hence, not a lot of people choose to buy from Vinted. As a seller, one good thing is whatever price they sell the item for, they earn it all. Vinted is functional in the USA, UK, and France. 

3. eBay

Many people will hate this option, but it is truly a very powerful app where one can sell their old clothes. Not just clothing items but anything can be sold on eBay. The reason why people choose not to list their clothing items on eBay is that its listing process is very complicated. On the other hand, the reason why people still choose to sell on eBay is that it is versatile and has the most customers. The selling fee on eBay is roughly 14 percent of the selling price. And it also has the option to sell internationally.

4. Depop

Depop is a really fun and up-and-coming app. It is mostly focused on streetwear and vintage clothing. So if someone is interested in those kinds of clothing, Depop is a good option to take a look at. It is also focused more on the younger crowd. So, anything that is trending among teens, one can find that on Depop. It has 10 percent selling fees. One can command a higher selling price at Depop. Because since it is really a cool app, people tend to pay a higher amount there. One can also sell internationally through Depop.

5. Grailed

Grailed is another app that is focused on streetwear and hyped items. It is a menswear resell app. It was founded in 2014, so it’s not a brand-new app. One can buy or sell designer items on Grailed. It has a 9 percent selling fee. One can also sell internationally through Grailed, however, they do have to pay an extra fee. It has a lot of traffic since there are not many resell apps that are focused primarily on menswear. 

6. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the most up-and-coming selling platform. Most people have a Facebook account and are getting into selling their stuff through one of the coolest features, which is the Facebook Marketplace. It is super easy to list on the Facebook Marketplace. As a seller, you will get many customers since it is essentially the biggest and most popular social media site. You can also sell anything and not just clothing items here. It has 5 percent selling fees which are still better than most selling apps. It also provides you with shipping labels. So, the Facebook Marketplace is very beginner-friendly. 

7. Therealreal

This is the platform that would be recommended if one has to buy or sell luxury items. It is consignment based but they do a good job. They charge big commissions and are anywhere between 85 percent to 40 percent. It is based on different price ranges. If you want to sell items like a Louis Vuitton purse, a Gucci purse, or anything like that, they are really good at it. You won’t have to worry about being scammed. They can handle that and authenticate all the items. They are really responsible because there are luxury items to work with.

8. Thredup

Thredup is a consignment store that takes much of the hassle out of selling clothes. To start, one has to order a clean-out kit from the company’s website and then fill it with clothes that have to be gotten rid of. When the parcel arrives at thredup, they will sort through it and either accept or reject the items based. The company will then take care of the entire selling process for any accepted items. Thredup will process the payment after the clothes are sold. They do have strict standards about the clothes that they accept. The website claims the items to be like new, with no signs of damage or alterations. 

9. Offerup

Offerup merged with another app called Let go. And both of these apps are basically a marketplace for people to come up to buy and sell anything. The app is really easy to use and it is claimed to get a lot of traffic. So, the chances of getting the item sold instantly are high. However, Offerup does not work internationally. It is popularly known for selling electronic products, especially smartphones. So, if someone is looking forward to buying or selling electronic items, do check it out.

10. Etsy

Etsy is a marketplace with thousands of individual sellers. One can sell anything on Etsy but it is popularly known for selling handmade crafts, paintings, etc. Many people debate whether or not Etsy is safe. You can take a look at the reviews under the items to determine if the seller is reliable. Generally, if the shop has over 100 sales or has 4 stars, you are probably very safe. Even if one gets scammed, Etsy will refund them. 

11. Tradesy

Tradesy is another marketplace for luxury clothing that gives women the opportunity to get the designer items they crave. It is an app that allows you to sell items directly from your closet. Tradesy is a pretty popular app that increases your chances of selling items successfully. The items on Tradesy are going to be authentic and inspected. The difference between Tradesy and other similar websites is that it lets you sell the item even if it’s relatively damaged. 

12. Worthy is a specialized app where one can sell jewelry. For instance, if someone wants to sell their old ring, they need to go to the website and describe the ring. Then process the listing. One has to be very specific with the details since the items are very valuable. Worthy has fast and free shipping available. It takes the responsibility of shipping the item safely to the customers. As a beginner, one may get confused about the process, but guides you every step of the way. 

These are the stores thar are more like Poshmark.


Poshmark is one of the most popular selling apps where one can sell clothing items and accessories. However, it does have its own cons forcing people to find other alternatives to sell or buy preloved items. To help with that, we have researched a bunch of stores/ sites just like Poshmark such as Mercari, Vinted, eBay, ThredUp, etc. So, you can go through the options and choose which one you want to make your next go-to store for shopping or selling your preloved clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Poshmark known for?

– Poshmark is known for buying and selling clothing items, accessories, home goods, etc. for affordable prices.

2. Is Poshmark legit?

– Yes, Poshmark is legit and can be trusted.

3. Is it allowed to sell replica items on Poshmark?

– Poshmark strictly prohibits counterfeit products to be sold on their website.